Feb 27, 2014

OOTD: Boracay Beach Wear

I had to admit, I rarely do OOTD post here anymore. A lot of fashion blogger do a much better job in it anyway so better to leave that part to them. But it is the beach and it is Boracay no less so cut me some slack for trying (again)... hihihi!

So these are my pegs from Google Search and being plump would not stop me from doing a cute outfits either. Embracing my new body type but off course I am still hoping to be in a better shape once I get hold off this thyroid issue of mine.

What is fun about this outfit which I wore on Day 3 of the trip is that I actually got the ensemble from the ukay-ukay just a few steps away from our apartment!!! Yeap, the cover up which was made in Indonesia and the white board shorts only cost me Php 200 bucks. Sweet deal, right?

I have always wanted a Fedora hat so finally I got to buy one from a Surplus Shop in Festival Mall Alabang which also cost Php 200. By the way, you can also find lots of hats like this in the souvenir shops in Boracay in different colors.

So the whole look is less than Php 500.
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