Aug 7, 2011

Coming from lunch family gathering, hubby and I went straight ahead to the nearby mall to buy an original cd for our Xbox 360 Kinect. We opted not to jailbreak it and we are praying so hard from the temptation in having our console modified. Since one of our struggle was buying pirated CDs/DVDs. It ain't easy doing it but by faith we believe that the Lord will give us financial provisions to buy original ones. Anyhow, let us go back to the CD.

Hubby weighing 240 lbs and me 180 lbs, we are really in a bad shape! I have gained 40 lbs already - 20 lbs upon working in Makati 4 yrs ago and another 20 lbs after getting married one and half yrs ago. As we are already strengthening our spirits, it should also follow that we strengthen our bodies. Thus, the UFC Personal Trainer!

We keyed in our stats and begin the fitness test then tried out some of the workout, we didn't even last for the whole hour and boy did we sweat a lot already. It was really fun and I was out of breath. So much for first time, I'm imagining myself on my 30th bday celebration on a beach in Palawan already. Lord, please do give me the time and will to train on this visual personal trainers. Already excited for the result since I have 90 days to shape up.

By the way, we bought it for Php 1,800. I think it was pretty much cheaper buying from Best Buy US which was tagged as $49.99

Aug 6, 2011

There is too much info I need to edit on my right panel... What has been revealed to me is that the old has gone and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17) . Including my {Bratinellang Iyakin} no longer holds true since I am bratinella-no-more because of God's grace. Hihihi! But anyhow, just for the sake of comparison let me take a screenshot before start revising it.

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Bye, old bits of info!

I'm reviving this journal as I near my 30th birthday this year. A lot of things already took place in my life, big ones like -- got married and fell in love with Jesus, accepting Him into my life as my Lord and Savior. I have another blog for my faith so hope you'll visit it as well.

So welcome back to me... Yey!