Oct 3, 2008

It has been eons ago since updated... uuuurrrggghhh!!!

Jun 22, 2008

I think it was 2002 when we sold our house that I grew up into. After that, we've been renting apartment ever since. So let me see...

1. Romualdo, Caridad, Cavite City
2. Magdalo, Putol, Kawit, Cavite
3. Pag-asa III, Imus, Cavite
4. Tabon 2, Kawit, Cavite
5. Batong-Dalig, Kawit, Cavite
6. Batong-Dalig, Kawit, Cavite

So this would be the 7th time I am going to move and the 8th house I am going to live in. I am hoping that the house after this one is a conjugal house with my long time beau. Just a wishful thinking.

Jun 15, 2008

Nakakita ko ng tropang nagmamarijuana kahapon -- casual na casual lang ang tropa nila, parang nagpasahan lang ng sigarilyo around 3pm ng hapon. Hmmmm....

Jun 7, 2008

Hopefully pumasa for the bulletin board posting. Here goes nothing...

Jun 1, 2008

Last June 1, Sunday night, was the third installment of the already successful CJF Youth Night Worship series that started out this year. It was a surprise to me that the church was already half-filled when I got there. So still having a hangover from the Hillsong Concert I gladly jumped into every note that the band played that night. The song line up was same as the first two Youth Night Worship with some additional song like Adonai and Mighty to Save to name a few. Lengthening the band's repoirtoire. It was Bro. Hamir who imparted a short but meaningful message to the young crowd, believe in yourself and believe that despite adversity that we experience nowadays, there is a God that will help you through it!

Personally, I want to send my appreciation to the members of the Music Ministry for continuing the efforts in sharing their talents to our church. I know most of these people and I can testify to you how dedicated they all are. Imagine this -- they are already playing for the regular four Sunday Service that's start at 7:00 am to 6:00 pm but they were still able to squeeze in some practice time for the concert even if they have day (and night for those who work in the call center) jobs and school. How many of you are willing to do that? So, kudos to all of you!!!

Keep the House of the Lord rocking!!!

Xtreme Joy

Starting off the praise and worship

Worshipping with a disco ball

Joel,vocals, guitar and musical director

Jenny, vocals


Walter, drums

Jimson, keyboard

Migz, guitar

Brian, bass

Jason, vocals, guitar

Bro. Hamir aka Sam Milby

Behind the scenes: Irish, video; Micah, OHP; Migz, Photo

May 31, 2008

Got some extra dough yesterday. Ep, ep, ep bago humirit ng libre (or worst utangan mo ko)... it's not that big -- just enough to add a few stuff to my wardrobe which screams for a make over! Sigh, indi kse pedeng magspending galore. I need to save up for next year's "event". I asked Jase to come with me kso medyo nagkatampuhan, nawala sya sa mood (but bati na kami later the afternoon) kaya I went on my own na lang to SM Bacoor. At sympre as expected, with my current body type, I got stuffs from Jag, Lee and of course Her Bench. They offered me the Bench Lifestyle Card which I gladly avail kse naman 50% of what's inside my closet is from their shop. Thanks Bench for putting us the not so perfectly figured in mind when designing your clothes! I love it...

After a couple of hours of shopping and paying out my monthly bills ayun Zero balance na ulet.

Change topic, OC ba ko masyado, here's what my HD looks like:

Ang organize ng pix namin noh, 4 years pa nga lang yan kse wala namang digicam 10 years ago. Hehehe.

May 29, 2008

So if you have ever attended one of the CJF Youth Night Worship that our little church organizes at least every other month, you'll definitely agree with me that the fervor of our youth is so contagious that even the not so-young members of our congregation come in, dance, sing praises and "rock" the House of the Lord. Now, multiply that experience into 100 times the attendees and ten thousand times the passion and you'll end up but nowhere else but to a Hillsong United Concert!

Held at Araneta Coliseum last May 26, 2008. Some more text here in the future.

As I surrendered to one of my personal favorite song, "From the Inside Out"

In my heart, in my soul, Lord I give you control
Consume me from the inside out Lord
Let justice and praise become my embrace
To love You from the inside out
Your will above all else, my purpose remains
The art of losing myself in bringing you praise

We young people can easily get caught up with the latest trends: emo, Bamboo, David Cook of American Idol, clothes, gadgets. If we could spend as much energy as we spend among all these things why not this "ONE". Actively participating on searching your purpose is no longer corny or para sa mga manang lang. The times has evolved and that night in Araneta had definitely left a marked to each whom opened the eyes of their heart to the Lord.

After more than two hours of non-stop worship (walang umuupo talaga) we were 10 lbs. lighter so definitely this will give HipHop Abs Workout a run for its money. As I dubbed it, The Hillsong Workout, it will not only strengthen your abs... it will also strengthen your soul!

Take sometime to view the gallery, you might want to experience this one of these days


May 24, 2008

May 3, 2008

Spent the day with my future-in-laws at Hardin ng Postema in Tanza Cavite, winner ng aming Ocular Resort Viewing. Hehehe actually tatlo lang naman yung tiningnan namin nung Thursday. Main criteria: convenience! Just 20 minutes away from our cribs. Yes cribs with "S" coz contrary to what people think -- at the end of the day Jase and I still live in different houses.

So okey I wasn't able to avail my movie night privilege at the office but that didn't stop me from watching the film at the nearby mall. I have no idea about the story line or who are the actors in the movie since I've been very busy at work. So it came to me as a surprise that it was actually my highschool crush, Robert Downey Jr. ("Only You" with Marisa Tomei), who plays the title role.

I really enjoyed the film! I'm not sure if it was the original story but I find it very funny and Tony Stacks is everything a superhero is not. Aminin ba sya si Iron Man? Hahaha!!! I agree, Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division is a mouthful.

Apr 26, 2008

Focus ako so work lately which is a good sign! Pero despite that I didn't ignore Mareng KC (Concepcion)'s advice in one of her Enervon commercial na sulitin ang summer. Kaya presenting to you Familia OILYvares from Calatagan Batangas (Location Shoot courtesy of Bea, Tita Bong's Resthouse)...

Syempre balance dapat kaya after spending a weekend away from Jase, I had to make bawi and treat him to a sumptuous Lunch Buffet at CEDZ

Singit: Krispy Kreme Jaka Bldg Ayala

Apr 12, 2008

Aaaahhh...Sunod-sunod na deadline sa work kaya ayun 1 buwan na ang lumipas indi na pala ko nakakaupdate ng blog ko. By the way, thanks sa comment Julie. Di ko alam binabasa mo pala yung blog ko. Hehehe. FYI, di ko pa din maopen yung friendster profile mo.

Eniweyz, sa init ng panahon dito sa Pilipinas ayun naging kutis talangka ako for 3 days.

I was so worried kse it happened a week before our company outing. Pero buti naman at nakisama ang balat ko to enjoy the sun in Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu Batangas.

First time ko magtry ng water activities: Kayak, banana boat at speed boat. Beach babe ang beauty ko that day. Enjoy!!! Hopefully makapag-outing naman kami ni papa Jase together. Hmmm... Ikaw how's your summah so far?


P.S. Finally may Krispy Kreme na along Ayala Avenue sa Jaka Bldg. I think they opened a couple of weeks ago. Kaso taghirap pa nowadays so hopefully makapagpasalubong sa bahay soon. KK, sarap!

Mar 23, 2008

Is there such a thing as Dora Saturation???

Grabeh, my kulit pamangkin Elise, stayed sa house for a couple of days and she watch nothing else but Dora the Explorer all day. Buti na lang Tito Buboy swing by and brought the Tom and Jerry DVD pero wala sandali lang Dora na ulit.

Mar 18, 2008

Pinter moment, where everything is said in silence because the emotion behind what we really want to say is just too overwhelming

Things that suck nowadays:
* "Fighting" with Jase over nothing. Damn that's exhausting.
* Maybel going into hibernation mode
* A stress out co-worker acting as team lead even he isn't
* Gaining weight supah fast
* Earning but not being able to save up for things I really want
* Missing out on the kabit-kabit na concert (Babyface, Neyo, Incubus, Maroon 5)

Things that DON'T suck nowadays:
* Getting into low carb diet
* 4 Days vacation from work
* Learning that si Colbie Colbait pala yung kumanta ng song na hinahanap entitled as Bubbly. Thanks Glenn.
* Ramiele still in American Idol. Enough with the scandal

Mar 9, 2008

"Bakit di ka kaya bumalik sa writing or learn a new (foreign) language? Tutal don ka naman magaling", a close friend said to me one afternoon while we we're talking about our identity crisis now that we are both 26 years old. Of course, that analysis was base on my former self -- my highschool, idealistic self. After hearing her say that I wanted to react: I couldn't even write a decent post on my blog! Sheeesh...Sigh! But it is so true, before Jason, my first love really is written words. I get a high whenever I read words intelligently put together. So maybe I'll take her advice. I hope I could take her advice...soon.

Feb 24, 2008

It was Jase 27th bday yesterday but we didn't have any BIG plans. Just hang out with the crew from CJF as the new bike owners needed their units for break-in. So off we went to Tagaytay in the midst of a drizzling morning. A motorist on a maroon Tamaraw FX challenged us when Migz stopped his car in the middle of the "highway" to check up on the rest of the bikers. But we weren't there to fight so we just shrug it off and continue with the journey. We reached Picnic Groove and shared a hearty meal of Adobong Manok/Baboy and Itlog na Pula prepared by Gaylord. Everyone was chatting, NON-STOP especially Adi. The cool weather begun to shift to a scorching heat but the crew is not yet ready to go home just yet. So we agreed to drive to Batangas to Joel's relative. Then the suspense started...

To cut the story short, we didn't reach our destination! Thanks to this strange fella in a blue motor bike who keeps on tailing us that the boys started to get paranaoid and creeping the hell out of the girls. The stalker seems to be pulling off a lot of stunts on us. We have some stopovers since it was a long way but then he would pop out from nowhere when he could have been way ahead of us already. They saw him texting (calling out his mafia, I guess). The last straw was when we saw him with a newly bought bananas and started "throwing" them on the road that could cause major slip for the bikes. So finally, we decided it was time to go back instead because we're not familiar with the place and we don't know what evil plan this man has. The guys' mojos begun to peak up that they asked all girls to get in the car. It was still tense until we reached the intersection of Tagaytay. I got reunited with Jase when we thought it was already safe and headed towards home. Well, we thought it was already safe until...

Jase and I got a flat tire. Hahahaha funny that we were the ones who have been doing this for 3 years and we ended up with a flat tire. Good thing that despite being in an endless-in-the-middle-of-nowhere roads the incident happened near a vulcanizing shop. Finally, it was time to go home and everyone came back to Jase's house for a simple merienda but with a blowing of candles nonetheless. I got sunburns on my cheeks for not putting down my helmet's visor. Hehehe! This is actually so much for not having big plans...


Feb 18, 2008

Who says that Christians can't go partying, huh? I ended the Valentines week by thumping my frustration in the house of the Lord with my best bud, Aisha and my rockstar boyfriend, Jase together with the equally talented CJF Youth band headed by Joel. Their reportoire includes Hillsongs such as One Way, Take it All, Time Has Come, Salvation is Here, The Revolution, and a whole lot of songs that they only practice twice. Rock on, Guys!!!