Nov 2, 2012

Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn at Market Market BGC

Hubby and I are popcorn lovers. We usually have some microwaveable popcorn in our grocery list until our microwave broke down not too long ago. Since then we get our popcorn fix directly from the store near the cinemas. Then one time during our smallgroup meeting at church, someone brought in this what they call a "Tub of Happiness" and as soon as we tasted it was heavenly!
'Crunchy... then creamy... with subtle yet sublime unfolding of flavors on the palate-- THIS is the Chef Tony's POPcorn experience! From sweet-salty, to sweet-creamy-nutty, to cheesy, or to chocolatey, even to really salty-buttery, we have a host of amazing gourmet flavors to meet your every craving. You'll also be mighty glad to know we use only the best quality ingredients on your favorite snack, flying them in from only the best parts of the world-- like REAL macha Green Tea from Japan, yummmmmmy chocolates from Belgium, even a blend of herbs from charming, romantic France, and OF COURSE, nuts and cheese from the USA! Nothing but THE best... AND yummiest... for you!'
Country Cheddar
White Chocolate Parmesan
Chef Tony's located at the Ground Floor Market Market

 Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn
Market Market Kiosk
Ground Floor near Fiesta Market Entrance
Aisle between Genevieve Gozum and Forme

Here are the flavors we already tried and we never got disappointed. I adore it more after learning the story that this gourmet popcorn is actually a testimony of faith by Chef Tony himself. No wonder that the product is well thought of and executed as it is in the honor of our faithful God.

*** UPDATE Nov 3, 2012 ***

Wow! It was unnecessary but I won't say no to a blessing. Continue to be an inspiration Chef Tony! I know that God will prosper the works of your hands. Thanks for even taking time to read my blog.

*** UPDATE Nov 5, 2012 ***

Weee...I finally got my FREE 385 grams of Tub of Hapiness from the good heart of Chef Tony on the day of my birthday. Here is attendant Ruffa handing me the White Chocolate Parmesan, isn't she adorable.