Nov 4, 2012

Staycation: Ace Water Spa Pasig (Ace Hotel & Suites)

I decided to go under the radar for my birthday which constituted the removal of FB and Yahoogroups birthday reminder. All I wanted to do is to have a staycation with my favorite person on earth, my hubby ♥♥♥. But since we are also saving up for our out of town trip on December, I did not want to splurge either.

I was on a hunt for a bargain to an overnight stay to a hotel that has swimming pool but nothing fits my budget. My next option was day tour to resort club of some sort until I googled the key phrase 'swimming pool manila' which led me to Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo Pasig. Then I remembered passing by it last July on our way to a friend's wedding.

We would always murmured about trying it out everytime their ad would come up on TV  (Ace Water Spa Quezon City) pero drawing lang. Kse we are not both familiar with the north area of the metro - QC, Marikina, Rizal and the likes. But anyhow after doing further info gathering, I sent my proposal to hubby and he approved it. Hahaha...parang office task lang dee vah!? 

About Ace Water Spa Pasig

Located at the corner of United and Brixton streets in Pasig. Ace Water Spa offers massages through hydrotherapy massage or simply put, through the use of heated water pressure instead of the usual hands of a masseur.

Location Map
Here are some of the services they offer for adults:

Quick Guide:
  • Rates are Php 550 for adults & Php 250 for kids, good for 4 hours.
  • Dress Code for the Spa area is strictly fitted swimwear. No board shorts, no tshirt or loose clothing.
  • Toiletries are provided. Swimming cap and slippers are borrowed. Bring your own towel.
  • No cameras allowed inside the spa area.
  • Lockers are provided to secure your belongings.
  • Eat light only before coming in for the massage treatment.
  • Ample free parking space & restaurants can be found within the building.
  • Visit their informative website to get more details.

Ace Hotel & Suites (Ace Water Spa Pasig)
Spa Rates and Rentals
Lobby Area
Lovely Ladies that will assist you at the Reception
Ample Parking at the 5th Floor

Cameras are prohibited once you step in the locker room up to the Pool and Spa area to respect privacy of clients. Thanks to the zoom feature of my digicam, I was able to take shots of what is behind the glass wall.

Your massages awaits for you in here
Good to be safe than sorry


Ace Water Spa has made all possible efforts that their customer will have a full experience with their complete amenities. The only thing that could stop you to have a good time is YOU! So follow the rules to the letter, they are there for a reason. Since camera is prohibited, here is a descriptive account on what happens in the spa.

Prescribed Clothing

One big issue to the very shy Pinoy is wearing the proper fitted preferrably spandex swimwear (strictly no cover-ups, t-shirts, or loose clothing for both men and women). Why? The water pressure could really balloon up loose clothing. For instance, I wore a FITTED kaso not spandex short on top of my bikini and umaangat talaga sya ending eh lalo lang kayong macoconscious sa kakahawi. Tendency is baka mahubaran lang kayo completely if you do not wear spandex type! On the otherhand do not wear something too skimpy din naman. Make sure the strings are durable kse again the pressure in the hard massages could tore it apart. Bawal din ang underwear (panty, briefs) underneath the shorts plus always put on your swim caps.

Locker Room

At this point, no camera allowed na kagad for privacy issue. Present your stub and locker key number as you enter. Kukunin na rin nila yung footwear nyo at the entrance. Inside here, may cubicles for changing, showering and peeing hahaha. They will give you a swim cap here before you proceed in the spa area. If you forgot a towel or swimwear, you can avail it here as rentals. Take a shower, remove your jewelries and undies and keep them inside your locker. The key itself you have to wear as a bracelet. You can wear it while you are doing the massages.

Shampoo, soap and hair dryer is available. So you have to bring your own conditioner and moisturizer if you need them. Chances are you have to hydrate your hair and skin after the treatment.


Each section of the spa area has a button to turn on the massage. Press it to experience different variation - soft, moderate, hard. There is a placard in each section giving a brief description about the target body part. Be extra careful with the hard massage and hold on to the railings because the pressure could make you lose balance. I couldn't open my eyes in those section for the amount of water gushing out. But our personal favorite is the rainfall acupuncture. We enjoyed it so much we hit the button 6 times (3 times/2 sets) to give way din naman sa mga iba pang gagamit.

Medyo mas maingay in this area because of the sound of water pressure and open to adults and kids. You have to move around to get to the different section.

Hot Herbal Pool

There were 4 hot herbal pool in the adult section of the spa - red, green (mint 36 degrees), yellow (jasmine 38 degrees) and violet (lavander 40 degrees). Then a cold pool at its center. At this point it was really relaxing since only few people take a dip into these pools kse nga mainit sya especially the 40 degrees. Indi ko din na sya kinaya sa sobrang init, I just had my feet and leg into it for a minute. But I enjoyed the 3 other herbal pool. It is adviced that you take a dip also into the cold pool after the hot one known as Contrast Therapy Plunge. So now I know how it feels like to be a teabag, nilagang karne at can coke na nasa cooler. Hahaha!

Steam and Sauna

My first time to enter a steam room and sauna. The steam room was foggy and I breathe through my mouth na. Then sa sauna feeling nasa pugon ka na nilulutong pizza. But kidding aside, in this area masarap for the skin!

There is water dispenser nearby since it is advisable to drink up to prevent dehydration.

Swimming Pool

Basically the big pool is divided into 2 parts but 80% of it is for NON-STOP swimming meaning bawal yung ginagawa nating pagbababad na nakatigil ka lang at nagkukuwentuhan like sa normal swimming pool. If you are not a swimmer better magstay sa lap pool side lang para naman indi ka pituhan ng mga lifeguards.

Kids Pool - Available to kaso of course wala naman akong kids so di na ko nakigulo in this section.

Time Frame

The given 4 hours is more than enough for you to enjoy the facilities since each section is good for 2-3 minutes. Two and half hours pa lang solb na kami at the same time pagod na. So we went to the balcony and rested for a while on the plastic lounge seat.


The facilities are impressive kaso I am not a big fan of the plastic flowers and plants. Di ko din magets yung banderitas effect. I also think they could do the 'ACE' lettering way much better that complements the slick design of the hotel lobby.


At dahil bawal ang pagkain sa loob ng spa area at magugutom ka rin naman talaga, its now time to dine at Ace Cafe Lounge. Read on to the next post!