Jul 19, 2013

Philippine Airlines on Twitter (@flyPAL)

Here is the premise of the story: I am holding a transportation voucher from Philippine Airlines which I got from my last out of the country trip. I am ready to book it so I researched regarding their ticketing office. Naturally, I ended up on their website. The categories of the enlisted offices are not that clear but I eyed a couple of office:

Petron Payment Centers
Petron Filinvest Primera Clase Gas Station, Inc.
Commerce Ave., cor. Pacific Rim Ave.
Filinvest Alabang Muntinlupa City  
Domestic Ticketing Agent 
Velca Travel & Tours, Inc.
G/F Park Trade Center, 1716 Investment Drive, 
Alabang, Muntinlupa City 
The one in Petron is a bit out of the way since no public transporation pass by it regularly so I asked hubby to accompany me on Saturday. But since Velca is on the way, I planned to swing by in the morning before going to the office to check if I could do the transaction there. To get more info though, I decided to tweet @flyPAL account to inquire.

I must say the account is quite responsive BUT... oh, I'll just let you read through our conversation and let you be the judge.

So whatcha think? Hihihi.... Well I do also work in client support team to provide technical assistance and there are days that this kinda happens. It is just funny when you're in the other side of the fence. Anyhow, I'll just update you what happens to the voucher on Saturday.

Update: 21 July 2013

I am happy to report to everyone that despite the mix-up with twitter, my transaction with PAL ticketing office in Petron Filinvest Alabang is a success! I was able to book my flight in 30 minutes. Hoooray!!!

Ang nawawalang PAL Ticketing Office...natagpuan din!
The very controversial branch