Oct 6, 2014

I thought it would be nice to have a living thing inside the house as part of the decor but I did not want the usual fortune plants. So I started researching and found nice pegs all over the internet of the ornamental plant called succulents.

It was perfect for someone like me who do not have green thumb. It is very low maintenance as it stores water in its structure. 

I could not find online a store that sells it around the vicinity. I already asked hubby if there are any plans of us going to Tagaytay anytime soon. But I thought we could also swing by to some of the plant stores when we visit our folks in Cavite.

So we did! As a walk around the plant store I was a bit disappointed since I don't see one on display. But I showed this photo to the owner and asked just in case:

She happily said YES and ushered me to the areas of pots. I then saw a small part of the shelf containing a handful of succulents. I flashed husband a smile and declared that they have it! 

I bought just 3 types for Php 50 each and a couple of small pots. They transferred it from the plastic to the pots in no time. Yipee!!!

Mother Nature Enterprise
Magdiwang Highway Noveleta Cavite
Between Iglesia ni Cristo and Shell Gas Station

Oct 5, 2014

Finally, I spotted wooden stand in Papelmelroti SM Southmall. I also learned from the attendant their product called deco tile. It has a typography printed on a smooth tile and looks really nice. Too bad there was no bible verse available.

So this weekend, I thought I could get my crafts on! I printed out some of my IG Pictures and it fit perfectly with the stand for display!

Oct 4, 2014

In previous post, I mentioned about the verse under the clock which is called wall decal. A removable vinyl sticker that will not damage your wall (assuming the paint job is good).

So I followed several suppliers in FB but KT&T posted an update on their timeline so I decided to send them a message to inquire. After few exchanges -- design, payment and delivery, I got my order in practically couple of days. I wasn't sure how it will go so I just ordered more or less A4 size but I think if you own the house go big!

I unbox it and was pretty satisfied with its quality. But here comes the harder-than-I-thought part...installation! Well, the how-to videos on Youtube make it look easy (they also have one on their website). It was a bit tricky to make the design stick to the transfer paper so patience is a virtue but it was not impossible. But  once I had the design on the other side it was a breeze sticking it to the wall.

It looks like it was painted on the wall and kinda reminds me of my brother's black and white mural he did in the 90s for my dad's tailoring shop and up to this day it is still there.

KT&T DIY Creative Printers