Nov 11, 2012

Homebound: November 2012

We were homebound to Cavite yesterday but DIL/MIL had activities of their own so we decided to pay a visit one of our good friends from our old church first before having dinner at our crib. Meet the De Leon Family!

Hubby&I with Erwin, Choi, Heart and Jen

Actually we kinda lost touch from each other for the last couple of years so we have been trying to track them down for quite awhile now due to their change of address. So finally praise God for His perfect timing, the unplanned visit served as our mini reunion. We are happy to know that the family is doing well and the Lord has blessed them. Erwin wanted to treat Jen to an island trip and asked if they could join us next year... Of course! So looking forward to travel with them already. Prayers and ipon na guys.

Here's a throwback photo of us in 2009 during Jase's birthday celebration. His last birthday as a single man... see my mischievous smile at the back hahaha. Also, in the photo is my BFF. See the kids have grown and our body sizes as well but the good thing is the friendship remains through times.

Hometown Video Fact