Mar 30, 2009

Marami sa mga kaibigan ko are in this phase of their careers right now...

Global economic crisis kse dito sa earth...

Pero naniniwala ko Big Man upstairs will provide...

Si SO - design engineer | electrical | preferrably for abroad

Si BFF - medicine | general med instructor | biology

Si SFAM - software dev | system analyst

Si Thesism8 - software | QA | abroad

Iba pang tropa - nurse | medicine | fresh grad | with volunteer experience

Iba pa - messenger | 1 year experience

Ako - side line | work from home | part time during weekend | technology | gadgets

Mar 27, 2009

So much for my hope for a good news regarding my lab test but unfortunately I had a recurrence... which I definitely find ironic since I've been really watching out with what I eat and do.

I'm kinda pissed off actually to get it for the second time but what else can we do about it. I had to take a couple of days off from work which is the LAST thing I wanna do right now. The mind is willing but body is weak.

As most of you know, I live alone. I slept the "whole ordeal" in between reruns of Will & Grace Season 1 and 2 DVD. Good thing SO live one barangay away so he gets to check on me once in a while. A bit lucky I guess that it has been raining during early mornings so it wasn't really that hot.

I'm just hoping I'll get well soon ... completely.

Mar 25, 2009

Its my 3rd lab test for the past 3 consecutive months. I've been medicated for having an infection a month ago and since then I've been wary to any sudden changes in my body. I've learned from that diagnosis that I should take some minutes to give my body a break every few hours everyday. It's been beneficial to me really -- I became more collected, focus and more productive at work. Plus the fact that I get to retouch my simple make-up. Hehehe...

I guess more people notice the latter than me being more collected. Hahaha. But actually it is the only time in the whole day I could take a deep breath. Instead of staying in the rest room doing nothing I would powder my face and in between I would take deep breaths, stretch my back and say a quick prayer of thanks.

I can't afford to go to a spa or take a vacation but hey it works!

But yesterday I woke up feeling a little ill, marami pa rin kseng nagkakasakit dahil nga sobrang init. The feeling didn't go away the whole day. I was hoping I would get better when I woke up today but I had no choice but to text my boss and say I can't come in (so much for my goal of a perfect attendance this March).

I decided to get retested just make to sure I wasn't recuperating from my infection and this is just a normal flu. As I waited in the lobby of the hospital for my health card form for the lab test. I tiptoed to the weighing scale placed at the side of the lobby. And to my delight, I lost 6 lbs from the last time I weighed myself from the same scale while waiting for my turn a month ago.

Yes! A few more lifestyle changes I would be reaching my goal soon enough. I hope the test would result into something that is not alarming.

Mar 23, 2009

After a month, BFF (Best Friend Forever) and I hook up yesterday. We started off the iternary by attending the 3rd Sunday Service since SO (Significant Other) was scheduled to play the the guitar during the church service.

We stayed a little while, giving in to PHD's request for BFF to have lunch for the meantime. Our main goal really was to sit down and have a decent conversation to catch up on things -- past, present and future. So instead of going straight to my apartment, we decided to take a detour to a nearby Mcdonalds to beat the summer heat.

Like the old days, the three of us started chuckling with our non-stop exchange of sentences. The top 2 statements for me were:

- Some Dad actually read a manual entitled: What to say to your daughter when you screw up when they grow up?

Yeap both of our dad screw up just recently, 2 different offenses but the same excuses/dialogue. So instead of wallowing over how imperfect our fathers turned out when they got into a certain age we just ended up laughing on what were the steps in that alleged manual.

- Next statement blurted out by my SO. "WOW!"

BFF was looking like her regular girly self so it wasn't a surprise to me when guys started catching our attention. SO have seen BFF in her best katulong outfit style whenever we hang out at their place so I guess he as mesmerize as the other guys whenever he sees her. (I mean lets face it, guys really take a second look whenever a pretty girl passes by moreso whenever some skin is involved. But not my guy.)

BFF just came back Baguio to iron out some things with their family business. So she took out 1 jar of preserved strawberry jam from her purse and as I suspected SO will definitely like the pasalubong. What I didn't expect was him blurting out a solid mesmerized "WOW".


Random things over the weekend

- Saw Bamboo performance in a rerun of MP3 season 1 at Ch 5 promoting latest album "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday". It was aired originally last Dec. It has been a year since we SO got to shook hands with him in their Winston Concert at Island Cove.

- Missed my 1 and only niece, so I called Kuya via 3g to say a quick hello

- Things I wanna do with my 3 fave person (SO, BFF, SFAM - sistah from anodah modah) Go to a vacation spot that requires a boat or a domestic plane. Go to either Hongkong, Japan or Singapore for the first time

Mar 21, 2009

It's a good advice, that you just didn't take
And who would have thought it figures

- Alanis Morisette, Ironic

Yeap. Marami sa atin ang sakit nga ito: magdunong-dunungan sa situation at sadyang pasaway na hindi nakikinig sa payo ng iba. Experience is the best teacher but prevention is better than cure. Keep of the grass. Don't feed the animals eheh bat tayo napunta dun sa last two?

But come to think of it we see a lot of signages all around us. Gaya na lang ng sinabi ko kanina.

Don't feed the animals

Baket sa tingin nyo ba sadyang gustong gutumin ng zoo keepers ang mga feracious pet nila? Syempre hindi noh! Malamang sa hindi may minsan ng nagpakain sa mga animals na to at masyadong naentice ang tiger,for instance, sa pagkain na inaalok ng tao na yun na pati ang kamay ng nag-aalok eh ginawa nyang tanghalian.

Ikaw gusto mo bang maputulan ng kamay dahil sa mga kamag-anak ni Simba?

Thus, sundin ang karatula dahil magandang payo ito.

Slippery when wet

Medyo bitin ang advice na to kse kailangan mo pa ng konting common sense para maintindihan kung bakit nilagay ang babalang ito sa kalsada.

Para sa mga di gaanong pinalad pagdating sa IQ eto ang isang comprehensive explanation:
Kapag basa ang kalsada, madulas kalye.
Pagmadulas ang kalye at matulin kang magmaneho swerte mo kung di ka maaksidente. Pagnaaksidente ka malamang mayuyupi sasakyan mo (tsk, tsk lagot ang insurance neto), maaari pang mabangasan ang fez mo at di kayanin ni Dr. Belo na irestore ito to its original form.

Kawawa ka naman ala ka na ngang IQ, may peklat pa ang mukha mo for life. Ang panget di ba?

Kaya hinay-hinay lang sa pagdidrive ng Ferrari mo kapag wet ang daanan. Ergo, sundin ang magandang payo.

O gusto nyo pa ng isang sample? Di ka pa nasiyahan ha....

Heto pa ang isa, Flush the toilet after use (especially when you just did a number #2 in a public toilet)

Okey given the possibility ng not so great atmosphere it would create after you're done with the deed at definitely nakakahiya na may pumasok na sa cubicle na kakagamit mo pa lang at nakitang ikaw ang last user. Pero, heller?
Gusto mo bang maanalyze nila kung anu-ano ang chinibog mo the whole (for some, the past couple of) day/s base on your fecal? Naranasan mo na bang ngumasab ng sweet corn at makitang buo pa ito sa iyong manure?

Hahaha, think CSI Las Vegas. Sa pamamagitan ng iyong bombang iniwan malalaman nila na sadya kang matakaw dahil sa iba't ibang chemical content nito. So try mo naman pahirapan ng onti sila Grissom at iflush ang toilet para sa poso negro sila maghanap kung alindun ang sau. Gandang image di ba?

Hence, this is a very sensible advice kaya sundin mo.

With that said, marami sa atin ang nakakaranas ng iba't ibang problema ranging from different issues in life. And at some point we feel like you have reach the dead end -- no one to talk to, no one to listen, and no one who understands the pain you are going through.


Marami ng beses akong pumalpak, dahil tulad nyo matigas din ang ulo ko. Swerte lang ako dahil despite sa mga napagdaanan ko eh di naman umabot sa punto na nasira ang buhay ko. Dinaanan ko lang yung mga yun para patatagin ako. I truly believed that in the midst of the situation, may Higher Being pa rin na nagbabantay sa akin. Giving me subtle advices in a form na hindi nakasulat sa mga rectangular-card board or plywood.
I was given advices through seeing the lives of others and realizing how a good advice can actually save me from losing my sanity to the circumstances.

Bilang pagtanaw ng malaking utang na loob sa mga tao, pati na rin babasahin at mga palabas, na nakatulong sa akin to survive a number of ordeals, I have compiled a list of sound advice under different possible topics that might help you when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Feel free to come back to this post anytime, these are topnotch reminders from the most expert in all things. It was given to us for a reason but like the rest of us, we are just either too busy to notice or too self-absorb that we won't even recognize it even if it would be written in pink gigantic tarpaulin in EDSA just like what BF of MMDA does to get people's attention.

so, go ahead click a link, it might actually save you from sleepness nights...

Links to follow...

Mar 18, 2009

The past couple of weeks I am as stunned like the rest of the people who looks up to this Filipino Man. I couldn't come up with a post worthy of what he truly deserve... so I will leave this task to those who knew him more.

In my teeny bop years, imagining some cold summer nights conversation with him.

Up to know, my ultimate crush.

Sya lang ang pinagpaalam ko ng ikikiss ko in person kay Jasey (at pinayagan ako).

You will always be a bigger that life icon to our and future generation...

First off, lemme just congratulate a friend of ours (Jasey & I), Mr. Joel Manangan for getting his business DTI license for his very own start-up clothing company. Congrats Kapatid! May you be a blessing to others and start behaving para tuloy na ang good fortune for your career.

We've been talking collaborating on some of the possible designs that we can probably put up on sale in the market. But its still in a tropa level talk nothing to serious. Just some ideas we could probably put in the pandoras box until the time felt right. Hehehe...

But anyway, if our Big Boss Upstairs (aka God) permits and all things materialize. I would like to start things off with "Hometown Collection" theme.

Here are some of the things I have in my head for the shirts:


Text read as:

- from the Tagalog word Kabit-e

- from the word Kalawit or hook (shaped land)

- originally calles as Kawit-e


sasaRrized, word definition

- a verb coined by the designer Sasa R. Ramos to describe the act of making her ideas visible or tangible for others to see or experience. Since those ideas give the goosebumps once the thought has crossed her head and the only way to share it with people is to through the creation of such

- etymology: sasa (name of the designer) - R (always written in UPPERCASE) stands for Ramos, her maiden surname - rized - the emphasis on the actual act that the designer have put her ideas into action thus the 'd' to signify the past tense form.

- note: Rrized - the two "r" are deliberate since designer's initial is SRR (middle name, Ramirez). Hence, 2r in the back logo

- think: realize, emphasize, summarize

Mar 16, 2009

Season 5...
Season 5...
Gusto ko ng complete Season 5...

Mar 15, 2009

Just got home from our CJF crib (aka the Church), and without further adieu I present to you our bulletin board dubbed as the 'joyster.portal'

*pix to follow (penge joel and walti) *

After some time of planning and finding myself in the aisles of different branches of National Bookstore and Office Supplies Warehouse around the metro.

After staying up late and attempting to create with my very minimal experience in crafts and digital art.

After falling asleep in the middle of scissors, glues and construction paper...the joyster.portal has finally found its home in a 3"x8" landscape whiteboard at the side of CJF building.


Very minimalist yet each item has been carefully designed to meet its purpose and work in cohesion with each other as I tell the story of what CJF (Christian Joy Fellowship) is all about at a glance. A lot of things I had on paper has not been put up yet but allow me to say that with all efforts; I have done it with bliss as I offer my simple act to the Lord.


In between of sticking my features with adhesive magnet to the whiteboard, I also joined the band practicing for the next service as a "frustrated" (emphasis on frustrated) back up singer. This one is just for the kicks to be able to sing with top CJF vocalist -- direk Joel and of course the luv of my life, Jase, also known to others as the Music Ministry Head.
I ran to the mic when finally the quartet - Elysse, Irish, Micah and Cha started hitting the right notes to the Hillsong's King of Majesty and The Stand. Also present at the practice are Walter, Migz, Jimson and Tin.


Yawn! Time to hit the sack. Gud nytie

Guess nyo kung saan?


Para sa laptop! Globe Broadband Tattoo...

:) Jase and I finally gave in to our need to be connected.

I wasnt suppose to go to the party since I was totally PMSing during the morning. But hey there I was posing for the photo op... second row.

Mar 14, 2009

Anak ng pating sobrang tagal ko ng di nakapagblog... San lupalop ba ko napasuot?

Mar 5, 2009

As of this writing, I am 8 months short from my 28th birthday. And fortunately, after all this years I have finally accepted myself as a person -- including my flaws while capitalizing on my strengths.

So allow me to take up this space in the internet to thank the people whom I have brushed off with in this lifetime. In some point in time our paths crossed (to others it was up close and personal and to some through other form of medium), and in one way or another they left a footprint in my simple existence.

... Parte sa pahubog ng aking pagkatao. At sa inyong lahat wala na kong maisusukli pa kundi ang munti ngunit lubos puso kong pasasalamat.

Mr. Antonio S. Ramos
Mrs. Gloria R. Ramos (deceased 2005)

For having the right biological make up in producing a baby who is oftenly teased at of having "Bumbayin" features. Yeap without these two people I would not have the wavy locks, big deep eyes, prominent nose, morena skin, crooked teeth, nunals in the right cheek and neck.

For giving me the good education and for the efforts of becoming a parent in the best way you know how.

Specific to Tatay, For honing my basic leadership skills.

Specific to Nanay,For leaving me her fondness of reading publications from Funny Komiks to the different women's magazine.

Mr. Romano R. Ramos

For being my constant companion in my formative years eventhough it is because you had no choice back then but to get stucked looking after your li'l overbearing sis.

For being my first role model... my idol right before my Manilyn Reynes, Madonna, Keempee de Leon, Carmina Villaroel and Aiza Seguerra phase. The main man who infused literature into my consciousness.

For sharing your philosophy to me - earth-shaking conviction to the most trivial.

Elise Antonia B. Ramos, my niece

For letting me discover my ability to love someone without even meeting them.


Dra. Aisha R. Gosingan

For being a young outcast in SMMS which led to a friendship that go beyond the usual time and space requirement of such bindings. My mood lifter, my gracious friend, my alter ego.

Ms. Maybellene Bioc

For sharing my feisty Cavitena, Paulinian, Ako-ay-Programmer 'tude. We have so much fun just being us. Bratinnella with a heart.

Mrs. Glenn Gamat-Daluz

For teaching me to have patience to a friend who is mostly unreasonable but thoughtful. I am happy I learned to be patient because I would not have seen you grown to the mother you are today.

Ms. Jamie Lou Ignacio

For the no-fuss friendship over the years since college. Isa sa mga friends ko na di ko pa nakakaaway. Thank you for always being there for me.


MIS Family

For being there during the death of my mom. Allowing me to go through work, to have a normal life. To Sir Kuwabara/Yamaguchi/Sekine, Erin, Mark R, Mam Donna and Sir Gary.

The Production Team - Ariel, Alris, Jayson, Harlene, She and Earl

For giving me a chance to lead a great team. We should have royalties to the paCheeseburger ka naman commercial.

G2 Family

For the constant challenges that our team faces on a daily basis.

To my kapwa alipins Bless, Cheri, RC, Merlyn, Dane, Marlon, Nil, Sam, JK and Cha for the chance to collaborate with such diversity in a group.

To Mond, Klint, Jo, Bea, Raiz, Vince and Benson for co-existing harmoniously even if you are on the other side of the fence.


Secret Society of the Creatives  (Joysters)

To Joel, Irish, Jos, Erwin, Jenny, Ira, Walter, Bry, Jim, Earl, CJ, Migz and Micah

For the non-stop laughters.
For filling up my social calendar outside office.
For consistently rejuvenating my oftenly stressful days.

Pastor Hurdie

For the leadership, vision and passion.
For being a catalyst of blessings.

Bro-Ninongs Ernie Famy, Hamir Abaluyan, Gilbert Toledo

For your life testimony.
For veering away from stereotyped preachers.

Mr. Roger Yap and Mrs. Zeny Yap

For the values you have imparted to your son.


Mr. Jason B. Yap

The hardest thank you goes to you Beb...

For the conscious and constant desicion to be with me on this journey. Much of the woman I am today is because you have been with me every step of the way. Taking a close interest of how I live my life and for the shield of protection you have put up, making me feel secured of where I stand. Nobody does it like you do it Jasey.

You have allowed me to experience all sorts of emotions -- some, which I am not even aware of that I had within me. My soul lives with gladness because I have you.

Dear Lord God

Salamat po.

Sa pagmamahal, tiwala at pagbabantay