Jun 22, 2014

In IG, I already shared that just recently I have redeemed our accumulated Globe points to watch a movie for 2 ... in 3D! Yeap, folks Hubby and I got treated to a free movie screening of Captain America in Alabang Town Center last March just because we have our Globe Rewards points.
Well with vast line up of coming soon movies this year then this is something you want to download into your smartphones -- The GMovies App! Available in Google Play or App Store for FREE, it is the ultimate pocket app for Globe loyals and movie goers just me-self.
I don't exactly remember if it was the first movie I saw in the movie theather but it was definitely the first movie I could remember that I saw back in the 80s.
Staring Maricel Soriano and Aiza Seguerra, a comedy family movie entitled Super Inday and the Golden Bibe. Di pa ko masyadong nakakapag English nun kaya bentang-benta sa akin ang mga kembot ni Maria and of course ang duck walk ni Aiza.
In my pre-teens, Tatay accompanied me to watch Casper in Harrison Plaza. Come to think of it, it was a perfect father-daughter movie date featuring Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci.
Truthfully, I held my breath at the end of the movie when Casper started descending from the stairs in his human form played by Devon Sawa. I just died there at the theater!!!
Lastly, this one nailed it and made me into a movie lover -- a combination of action and a love story with a thrilling plot line starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Speed! It wasn't just a hit but it also started a trend in Hollywood and made the actors as the stars that they are now today.
Here ye! Here ye!!! Get free movie tickets for you and a friend. Just make a comment in this post below by answering the question
"What made you fall in love with watching movies?"
Yes, it is that easy courtesy of Globe. If they pick this post, they will also pick one of the commenters. Just make sure to leave some contact details as well.
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Jun 2, 2014

The kids nowadays are so techie, I have nieces and nephews (ages 5-12) who have their very own tablets and smartphones EACH. This kind of power in technology at tip of their "little" fingertips should be harness for good. So how about downloading an app called JoomaJam!
JoomaJam is a smartphone app that contains animated songs sung by some of our famous OPM artists, teacher-tested and approved lessons and stimulating activities that can be performed both on and offline.
If you calculate it the parents who have pre-schoolers by now are those who probably grew up in the height of  OPM 90s band so you will definitely like the artist line up in this app because the artist are mostly parents themselves already as well.

Since I am mostly interested in finance nowadays -- saving up and building my investment portfolio, the first thing I played was the lesson about saving money. Also, it was the least topic being discussed back when we were young. I mean we were taught about identifying money (coins, bills) and how to spend it but not too much on the saving part.

I first played the Sing-a-long English track and oh boy the rock music started playing hahaha. Despite the pre-school theme and lesson, when you reach the bridge and Jet Pangan started singing "Oh yeah! Whoa!" you will definitely get to hear the signature sound of The Dawn which we all love to jam to. So you are hitting two birds in one stone -- teaching your kid how to save and appreciating your music influences.

I also played the Filipino track or the Tagalog version which I liked more. Calling it alkansya vs. piggy bank made a lot more sense. Teaching kids that it doesn't have to be a piggy bank really -- it could be a box or a jar, anything you can put your coins or money that you can later use for the rainy days. Then you can also browse through the rest of the menus like the lesson guide and JoomaJam activities.

Will definitely keep your bonding times with the kids lively and fun. So start downloading this app so more lessons can be added as we show support to the group behind it. Let us take pride that it is being developed by fellow Pinoys! 

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