Nov 6, 2012

Staycation: Ace Coffee Lounge Pasig (Ace Hotel & Suites)

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We were out of the water and back in our dry clothes by 3:30 pm, just in time to avail the late lunch buffet at Ace Coffee Lounge. Located just beside the spa area and separated by the glass wall.

Center Buffet Station

Ala carte is also available in the menu but the buffet price depends on the time you dine in. Lucky us we were able to avail the Php 495/pax which was until 5 pm but come 6 o'clock pm the price already went up to Php 715/pax.

Regular Price Eat All you Can
Promo Price Late Lunch Buffet

There is an array of selection of food with a lot of delicious seafood from the paluto, shabu-shabu and Japanese station. The chicken teriyaki has to be my favorite together with the roast beef! I stopped taking photos and started eating. For the regular price of Php 800+, the buffet could be a bit steep but for the promo price it is definitely sulit!

This is just part of the feast

The friendly crew that will assist you with your every whim as you lounge in here. Did I mentioned that there is a free wifi connection at this area?


Let us start digging in people!

Shabu-Shabu Station
Kainan na

Thanks everyone who made our stay worthwhile... 
will be coming back on Christmas Day with the rest of The Yaps!

I'm turning 31 my lovelies

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