Oct 31, 2012

As promised yesterday, I am trying out the Coco Fresco found at the 2nd floor of Market Market adjacent to the Bingo area in front of Metro Department Store. The perfect tell-tale sign that it had just opened was the green and white balloons found in each side of the kiosk. Well that, plus the fact that I am starting to memorize the mall like the back of my hand so I could easily spot when something is up.

Coco Fresco 2nd Flr Market Market

It is noticeable how their kiosk is quite "dressed up" compared to other coconut vendors. You may even consider it as hip and modern. Even their website has a fresh appeal to it.

Coco Fresco Official Website

But I am betting that soon enough when people start lining up in their kiosk, they will have some logistics problem in this branch having their stand facing the glass wall instead of the other way around.

Go Loco over Coco (Fresco)

I am not the adventurous type when it comes to flavors. I am usually happy with plain or original variant. I just feel my palette getting all confused if the food is bursting out with flavors. But since I am here to battle it off, I decided to try out their add-on offerings since the strawberry, pandan and ube syrup are for free. Additional Php 15 for Hershey Chocolate and Caramel syrup.

Grande Coconut Shake with Free Strawberry Syrup

I have to say that in terms of marketing, branding and presentation, Coco Fresco has the upperhand. But in terms of actual product, you can not go wrong with the tree of life -- our beloved home grown produce, BUKO! The taste, serving and pricing are the same in both stores. I had 16 oz. cup which cost Php 45.00 from both.

Other Add-on Syrup
Size and Price for Coconut Water

Oct 30, 2012

The 12 noon sun did not spare me from the heat of my 5-minute walk to the jeepney terminal. So as soon as I stepped inside the airconditioned Market Market mall, I headed towards the escalator and swift through my way to a much needed refreshment to cool me down. Located near Olympic Village and Food Court, you will find the Buko Express Kiosk right in front of the escalator railings.

Buko Express Kiosk, 4th Floor Market Market
Sizes and Prices

I placed my order for a cup of medium unflavored buko shake and was served in no time. If I'm not mistaken my order is a concoction of blended coconut meat, coconut juice, ice and fresh milk.

Choose between Juice or Shake

Sigh, thanks for that refreshing drink! So I was sipping my way to the jeepney terminal, taking the other escalator in the Serendra side going down when I noticed a new kiosk at the 2nd floor near the Bingo area. And guess what? It is also a store selling coconut juice and shake variants. Hmm...this could be interesting. I'll probably try it out tomorrow for comparison.

Let the Battle Begin!
For this post, I just want to pay tribute to the man who feeds me (literally!) It is no secret to you that I am a kitchen handicap and I was not programmed to cook. I would try my hands in the kitchen once in a while but I easily forget the procedures when I am done trying. To think I am good in remembering things but not with recipes...naka-auto delete mode ata yung brain ko basta finish na ko with my cooking.

So hubby put on his Chef Jasey apron especially during the weekend. Believe me when I say that he is a man of few words. He can survive a day at home without uttering a word and just expresses himself with one syllable sounds and grunts. (Think caveman form of communication.) But his lack of words, he compensate with action (Yeap, this is his language of love). Aside from ensuring our tiny apartment is secured and well-maintained, he usually spend an hour or two in the kitchen to prepare some homecooked meals.

I asked him once if he doesn't get stressed out cooking because I definitely get tense when I do it. He said not at all and it actually helps him relax and take off his mind from work. You will know that he is stressing out from his job when all of a sudden he cooks sinigang during the evening. Basta pag yun na yung niluto nya out of the blue, malamang sa hindi something is bothering him.

So presenting to you Jasey's dishes served in our orange plate. These are just few of them because most of the time we end up digging in without taking a picture. Hihihi.

Pinoy Beef Steak

Hello, compare nyo naman sa gawa ko hahaha...

Corned Beef
Spam with Palpak na Pancake

Oct 28, 2012

I miss watching 2nd Avenue Channel's photography show Two Stops Over so I searched online hoping someone posted its episodes. But to my surprise, I found out that its Season 2 already premiered last January in local Channel 11 GMA News TV as What I See. Was I under a rock all this time not learning about it?

After further digging, I was able to sigh with relief to find out that it wasn't too late for me. I can still catch up on the remaining episodes of What I See as they re-air in TalkTV, Sunday 7:30 pm. Now that Amanda Loving Life is off season (Congrats Amanda with the new baby! *Feeling close, teh*), the timeslot is just perfect so I could catch it after watching Pinoy Explorer!

From their FB Page: The Team of What I See

I love taking photos (even to be photographed as well hehehe) since I was in high school. But I have never really been good at it so it is still on my bucket list among many. I get goosebumps though when I see beautiful and soul-stirring pictures like the ones captured by Paco Guerrero.

This year, hubby volunteered in the Music Ministry as a drummer and in prayers I asked God in which ministry should I volunteer to in our church and His answer was in photography. Although, in my capacity I know I have very little to offer, I trusted Him to give me the grace to do what He asked me to do. My favorite church event that I was able to cover so far was during Holy Week when Judah Paolo did the Spoken Words.

Lately though, the Lord is steering me yet again to another direction which is going back to writing. That is the reason why I am active in my blog more than ever. I get so many inspiration in the simple events in my life that I just want to describe it in words because of the pure bliss I feel upon experiencing it and to give back the glory to the Lord for being so gracious to me. I just want to feature earthly things that give the readers hope and make them realize that if you think this is already beautiful and exciting, what more in heaven!

Anyhow, we, the YAPtography cannot afford high-end camera and accessories as we try to be good steward of the financial provisions from the Lord (remember: no credit card policy for us). So for now, we only invest within our budget. Funny thing is that when I veared away from photography the past few months, hubby picked it up back where he left off. God really has a plan to use our giftings for His pleasure and glory.

Jase testing the Sigma Lens at Turf BGC

Oct 27, 2012

While strolling Mercato Centrale Night Market last night, we were handed down with two 5-day guest pass to Fitness First Gym for FREE. The pass can be used at any of their branches except the one in Southmall. No obligation to join in once you consumed your free days. We already planned to jogged anyway today so we decided there was nothing to lose if we sign up and visit their branch located at Fort Bonifacio.

Fitness First FREE 5-day guest pass

It was one of their Personal Trainer (PT) Yohan who was manning the booth last night. We agreed to meet with him at 9 am this morning. He warmly greeted us as we set foot at The Fort Strip. He wasted no time in explaining to us what Fitness First could offer to us to reach our optimum personal fitness goals.

DAY 1: First stop is to have our current health state analyzed by measuring our Body Mass Index (BMI). After handing us down the piece of paper that contains the truth about our health, PT Marlon gave it to us straightforward that by metabolic rate we are already 55 years old! Ouch...

Yohan then proceeded giving us a quick tour of the facilities, explaining infos for each section and how we could rip the benefits once we become a member. He later endorsed us to PT Erick to do our 45-minute exercise for the day. We look like a bunch of losers catching our breathe while doing the most basic exercise routine. It was funny but at the same time alarming.

Fitness First at The Fort Strip

Actually, it was our first time to visit a membership type of gym. Hubby started considering looking into getting a gym membership when our DIY exercise routine doesn't really work since we are basically clueless to the science of fitness. And admittedly we do not have the discipline to follow through our DIY programme. 

Fitness First Bodyfirst Kit

But on the otherhand, computing the cost of the joining and monthly fees for 2 pax is a bit out of range for our budget. So we are still thinking about it. Anyways, we still got 4 days free pass until we make a decision. But if you can afford it and you do want to reach your fitness goal, I urged you to try it out and:

Contact: Yohan 09496855320 

Carry naman di ba? This is me sweating it out after doing Xbox Kinect Black Eyed Peas Experience for 30 minutes. Tagaktak pawis talaga right at the comfort of our own home. Too bad, natigil na naman when I got busy at work. I guess, I just need to focus with my reasons of losing weight. Give me the grace, Lord!

Seller username Jeptall has been in the online industry for many years now. I remember my first dealing with him thru ebay.ph where I had my then-boyfriend-now-husband met up with him to buy 2 units of Motorola V3X Razr back in 2006. If I remember it correctly, he was still a college student in UST at that time. We were actually impressed that he ventured into business so young.

Later when I fancied a Samsung Slide phone in 2008, he again had the best offer online so I met up with him in SM Makati. Hmmm...medyo malaki na pala ang kinikita nitong batang to sa amin. Wala bang loyalty card dyan dear?

But today, although still active in online selling, he now has his own physical store in Robinson's Pioneer - JEP's House of Gadgets.

Upper Ground Floor besides BPI

Hubby has been saving up to invest on a lens. Unlike me who buy almost in an instant (1 month na yung longest of waiting), Hubby took 3 months before making a decision on what, when, and whom to buy. When he finally decided and contacted the different sellers from Sulit.com.ph, Jeptall still had one of the best offer and was quick to respond on SMS inquries. But Hubby wanted to get a feel first of the item before purchasing so instead of meeting up, we dropped by the store.

Located at the very end of the Upper Ground Floor in Robinson's Pioneer (also known as Forum Robinsons). It is a tiny stall unit near Chowking and beside the BPI ATM under the escalator. Do not be deceived by the size of the store, true to its name it is truly a 'house of gadgets' once you take a peek on the items they have on stock: from wrist watches, camera accessories, digicam, DSLR, latest tablet and smartphones. The prices are also competitive.

This item is SOLD

REMINDER: This is just our personal experience in dealing with Jeptall and in no way do we guarantee your own satisfaction to their service.

Test shot: me with the store attendants

Finally, here's one satisfied customer feeling all giddy with his new toy. 
Someone got his Christmas wish early
If you have questions regarding the Sigma Lens itself, you may reach hubby in our YAPtography FB Page.

Oct 25, 2012

The Clubhouse
Dead Branches
Breakfast with Fuse
Glass Etching
Two Pines
Native Throne

Also, I was testing this Android App movie maker "Magisto" and with just 3 clicks was able to put together videos of my random shots in CWRR into a mini-clip complete with background music pa hihihi. Too bad it was just less than a minute.

Hubby was playing some Christmas Song the other night during dinner and I am not exactly sure why but I just feel extra excited for the holidays this year. But before commercialism takes a toll in all of us, Dan Stevers' Mini-Movie clips remind us to be thankful that Jesus selflessly came on earth to save us all.

Tonight's pasalubong from hubby is the Christmas-themed sealed Zagu Black Forest Pearl Shake. It is exactly 2 months from now before Christmas day! Cheers for the almighty King of kings, Emmanuel, the One who saves.

Zagu Pearl Shake

Calling all BFFs and Besties out there. Here is your chance to get a free pedicure and shoes.

I am so joining this and here is my entry in their FB Pages:
Dear Lulu Swing and Pink Me Up Beauty, Have you ever had a girlfriend that you never ever had a single fight with ever since you became friends? Well, God blessed me with one! Aisha and I have been pals since our 1st year highschool but although everything remained pretty much the same in our gabfest, we barely get to see each other since we are both busy with our careers.
I love you, Patchick!
Few months ago, I got really sicked and had to take time off from work and BFF monitored me until my recovery, being now a doctor herself. And as my way of saying thank you to her and this is a perfect way for us to celebrate my upcoming 31st birthday this Nov by getting some R&R together, I was hoping to bag the prize. Looking forward to a lovely experience with you and my bestie! #LuluSwing #PinkMeUpBeauty #size6&7.5 @sasaramosyap
Here's a post when I unboxed my first Lulu Swing 

Oct 23, 2012

I just emailed Patty Laurel for my entry to the Howards Storage World 15K Shopping Spree Contest found in her blog. Sakto naman na may previous blog post is in line with it so words in italics are excerpt from it.

Hello Patty,

A couple of years ago, 6 months to being married hubby and I decided to try renting here in Makati City for me to be closer to work. We are blessed enough to get a 25-sqm studio type apartment building owned by a Christian family adjacent to Fort BGC Taguig vicinity. So from Cavite we only brought the big items we couldn't live without -- bed, cabinets, a fan and desktop PC. Those two years passed so quickly and the Lord has continued to blessed us with provisions that allowed us to bring in more knick knacks in our home but, now that I notice it, clutter seems to start building up.

Also, as a couple we like opening up our home to friends especially being part of a Christian Church where smallgroup is encouraged. But as much as we want to invite people in our humble abode we couldn't do so because we don't have a place to have them seat down apart from two monobloc chairs/big bean floor pillows and THE FLOOR. So we recently bought this compact brown mini sofa from a Pinoy furniture brand HOFA to finally create a space as our living area in the apartment.

So in lieu of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this December (it actually marks our 15th Anniversary since we were boy/girlfriends for a dozen of years before getting married -- highschool sweethearts, first and last lang naman ang peg namin ), would you give Jase and I the honor to shop with you and Patrick at Howards Storage World. I'm already imagining it to be like Japan Home Center only classier! This would help me to finish with my vision in making our home as comfortable, clean and cozy as possible to those who will visit us when we officially open up our home. Punta kayo ni Patrick after ng honeymoon nyo ha, hihihi.

Here is our telenovela Shot in Batangas
This is us when we moved in
Lastly, taken just today with me sitting on the mini sofa

Thank you very much and have a blessed marriage.

All the best,
Jason and Sasa Yap

PS: I wonder how long it would take you in getting used to being called to as 'Patty Filart'? It was only this year that I started to respond and acknowledge na ako pala yun when I am called 'Marissa Yap' or 'Sasa Yap'. Eh imagine 12 years ako nakapagpractice magdoodle in my notebooks nun para masanay, pero it was really different when it actually became a reality.

My only Kuya goes to another church congregation and recently they sponsored a Christian songwriting contest called ASOP Music Festival and sent this link thru FB of the Grand Finals Performance of former Rivermaya frontman Jayson Fernandez "Purihin Ka ng Aking Luha" by Gerwin Villa.

In different seasons of my life, the Lord always put a background music in each of it. Speaking to me not only through the bible, the people He sends but also through the lyrics of songs that strikes a chord deep inside. I'll be sharing with you my latest playlist and would be glad to know if you will take the time to listen to it as I caption the parts that stirred my very core.


Holy Is The Lord by Chris Tomlin
It's rising up all around It's the anthem of the Lord's renown 

Dominion by Citipointe
 You have rescued me
You took a wretch like this
You loved me, and You saved me

 Lord of All by Jose Villanueva III aka Quest 
I wanna live for You, Be glorified forever
My life will declare That You are Lord alone
Everything of me, Use it for Your glory
That everyone will see, Will hear, will know
That You are Lord Of All

Hosanna by Brooke Fraser
Break my heart for what is yours
Everything I am for your kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

How He Loves Us by David Crowder Band
So Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss,
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest,
I don't have time to maintain these regrets,
When I think about the way...
He loves us.

Like A Fire by Planetshakers
 Come like a flood and saturate me now, You're all I want
Come like the wind, And sweep throughout this place
You're all we want

How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin
Name above all names (How great is our God and all will see)
Worthy of our praise (How great, how great is our God)
My heart will sing, How great is our God

Oct 20, 2012

Once a month we go home and visit our folks in Kawit Cavite. It is always a delight for us to breathe some provincial air and have some homecooked meals prepared by MIL. The hour drive usually gives hubby and I time to catch up with topics we do not get to discuss on our daily talks. R&R is what it is...Praise the Lord of Sabbath!

Here is a quick snapshot as we enter the boundary of Kawit via Cavitex.

Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine

As usual, Mommy Zee (MIL) is busy in the kitchen. We will be having our lunch and dinner there. For the first meal it was the homey tinolang manok then during the evening hubby assisted her in preparing roasted chicken with mashed potato.

Home-cooked meals

Where was I during all of these? Dozing off of course! Guilty as charged...I am practically useless in the kitchen. But this family that now I belong to loves to cook. They just enjoy discussing procedures and ingredients. I would listen to it like a foreign language and would just eat the sumptous meals they prepared. Kanya-kanyang giftings lang naman yan galing kay God. So clearly, this is not my gift.

We headed back to Makati pretty stuffed as usual with our take home bag of rice cake or malagkit. Better watch out Samala Rice Cake, MIL just perfected this Pinoy dessert.

To know more about our historical hometown, here is the Net 25's Landmarks feature on Kawit, Cavite. Thanks Ms. Faye for visiting and to Youtube user poeticbee for the upload.

Today's Episode
Believe you, me this comic strip is created by a Christian fella, Ganns. THE communication guy in VCF. If I am not mistaken, he is formerly in Fort but now in Greenhills Victory Center. Anyhow, my point being is that we, followers of Christ, do know how to have good hearty laughs minus the 'sinful human nature' i.e. green jokes. As if my Skit Guys Plus post hasn't proven that point to you yet.

Catch more of the mala-Bubble Gang out takes. Based on true to life at the ShenaniGannsComics FB Page.
For this week, I was on a hunt for an outdoor sling bag. Big enough to carry my phone, camera, money, sunblock, eyewear and keys. I was quite particular with the fabric or material. I don't exactly know what it is called but I'll know it when I see it.

Last night, I drilled down my choices to two items I saw available online: Deuter Escape I vs. The North Face Sling bags. Both items are more or less being sold at Php 1,000.

Sling Bag Battle

I scouted first at Market Market how much it cost if you buy it in sports houses. I just want to make sure I was getting a good deal online. But I didn't find any among the 5 stores I looked into. Hmm...

I asked hubby if we could stop by the Bench store since I was curious if I could carry a fedora hat worn by the mannequins. Although the hat didn't work for me after trying it...Lo and behold an orange, yellow and blue outdoor sling bag was on display in one of the bag racks. PERFECT!

My 1K budget just got slash down to less than 300 bucks. Cool, ang sweet talaga ni Lord magsurprise.

Orange you glad I found you at the right moment!?

BenchTM is my all time fave Pinoy brandname. No matter what size I am in the season of my life (from L to 2XL and back). I still find something to wear from their clothing line. Perhaps, this can also be attributed to the design geniuses that allow also for the clothes to evolve as their patrons grow up. And I've been a Bench Lifestyle Card holder since 2008. The same year they launch it I think. I am so loyal that I even wore the Reign by Regine V. perfume during my wedding.

2009: Bench Perfume for my wedding day

So this is a perfect time as any to greet the team Happy 25th Birthday! Let us be ageless together.

25 years and more