Sep 30, 2009

2 months ako nagstay in an all-girls dorm in Makati near the Municipal Hall para tumakas sa napakatinding trapik pauwi ng Cavite

At first excited ako kse naman bongga kahit late na ko bumangon 30 mins lang abot pa din sa office. Kaso after a while namiss ko pa rin umuwi ng house, manood ng tv at syempre makipagkwentuhan kay S.O. kahit 1 hour man lang. Kaya after two months, I ended my leasing contract since mabilis na ulet ang traffic pauwi -- tapos na kse yung ginagawa ng Maynilad.

Sep 21, 2009

I handed out all the requirements to the lady employee in a pink uniform in the local municipal office. She verified the content and just gave me instructions to come back a week before the wedding... that's it ang bilis lang di ba?

Sep 19, 2009

To secure our Marriage License, we need to complete the Pre-Nuptial Counseling from our local church. It was a breeze since every Saturday afternoon we go to our church for our weekly Bible Study. Pastor asked us to came in earlier today for the counseling before our regular Bible Study. Pastor Hurdie gave us practical advices and answered our questions wittingly. He highlighted that we should be clear with our expectations from each other and always communicate... the following day he signed our Certificate of Completion. Since ako rin naman ang Church Secretary, kami din ang nagprint out ng sarili naming certificate. Cool huh?!

BTW, Happy Birthday to our Ninong Ernie who celebrates his birthday today!

Sep 16, 2009

During our Divi trip, I asked Groomy to try out a Chinese Collar Barong. I wanted to have a touch of his Chinese heritage to be incorporated in our theme. But since Groomy being plus size he was very uncomfortable with the collar sticking through his neck. So we decided to have him wear a formal dress shirt instead.

I am still convincing him to wear at least a vest if not a coat over it so he would at least look formal during the event. But being frugal as their family is, he doesn't see a coat being practical for our budget. So anyway I look for some nice dress shirt images over the internet so he could get some ideas.

Sep 12, 2009

Mommy Zee, Groomy and I went on a mission today: to hunt for the Wedding Ring...

We didn't want to splurge on jewelry and a simple design will do. We bought ours in the first jewelry shop we went to then spent the rest of the day walking to explore the wonders of what these historical streets had to offer.

We also went around to canvass for a dress maker to do my bridal gown at Tabora, Divisoria. The array of gowns in Yangco building were a feast for my allotted budget. On our way to the bus stop, we passed by a Mini-Stop so Mommy Zee and Groomy could experience the store's Hersey Dark Chocolate in Cone Ice Cream worth Php15.00.

Sep 9, 2009

It was a blessing in disguise that I was assign to do the 1 PM to 10 PM Shift in the office. That gave me a chance to go to the local municipal on a workday. Groomy and I inquired about the process for getting a marriage license. In our case, the local civil register just asked us to submit the following:

- Birth or Baptismal Certificate
- Certificate of Seminar from Church
- CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) from NSO for 25 years of age and above
- Filled up Application Form for Marriage License
- Groomy as the local municipal resident of Kawit

Once we completed the said requirements there would be 10 days posting period and the license will be valid in 120 days. We could claim the license 1 week before the wedding.

Sep 7, 2009

Over the weekend, I seriously took time to seat still and envision myself of the wedding dress I see myself wearing. I swear I could feel the creative juices flowing through my brain painting a picture in my head. I pencil it down in a piece of paper but due to lack of drawing abilities it is much far from what I had in mind. But, just like destiny waiting to be fullfilled, I found an image in the internet capturing everything I wanted in a wedding dress.

Minus its length which I prefer mine to be just knee or tea-length since the wedding is not an all out wedding: it was PERFECT! I excitedly emailed BFF the image of the dress to note down the features I want so she could help me out in hunting for it at Divi soon.

Sep 2, 2009

Finally I was able to submit to Kuya the inner text for of the CD Zine (CD Magazine). My assignment was to write 2 to 3 sentence for each year starting 1996 to 2009. That's actually 13 years all in all.

I'm a bit rusty on my writting skills so bahala na si Kuyang mag-Edit since Associate Editor In Chief naman sya before at St. Mary for two years in our school organ, the Magdalenean.

Sep 1, 2009

Kuya and I have been exchanging emails over the month of August regarding the CD Zine lay-out. His muse hit him with inspiration and I had to keep up so not to lose momentum. He submitted the final CD Front Panels today for our approval. Aside from the details we still need to talk things over, I think we are done with the lay-out since he was able to capture the essence of our 12-year journey that we have conceptualized  together months ago. So Kudos to Kuya Nonoy!

Nagmukha talagang tae yung Zazzle Designs na ginawa ko. Hahaha!
Emailed four possible companies for price quotation for our needs of 100 pcs direct CD Replication with no casing. Alfox Computer Center gave the lowest bid. I began transacting with Abby Lim regarding their image requirement and how long will be the replication process.