Nov 20, 2012

Birthday Month Surprise From Lulu Swing & Pink Me Up

Late October I shared with you my entry to the BFF Photo Contest by Lulu Swing & Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar. So last Sunday before stepping out of the door to go to Nuffnang Philippines Blogopolis, I checked my Instagram and found this pretty lay-out with our picture in it...Yey!

Wrong spelling aside, the lay-out just made my heart melt -- our long time friendship celebrated together with this young budding entrepreneurs (Yeap, Isa and Steph are younger than Aisha and I). I just want to give thanks to the Lord for blessing us with this opportunity through the generosity of this two ladies. From one besties to another.   

WATCH OUT for my post as we claim our prizes soon!

Moving along, I mentioned to you that I decided to go low key for my birthday. I would usually celebrate with different small groups but this year hubby just treated me to a couple's day to the spa. But when I went in to last Sunday's event I surprisingly made connection with the Panelist and fellow bloggers, I enjoyed exhanging tweets with them so just want to give a shout to everyone who made this birthday more exciting.

Much thanks to the following: