Aug 22, 2007

Advance Happy Birthday Joni and RC!!!

Benson, Clint, Joni, Rico, Karen, RC, Jay (back), Lady, Bless, Sasa, Merlyn and Erick the photographer

On the other hand, I will be out of the circulation for I think five days - Thu & Fri I'll be on a seminar, Sat & Sun weekend and Mon is a holiday. Talk to you guys soon.


Aug 21, 2007

The long weekend is over (Aug 18-19 regular weekend + 20 Holiday) and another one coming up. Hehehe...

So it was still raining over the weekend due to the typhoon Egay but I was so damn bored of doing nothing so I tucked Jase into going out last Saturday as soon as the sky cleared out even just for a bit. Our first stop: one of the local malls in our place whose infamous for those cheap cellphones and pirated CDs. So after contemplating to get the whole Dawson's Creek Series I decided to buy a DVD of Will & Grace and one for my dad, Jumong. I'll come back for the DC some other time. Buti na lang walang schedule ng raid ng Optical Media Board. We finished our tour there with a Zagu and some sharwarma.

Jase agreed to come with me as long as we would shop for his Board Exam Outfit. Well since my guy is on the big side, this task is not an easy one so we headed of to SM Bacoor and after awhile we were done shopping. But the tsinelas hunt was not that successful.

I was planning that Sunday morning would be a day for myself but as soon as I got out from the bed I received a text message from Jase. "Hi Hon! How's your sleep? Do you want to come with me to Sucat to get my bike? Hehehe..." How could I say NO to that? Soon after we were already in our way talking endlessly until we reached the destination. Oh you might be wondering why we had to get the bike. Well, Jase left the bike at his office since baha nung Friday in our area. Anyways, it started raining on our way home so we had to take a detour at SM Sucat and ended up sipping coffee at, guess what, Starbucks! Hehehe! Coffee jelly please. Thanks to SM Hypermart we were able to end our Tsinelas hunt there.

Aug 17, 2007

I'm hooked!!! I swear I wouldn't fall for it but I am... Damn those Starbucks coffee! Uuurrgghh. My future bro-in-law has been working there for 5 years already but he rarely gave us some freebies. I guess one of his secrets as being a topnotch unit managers there - business is business. Don't get me wrong ha I like the guy but anyways it is only recently that I starting having a sip of their coffee regularly and men how I love those Coffee Jellies!

Kaasar talaga!

Aug 15, 2007

I was sudden to learn that Rico Blanco had decided to leave Rivermaya. Ouch! But for whatever its worth I think we should respect his decision. I commend the remaining members of the band for continuing the journey but I think we should cut Rico some slack. Afterall, he did what he could for the band and I guess he reached the point of saturation or iba na personal goals nya and its no longer in line with the band's vision.

Well in terms naman with Angel Locsin moving from GMA to ABS? Well that I don't agree.

Ano naman kayang comment ng Bamboo dito? Hmmm...

Aug 14, 2007

7:30 am I made a withdrawal from my ATM account. When I got to the office I made a fund transfer online for a business I am starting up it was around 8. It was a trial so maliit lang muna yung tinanransfer ko. After I confirmed that the transaction was legit. I did the 2nd transfer for the same person before 9. Lo and behold I have a Php 3,000.00++ negative balance. How did that freaking happen?

I reported the incident through email and the good thing was that the bank is just within my office building. Remember the very first transaction I made? Yeap the atm withdrawal -- it was debitted twice. Now I have to wait for 3 days before they can restore my actual balance. Uuurrggghhh!!!

Ano to? na offline yung DB server at nung narestore eh nirun ulit lahat ng transaction. Anong server ba yung gamit nyo?

Aug 10, 2007

Awww! Ang sakit ng katawan ko. Being stuck in traffic for four hours due to flood was literally a pain in the butt. Sigh!!!