Jan 19, 2014

SkyCable Dual Def 499 with iRecord

I was a former Sky Cable Subscriber when we were still in Makati but when we moved to the south, I requested for termination. But it is unfortunate the TV reception here is so, so bad. So after a few months, I was desperate and decided to apply online for Sky Cable again.

During the time of my application they have new offerings already, one that I took notice is the Sky Cable Dual Def with iRecord. Since July last year, we got to enjoy the usual Standard Definition (SD) Channels plus several High Definition Channel (HD) under the Php 499 bundle like National Geographic, History, RTL-CBS, Lifetime, HBO, Fox Movie Premium, Star World, Balls, Fox Sports, CNN and Warner TV. Here is the rest of the channel list.

I didn't blog about it right away because I would like to give ample of time to learn about the iRecord Feature. This capability is already built in the Digibox that they issue but you have to connect an external hard drive to start recording.

I must admit that it is a nifty feature wherein you could record the show that you want to watch later while you are out of the house. For this scenario, make sure the Digibox is on and you have scheduled the program to record (the TV itself can be turned off). My only concern here is the possible power surge during lightning or brownout. You know, yung biglang naaaffect yung appliances sa biglaang kidlat.

You could also record a show while watching another TV show however they must be within the same frequency grouping. So indi pede yung tipong nanunood ka ng local channel tapos recording a HD channel kse they are not within the same group.

Basically, iRecord cons are commercials are also recorded and you can only watch it using the Digibox iRecord Player. You can't watch it in your computer. The rest of items I can't still figure out are -- it periodically asks to perform a program search and when you say 'Yes' it erases your Favorite Group list. In our previous bundle we used to have the ALL list and TV list. The TV list contains only those channels you have in your Digibox so browsing is way better but they don't have that now. If anyone knows how to fix this, let me know.

Anyhow, for the iWantTV feature, click here to have an idea.