Mar 23, 2008

Is there such a thing as Dora Saturation???

Grabeh, my kulit pamangkin Elise, stayed sa house for a couple of days and she watch nothing else but Dora the Explorer all day. Buti na lang Tito Buboy swing by and brought the Tom and Jerry DVD pero wala sandali lang Dora na ulit.

Mar 18, 2008

Pinter moment, where everything is said in silence because the emotion behind what we really want to say is just too overwhelming

Things that suck nowadays:
* "Fighting" with Jase over nothing. Damn that's exhausting.
* Maybel going into hibernation mode
* A stress out co-worker acting as team lead even he isn't
* Gaining weight supah fast
* Earning but not being able to save up for things I really want
* Missing out on the kabit-kabit na concert (Babyface, Neyo, Incubus, Maroon 5)

Things that DON'T suck nowadays:
* Getting into low carb diet
* 4 Days vacation from work
* Learning that si Colbie Colbait pala yung kumanta ng song na hinahanap entitled as Bubbly. Thanks Glenn.
* Ramiele still in American Idol. Enough with the scandal

Mar 9, 2008

"Bakit di ka kaya bumalik sa writing or learn a new (foreign) language? Tutal don ka naman magaling", a close friend said to me one afternoon while we we're talking about our identity crisis now that we are both 26 years old. Of course, that analysis was base on my former self -- my highschool, idealistic self. After hearing her say that I wanted to react: I couldn't even write a decent post on my blog! Sheeesh...Sigh! But it is so true, before Jason, my first love really is written words. I get a high whenever I read words intelligently put together. So maybe I'll take her advice. I hope I could take her advice...soon.