Jan 27, 2014

Sa lamig ng panahon ngayon baka nagmumuo na rin ang mga mantika nyo sa katawan katulad namin after indulging to the festivities last month. Hahaha... But kidding aside, I am preaching mostly to myself, that we need to monitor our overall wellness.

So few weeks ago, hubby and I canvassed for a digital blood pressure monitor device. Kaso we felt that 3K is too much for home monitoring. I started searching online and I chance upon the e-Commerce website of Philippine Medical Supplies.

I paid via DragonPay with my BPI. Just 2 days after, I already received the RossMax BP Digital Monitor Wrist Type which is half the price compared the ones found in nearby drug stores.

It is very simple to use and comes with a storage plastic box and runs on a couple AAA batteries. 

Our office works are quite stressful so hopefully we could adjust our lifestlye with the help of this monitoring device.

Jan 19, 2014

I was a former Sky Cable Subscriber when we were still in Makati but when we moved to the south, I requested for termination. But it is unfortunate the TV reception here is so, so bad. So after a few months, I was desperate and decided to apply online for Sky Cable again.

During the time of my application they have new offerings already, one that I took notice is the Sky Cable Dual Def with iRecord. Since July last year, we got to enjoy the usual Standard Definition (SD) Channels plus several High Definition Channel (HD) under the Php 499 bundle like National Geographic, History, RTL-CBS, Lifetime, HBO, Fox Movie Premium, Star World, Balls, Fox Sports, CNN and Warner TV. Here is the rest of the channel list.

I didn't blog about it right away because I would like to give ample of time to learn about the iRecord Feature. This capability is already built in the Digibox that they issue but you have to connect an external hard drive to start recording.

I must admit that it is a nifty feature wherein you could record the show that you want to watch later while you are out of the house. For this scenario, make sure the Digibox is on and you have scheduled the program to record (the TV itself can be turned off). My only concern here is the possible power surge during lightning or brownout. You know, yung biglang naaaffect yung appliances sa biglaang kidlat.

You could also record a show while watching another TV show however they must be within the same frequency grouping. So indi pede yung tipong nanunood ka ng local channel tapos recording a HD channel kse they are not within the same group.

Basically, iRecord cons are commercials are also recorded and you can only watch it using the Digibox iRecord Player. You can't watch it in your computer. The rest of items I can't still figure out are -- it periodically asks to perform a program search and when you say 'Yes' it erases your Favorite Group list. In our previous bundle we used to have the ALL list and TV list. The TV list contains only those channels you have in your Digibox so browsing is way better but they don't have that now. If anyone knows how to fix this, let me know.

Anyhow, for the iWantTV feature, click here to have an idea.

Jan 14, 2014

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way connected to this online seller and my post is solely base on my experience in transacting with them. Thus, I am not guaranteeing customer satisfaction in case you decide to avail their services. Happy shopping!

Hello, online shoppers!!!

So last week, another Instagram (IG) Seller caught my fancy selling cute laid back tops such as T-shirts, sweaters and likes. It looks like one of those University or Jersey Shirts and this particular color and design I really liked: 'Y' for Yap.

Paid through BPI deposit on a Thu then got my order on Tue morning. Find Le Chic Shoppe in IG.

Jan 11, 2014

Our congregation just finished our 5-day prayer and fasting. It is not an obligatory act but encouraged to re-align ourselves at the start of the year to seek God's will in our lives. Now, before you raise your eyebrows in the idea of fasting, you may be interested to read through the practical guide and also the devotionals here.

"Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD
will do amazing things among you."
Joshua 3:5

First off, let me clarify that I am not sharing this to you to receive attention towards me surviving the week but on the contrary, the experience is actually the most humbling act I have done so far -- to fully rely on God for my daily energy in every moment of each day. 

I was introduced to the spiritual discipline of fasting in 2011 in VCF. Even back then, it made a lot of sense but  I wasn't mature enough in my Christian walk to be part of it. Since then a seed was planted in my heart to come to that point, every year I would pray to God for me to be able to partake in it and finally this year, I did.

It wasn't just skipping meals for me: it was my personal battle. As I shared to you in past posts, I don't have any vices nor did I tried those even when I was young, wild and "free". But food...it was my road block -- finding comfort in it during my emotional highs and lows. Getting immediate gratification every time I indulge in my favorite sweets. Simply put, it was the idol in my life. Idolatry is putting something else before God. 

But as early as last month I already wrote down my number one Faith Goal for 2014 which is Divine Health. For the passed few years, I am chained to sub-clinical hypothyroidism which led me to gaining weight exponentially. It hindered me to live my life to the full. 

I humbly asked the Lord during this time for breakthrough and I am expectant! Ready to fight and even before this year ends, I will claim that my prayer requests had come to passed. But please, do not be misled that the Lord will answer my prayer because I fasted. Definitely not by my own works or anything else I did, could and would do. But it is according to His grace and for He is faithful in His promises.

I pray that you who are reading this will experience an encounter with the Lord this year through the guidance of the Holy Spirit bringing you to a point of thanks giving. In Jesus name, Amen.

Started reading 21-Day Devotional Plan "Made To Crave"

Attended Day 5 Prayer Meeting at Victory Alabang

Right after we broke our fast, I redeemed my Starbucks 2014 Planner. Just in time for me to write down the rest of my faith goals and armed myself to note down my breakthroughs for this year.

Jan 5, 2014

I could not sleep last Saturday, I think I doze off at around 2am. So come Sunday morning, hubby woke me up with a slight nudge and motioned for us to jog. I shook may head to answer no but he insisted...

I knew in my heart of hearts that deep down inside I knew he was right and I had to submit to him. I have been praying for divine health this 2014 (freedom from subclinical hypothyroidism and return to normal weight) and this is one of the many adjustments in my lifestyle that I just have to do.

While parking Jarvis (our car), we noticed some road closure at Parkway Street near Festival Supermall and soon we realized that this is actually part of Filinvest Alabang campaign of "Carless Sundays" from 5-10am to encourage outdoor fun for people who lives within the vicinity.

A few minutes after, I already found myself walking wearing my Sassa Activewear and Skechers Go Walk Shoes. There were other families there doing their morning exercise as well - some brought their own bikes with them, some opted to rent from the bike rental kios, some jogged and some are like us: walked.

We headed towards the Palms Country Club area and encircled around it. There, you could also find a bike trail. Noticed the elevated rocks in the picture below?

Some wild plants have also grown in the untrimmed lots making the air slightly cool and fresh. It is like being warped to the province in an instant so it was nice.

So see you guys next Sunday? 
Cheers to fitness this 2014!

Jan 3, 2014

It was the last day of 2013 and my side of the family finally met up for some Year Ender "lamierda". Come to think of it, this is the first and last gathering we had for the year. Thank God it finally pushed through.

We arrived at the gates of Island Cove Resort in Kawit, Cavite a few minutes after 12 noon. Tatay and Tito were already there when we arrived and they chose the balsa or kubo that has minimum 3K consumable. Funny thing is that it was actually our first time to dine at the balsa in Fisherman's Village even if we have been at Island Cove many times already.  

 "Balsa" is what you call the native house build over the body of water standing on stilts. It is not uncommon here in our side of town, there are actually 2-3 restaurants here that is setup just like that.

Anyway, we first checked the set menus but with our waiter's suggestion that it would be best to just choose ala carte dishes instead. Especially if we do not eat all of the items included in the set menu.

The kids and their Lolos are already hungry... sorry! But as expected, it takes a while for the food be served so for the meantime they went around to check out the pond area.

Finally when the food started coming in, we were all hungry that we forgot to take pictures. Serving is good for 2-3 people which cost Php 250-350 each. But we agreed that all 7 dishes taste good and worth the wait. Even the kids cleaned out their plate, so that was a good sign. So yes, it was a feast!

After the sumptuous meal, we walked towards the giant chess and took some pictures despite the high noon sun. Hahaha...