Dec 8, 2007

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to my beau Jase!!!

Oct 30, 2007

Uuuurrggghhh.... can't seem to write about anything nowadays when actually a lot of things are happening nowadays. My DVD marathon has paid off. I'm done with House, M.D. Season 1 and 2 then I also finished CSI Las Vegase Season 7. What an accomplishment!!!

Sep 28, 2007

If this is all true...Congrats Daddy Dennis!!!

Sep 25, 2007

Sep 24, 2007

Yipee!!! Kinanta ng Bamboo ang So Far Away and may kasama pang Di Na Natuto. With Bamboo talaga there's always a twist. When we watched them in the concert he left the crowd chanting the line "Di matatapos..." from Tatsulok over and over until he went backstage - tapos na pala ang palabas.

So right after Bamboo, I drag Jasey's butt out of the couch kahit kakabalik nya palang from church and lunch at his crib so we could finally do our errand for the day: go to Maybs haus to pick-up the Lacoste I bought for Erin then go to Erin's to get the book I asked her to buy for me in the US in exchange for the Lacoste then to the ATM machine then Mcdo then talk to the landlady of the new 3-bedroom apartment my dad and I would be moving to on October then back to the couch to watch Smallville 6th season on dvd.

So anyway, kahit inaantok na ko I tried to stay awake for the KC special. And geesh I love this girl. She's a royalty on her own right. Besides the fact na sya LANG ang crush ni papa Jase and that we even named the pittbull that I gave him for his bday after KC. I really liked how they captured her life there and how she made kwento all about it -- TWO THUMBS UP!!! Kaya lang sana they had a better title for it. But the content made up for the not so appealing title kaya okey na rin.

Sep 23, 2007

I don't get too watch SOP lately but since, according to their website, Bamboo is gonna be there so I made sure I tuned it. It was a double treat since KC is in ASAP. So after KC finished singing "Umbrella" went back to SOP. They were already doing the, if I'm not mistaking, constellation of stars part. And as usual, Jaya, Ogie, Janno and Regine were the finale but to my surprise Billy step up on the spotlight in his black, Armani-looking suit and started singing slower songs. And men he could sing, ang galing! He did duets with the foursome. Later they mention the music video world premiere of his song "Like That" directed by Louie Ignacio. I got excited cause you know Billy is an International talent and if this video goes out there it will be a nice exposure for the Phils but to my disappointment I didn't like it... Sheesh, sayang! The lighting was bad and Billy wore this all white number reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body vid plus this awful colorful-hooded sweater. But I like the lying sexy ladies on stripe bed tingy. Oh well what do I know anyway. I'm still waiting for Bamboo. Hope they do "So Far Away" since I read that would be their next single.

Sep 19, 2007

Yeah you can blame me for this -- I'm overly concern. I just wanted to be there when you experience it. To be the first to congratulate you for every triumph or to be the there just when you needed someone to lean on. All I wanted is to be a good friend but I guess you didn't need one. And now both of us ended up hurt...

So I guess too much of something is bad enough, huh?

Sep 13, 2007

This weekend is going to be crucial for Jase and I. Noooh!!! We're not yet gonna get married you silly. But it's sort of life altering weekend for Jase in particular medyo maapektuhan lang naman ako ng outcome. So good luck beb!!! No doubt in my mind you're gonna make it BUT if anything does not happen according to plan I'm here for you. You're not a lesser person without it!

Break a leg...
10. White House is not big enough for the in-laws and extended relatives.

9. Not enough parking spaces at White House for 2 Honda Civics, 2 Tacomas, Toyota Celica, 1985 Mercedes Benz Diesel, BMW (big mean wife) and MPV (My Pinoy Van).

8. Dignitaries generally are intimidated by eating with fingers at State dinners.

7. Too many dining rooms in the White House…..where to hang the Last Supper?

6. White House ceilings not high enough to hold the giant wooden spoon and fork.

5. Secret Service Staff won’t respond to “psssst, psssst”.

4. Secret Service Staff uncomfortable driving presidential car with Rosary hanging on the rear view mirror or the statue of Santo Nino on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase karaoke machines for every White House room.

2. State Dinners do not allow “Take Home”.


1. AIR FORCE ONE does not allow overweightbalikbayan boxes!

I'm not so sure if it is really David Letterman who wrote this but anyway it's a joke so don't get offended. Filipinos have a lot of endearing qualities but hey let's admit it some of our qualities are not so endearing...

Sep 10, 2007

Kagagaling ko lang sa and medyo nagulat lang ako sa isang photo essay that tackles my hometown...

Aug 22, 2007

Advance Happy Birthday Joni and RC!!!

Benson, Clint, Joni, Rico, Karen, RC, Jay (back), Lady, Bless, Sasa, Merlyn and Erick the photographer

On the other hand, I will be out of the circulation for I think five days - Thu & Fri I'll be on a seminar, Sat & Sun weekend and Mon is a holiday. Talk to you guys soon.


Aug 21, 2007

The long weekend is over (Aug 18-19 regular weekend + 20 Holiday) and another one coming up. Hehehe...

So it was still raining over the weekend due to the typhoon Egay but I was so damn bored of doing nothing so I tucked Jase into going out last Saturday as soon as the sky cleared out even just for a bit. Our first stop: one of the local malls in our place whose infamous for those cheap cellphones and pirated CDs. So after contemplating to get the whole Dawson's Creek Series I decided to buy a DVD of Will & Grace and one for my dad, Jumong. I'll come back for the DC some other time. Buti na lang walang schedule ng raid ng Optical Media Board. We finished our tour there with a Zagu and some sharwarma.

Jase agreed to come with me as long as we would shop for his Board Exam Outfit. Well since my guy is on the big side, this task is not an easy one so we headed of to SM Bacoor and after awhile we were done shopping. But the tsinelas hunt was not that successful.

I was planning that Sunday morning would be a day for myself but as soon as I got out from the bed I received a text message from Jase. "Hi Hon! How's your sleep? Do you want to come with me to Sucat to get my bike? Hehehe..." How could I say NO to that? Soon after we were already in our way talking endlessly until we reached the destination. Oh you might be wondering why we had to get the bike. Well, Jase left the bike at his office since baha nung Friday in our area. Anyways, it started raining on our way home so we had to take a detour at SM Sucat and ended up sipping coffee at, guess what, Starbucks! Hehehe! Coffee jelly please. Thanks to SM Hypermart we were able to end our Tsinelas hunt there.

Aug 17, 2007

I'm hooked!!! I swear I wouldn't fall for it but I am... Damn those Starbucks coffee! Uuurrgghh. My future bro-in-law has been working there for 5 years already but he rarely gave us some freebies. I guess one of his secrets as being a topnotch unit managers there - business is business. Don't get me wrong ha I like the guy but anyways it is only recently that I starting having a sip of their coffee regularly and men how I love those Coffee Jellies!

Kaasar talaga!

Aug 15, 2007

I was sudden to learn that Rico Blanco had decided to leave Rivermaya. Ouch! But for whatever its worth I think we should respect his decision. I commend the remaining members of the band for continuing the journey but I think we should cut Rico some slack. Afterall, he did what he could for the band and I guess he reached the point of saturation or iba na personal goals nya and its no longer in line with the band's vision.

Well in terms naman with Angel Locsin moving from GMA to ABS? Well that I don't agree.

Ano naman kayang comment ng Bamboo dito? Hmmm...

Aug 14, 2007

7:30 am I made a withdrawal from my ATM account. When I got to the office I made a fund transfer online for a business I am starting up it was around 8. It was a trial so maliit lang muna yung tinanransfer ko. After I confirmed that the transaction was legit. I did the 2nd transfer for the same person before 9. Lo and behold I have a Php 3,000.00++ negative balance. How did that freaking happen?

I reported the incident through email and the good thing was that the bank is just within my office building. Remember the very first transaction I made? Yeap the atm withdrawal -- it was debitted twice. Now I have to wait for 3 days before they can restore my actual balance. Uuurrggghhh!!!

Ano to? na offline yung DB server at nung narestore eh nirun ulit lahat ng transaction. Anong server ba yung gamit nyo?

Aug 10, 2007

Awww! Ang sakit ng katawan ko. Being stuck in traffic for four hours due to flood was literally a pain in the butt. Sigh!!!

Jul 8, 2007

For our 115th Jasasary (Jase and Sasa Monthsary) we went to see the Transformer the movie. 7:55 pm ang start so we headed for Kenny muna for our dinner. Last full show na yun, ganun kahaba yung movie but you know what sobra kong nag-enjoy. Sobrang witty nung dialogue. Nakakatuwa that they captured yung essence ng human in how they will react in a weird situation. Favorite scene ko yung nagtago yun yung Autobots para di sila makita ng parents ni LadiesMan271 (tama ba yung number?) Anyways, kung katulad lang ni Optimus Prime ang mga presidente ng Pilipinas...

Jun 15, 2007

I was watching Justice in Studio 23 Kabarkada Mo last night. I was going to set-up the sleep timer. Underneath the sleep button is number 3 in the remote control. So I accidentally press number 3 a couple of times instead of the sleep button and I was surprise that I got a channel - UniversiTV. The reception is not that good but another channel to add my UHF is not at all bad. Since we don't have Cable TV, thank God we don't! Since we move a lot we don't require one. I usually apply for phonelines just so I could have an internet access. But now that I can surf through my Moto Cellphones (Yes, both of them is working - V3X and C651) and Smart no need for that one too. Speaking of moving a lot, I'll be moving tomorrow to a new apartment this time all by myself while my dad stays with my brother to enjoy his apo's company. Well, technically not all by myself. I get to keep the household help. Giggles!

Jun 1, 2007

I must admit since I saw the band, Bamboo, a month ago I became a true believer and have glued my ears to their compositions. I had to buy the two CDs Light Peace Love and We Stand Alone Together at Music One, Greenbelt. *May add pa ko dito pero update ko na lang later*

Yup I'm a bit of a rock chic but just like Fergie (see Cosmo March 07 issue) I'm crazy for romance. I watch "Paano Kita Iibigin" yesterday with the girls. Hahaha before you pass any judgement of my taste lemme explain first. I'm a type of person who try to separate the personality from the character they are portraying. Even sa music I try as much as I can not to be caught up with the artist but to their actual works. Kung maganda para sa akin yung naproduce nila why not di ba? So I had no qualms kahit si Regine pa yun at si Piolo. Pero para sa akin Eugene Domingo gave a lot of life sa movie. Can't stop thinking about her lines. Parang LSS pero dialogue yung nastuck sa utak mo.

God is good.

Welcome to Heaven Resort
Where you can rest in peace forever
Welcome to the Heaven Resort
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Heaven Resort *di masyadong sure bout this part
Any time of year, you can find it here

Wag ka mag-alala safe naman dito. LIAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!

Laurence character is dark to be portrayed by Piolo. Kaya dahil dun nagalingan ako sa kanya. Parang maniac and lustful talaga sya. Pede ng mabuo yung movie with his character alone, kahit wala na si Regine. Oks na rin si Regine daming mura. Mura as in cursing. Makakarelate ka naman basta you have experienced love and loss at one point in your life. And ang pinakaimportante you still see hope in life.

At syempre ang walang kamatayang show of affection nila sa isa't isa and super nakakarelate ako dun. Waaahhh...

May 7, 2007

May 04,2007
Island Cove
Winston's Summer Blast

The ticket was quite cheap (thanks to Winston!) so we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Bamboo perform live. The ticket includes a free beer and a pack of cigarette (FYI: I don't smoke or don't even drink) so it was really a good deal well at least for those who will use the freebies. So after braving the herendous traffic going home to Cavite last friday (due to Strike Revilla's motorcade) we were alas at the venue at exactly 8 pm as the ticket suggested. It was quite disappointing that there were very few people. Just to think na it is THE BAMBOO BAND. Nakakahiya naman baka isipin nila the Cavitenos don't appreciate their music. But anyway siguro kasalanan na rin ng promoters. I saw the banner like what May 1, 3 days before the actual gig. Sayang talaga!

But to our advantage, we get to see the whole thing right at the center next after the bar dividing the topaz tables and chairs to what I understand they refer to as the VIP area. Hehehe!!! Ahhh... the stage, I could still remember that 6 months ago I was doing the Pussy Cat Doll's Beep together with the rest of the team leaders on that stage for the company Xmas Party and now Bamboo will grace that same stage. Hahaha!!! So back to the VIP area, Nathan (bassist) sat down beside this girl the whole evening before their actual set and I was actually inhaling the smoke of his cigarette. Not actually a pretty nice situation to be in.

It's the 7th year for the Winston to feature this kind of concert and finally they chose Island Cove as one of their stop this year. Poetic Sparks was the front act. Soon after, Winner and Asia Agcaoli (yeap, she was there with her skimpy outfit. Just imagine the guys delight!) introduced Sugarfree. Did I mention they were there too? Hahaha!!! Ok naman sila kaso yung vocalist nila naoover power ng mga instruments and often the other member would actually make salo the singing part. Baka may sakit or something.

A couple of naughty games after, Nathan went back stage na. Wilma Doesn't, a true blue Cavitena, entered the VIP area. And then... I want to say the rest is history cause at that point Jase and I were already excited. But here goes, Ira (guitarist) entered the stage and soon after the other members came in...

Ibang klase! Each member of the band is really talented hindi lang si Bamboo lahat sila! And he had no problems sharing the lime light with the rest of his equally talented crew. But to my disappointment naglowbat ang digicam ko samantalang I recharge naman the battery the night before. So Jase settled in taking the video of the whole thing with my v3x instead. They did around 12 songs I think. And Bamboo came to us at countless time so we were able to smell his passion for music up close and personal. Nope I am no groupie... Yung kanta talaga nila ang gusto ko kaya ok na sa akin na wala kaming picture-picture na kasama sya with matching posing. Plus na nga lang ng nakamayan namin sya during the "Awit ng Kabataan".

It was a great performance and I'll be posting the video I guess soon.

Another crossed out item on my wish list.

May 4, 2007

It's my 3rd week at work and the best thing about it was I already received my first pay check + my signing bonus last friday pa! It was very timing since we used it to pay our one month advance and one month deposit to the new house we're renting. So I was busy over the weekend sa aming paglilipat. Good thing was we had a lot of help. So thank you very much to -- Yaya Nids, Alma, Angge, Ogie, Tito Boboy, Ka Danny and my forever so dependable handyman boyfriend, Jase.

So by May 1 we were almost done unpacking and I was able to squeeze in some time to watch Spiderman 3 at SM Bacoor. The movie was nice but I like Spiderman 2 better. Anywayz, we headed home early since I were expecting visitors si Ninang Nene and cousin Kim to check out the house. And of course my super sungit pamangkin, Elise slept over and had a blast since Dad and I made sure to make her, her own little space to play around so she would visit us often.

Yesterday, I was chatting with my former officemate online and they were convincing me to join the THEIR company outing tomorrow at 8 Waves in Bulacan. Since they said they weren't able to reserve the whole resort, it will still be open to the public. Plus the bus that they were assigned to has still a lot of seats available. Yeap it was a very vicious plan. Hahaha! I almost gave in since of course I wanna hang out with them but having my schedule...baka di na kayanin ng powers ko and magkasakit na ko so I had to turn them down. And made plans na lang to see them next week.


And tonight... Jase and I are going to watch Bamboo and Sugarfree at the Island Cove Resort. So ROCK ON!!!

Apr 23, 2007

Yeap...yeap nakaone week na ko sa new employer ko. So let me show you around.

Apr 14, 2007

Sigh!!! So I have 3 days to do some stuff before I start with my new employer on Monday. Yesterday morning I went to NBI Carriedo to get my NBI Clearance but since I got a hit, it was due on April 18. It was still early so I rode back the LRT to Vito Cruz station and went to Harrison Plaza. It has been what??? 3 Years since I've been there. It used to my in my daily route way back in college so it was fun to check it out again. Reminiscing ba! Good thing was I had the right timing for their 3-day sale so I snag 3 additional blouses for half the prices. Hehehe...Ok na ang mga pamasok ko it would last na until my next sweldo. I can buy more clothes by then. I did na some shopping at Divi last April 9 kse eh. I waited awhile since I promise Jase I would wait for him after work. So off to MOA I went dahil dun nya ko pinapunta...

I got home a little late na rin and heard that namove pala yung seminar namin in UPITTC on April 29. Ayos! Sakto na ang budget ko to last until my first paycheck with Navitaire. So eto pala yung feeling ng wala kang trabaho! Hihihi...

Sleep all day ala Jason Mraz naman ang drama ko today. I was supposed to go back at HRD for my clearance pero sarap matulog and magpahinga kaya next Saturday na lang siguro tsaka para mas feel ko yung pagkakamiss ko sa kanila and para may mga bago akong kwento.

Wish me luck guys!

Apr 13, 2007

Yeap it was a bitter sweet experience for me as I dress up for my last day of work. I tried keeping my composure until the end of the day. But it was really hard to give my final vow at the office since I practically grew up with these people. I will surely miss my team mates and the bratinellas.

And to my SCAD Family, hanggang langit ang pasasalamat ko sa inyo lalong-lalo na sa mga clients ko!

Testing lang namin yung bagong nokia phone ni Sir Gary 12:05 PM

Jan 3, 2007

Sayang at di ako nakapag-ipon for a grand vacation kaya dyan lang ako sa tabi-tabi naglamyerda...

Dec 29 Since Jase went to Alabang directly after his shift to apply for this engineering firm, I went to the salon to get a new hairdo. I wanted a really short hair to get rid of my nasty split ends. Mala-Pia Archangel hair style but I ended up with a Judy Ann Santos 'do. But its all good.

Dec 30 I went with the Yap family to Batangas to visit *taking a deep breath* ang lola ng asawa ng kuya ni jason. Hehehe... Nakuha mo pa ba yung affinity ko sa kanila? Well it was a long ride sobra as in! As if we were trekking the mountains of Batangas.

Here's the long and winding road (literally)

At ang Bahay ni Lola

Baboy yun ang menu the whole time... BBQ ng tipak-tipak na parte ng baboy na nakatuhog sa sanga ng bayabas. Meron ding Patatim (di ko lam spelling), dinuguan, lechon... Can you feel HIGHBLOOD!!!

Uwian na sa wakas...

Dec 31 Sa Yap household pa rin ako nagspend ng New Year's Eve. Suggestion yun ni tatay di na kse naghanda and sobrang pagod nya na sa work so he opted to sleep instead.

Jan 1 Visited my one and only pamangkin, Elise.

Jan 2 Miss na miss ko na ang EPZA. Hahaha! Went to Meralco to pay our bill din libot konti sa Fun mall.