Feb 25, 2012

I started with my new employer a couple of weeks ago. I'm already working on a project which I am really thankful for because that means I am already productive. Though I had to wait for almost a week before I got my own desktop and stayed in the conference room (together with other people) before moving to my own cubicle.

View from the conference room, I could see the whole metro and this is just one side of the view.

I'm just appreciative of God's work in my life -- how He brought me to this new opportunity. I know my knowledge and skills can be limited but I know His grace is sufficient and I'm believing He would work in me and through me so that I would thrive this year. I'm aware of the tough rat race out there but He is my source and He said in His word where I end, He begins...

Include me in your prayers for the best days ahead.

Feb 22, 2012

It is amazing how the Lord is mindful even in the little details in our lives as we follow His lead...

Few months ago, I prayed that I would be able to avail promo fare going to CARAMOAN. He answered it! We got booked today until Saturday. Early January, I prayed that His will be done in my career. He answered it, so I accepted an offer with a new employer. Being that it is only my 2nd week on the job this week, we decided not to go with the vacation. All this time, I knew sayang yung binayad ko sa airfare.

I got a call from the Cebu Pacific that the flight actually got CANCELLED and we had the options to book to the next flight, book a new flight within 30 days or cancel then refund the payment. How awesome is that!? I thank God for working on our behalf...Truly it is worth waiting upon the Lord because God's timing is always perfect!

Feb 11, 2012

Just want to share one of my favorite song that reminds me to focus on what is really important in the life we live

Feb 9, 2012

It was almost lunch time when I got to Gil Puyat cor. N. Garcia St. so I was a bit worried that the staff will be on their break and that would mean I have to wait for them to finish up. But I took my chances anyway and got into an orange tricycle (Php 35) going there since I didn't want to walk (the noon sun is starting to give me a headache).

LTO Makati Branch in Pililia St

Basically the process of getting a Student Permit for Driving is:
  1. Submit filled-out application form together with photocopy of birth certificate and valid ID
  2. Document Evaluation and Data Encoding
  3. Picture Taking (you can smile) and digital signature
  4. Payment of Php 317.63 in the cashier
  5. Releasing of the permit, valid for 1 year

Still worried about the time, the guard pointed me to Window 1: Customer Service, when I asked him about Student Permit. The staff gave me the application form and upon filling it up I returned it to him. He then signed the form and the photocopies attached and gave me a number. I was asked to wait for my number to be called. It seems I don't have to worry after all.

My number was called via the PA system in Window 2: DL Evaluator. He received my documents for encoding. I was asked again to wait for him to call me. 

DL Evaluator

He then transferred to Window 6: Picture Taking and called me. After that, the staff in Window 7: DL Cashier called me and asked for my payment. Soon after, I was called in Window 5 to get my permit and sign the logsheet.
Picture / Releasing

I was done in 15 freaking minutes!!! It was awesome. There were other people there processing their papers but I think it is for the vehicle itself and only 2 of us applying for a student permit. With that, I bid the LTO Makati goodbye happily...

Efficient service, LTO Makati Branch

*** Thank you, Lord for a fuzz-free transaction ***
(May pag-asa na ang mga Pinoy)
Rounding up my To Do List:
  • Get Postal ID bearing my married name
  • Replace my SSS ID to bear my married name
  • Get NBI Clearance
  • Go to the dentist
  • Pass requirements to my new employer
  • Go through the required Pre-employment Medical Exam
  • Renew my soon-to-expire passport with surname change due to marriage 
  • Get BIR TIN Card ID
  • Get Clearance Kit and last pay
  • Exercise: Kinect and afternoon run in Bonifacio Global City Fort to lose a few pounds for overall wellness - Haven't run in BGC but did played Kinect at home
  • Prayer and Fast to detox my body and to seek God's will for this year especially His assignment for me in this new place of work - Intermittent Fasting
Earlier today, I went out for my Pre-Employment Medical Exam. I already emailed the clinic beforehand to confirm if I needed to fast and which specimen I needed to collect. I also printed out a map from their website since I am not too familiar in Edison St. San Isidro Makati. There were a lot of ways to go there coming from EDSA-Ayala but I opted for jeepney rides.

Asia Pacific Medical & Diagnostics Inc. (APMD)

There was barely a line when I got there at 8:45 am but more people started coming in mostly from call centers. So I went through the usual medical exam and did not have much of a problem with their process. The personnel were courteous but I did got stuck for awhile for my X-ray and Physical Exam so I finished at 11:30 am.

For each process, the personnel who would do it will call my name. But when I would enter their cubicle they would ask for my name again followed by my birthday. I started wandering why since I thought, "you just called me a couple of seconds ago, you have my file, why are you still asking me my name?". Then I remembered a scene in Grey's Anatomy on Dr. Kepner's first day as a chief resident and the patients got all mixed up because no one is updating the board. So I thought they were just making sure they were talking to the right patient that is why they kept asking me personally for my name/birthday.

After I was done, I walked back towards Gil Puyat street and hop into the next jeep. I had an additional errand to run not on my list -- getting Student Driving Permit from LTO Makati.

Feb 7, 2012

Unlike my previous transactions with the government offices, my attempt to get a TIN Card ID did not quite go as I hoped for. 

I was already in a bus going back to EDSA-Ayala at 10 am yesterday after renewing my passport at the DFA Aseana office. I passed by my new employer first to drop off some of my pre-employment requirement then went to BIR Office found in 5F Atrium Bldg Makati Ave (fronting Ayala Triangle). I learned that it is Regional District Office No. 50 (RDO 50) South of Makati sector. I entered the door where the guard pointed me to and there was a table with CDs on top. The CD has a number written on it, so I got one and waited my number to be called by the Front Desk Officer.

I was holding #32 and #23 was the one being served. Sandali lang ako nag-intay kse when the personnel checks the applicant's info, he usually points him out to the correct RDO office that the applicant is under. So medyo kinabahan na ko because I first worked in Paranaque where my employer then got the TIN number for me. True enough, when the personnel checked my information he said I am registered under RDO 52. Schucks!

Anyhow, I have been working for 8 years (3 months Paranaque, 3+ years Cavite, 5 years Makati) and been paying my taxes even without my TIN Card ID so I don't think it is a must-have ID as long as you know your TIN Number. 

Feb 6, 2012

My passport will expire on April but I decided to renew it early since I have the time. The very essential step in renewing your passport is to set an appointment via DFA Passport Appointment System. You need to fill up the information about yourself and select your preferred date and time on the available schedule given. An email will be sent to you and you need to confirm it within 24 hours to get your E-Passport Application Form in pdf format. Print out the form in a long bond paper but do not sign it yet, you will not be entertained if you do not have a copy of your appointment.

I scheduled mine today, Feb 06 Mon at 9:00 am and was reminded to be at DFA Aseana by 8:30 am. From our house, I went to Ayala-EDSA and waited for a bus going to Baclaran since it passes by right in front of the DFA building. I wasn't too sure about the traffic jam in EDSA on a Monday morning so I really went out early, I got off the bus at 7:30 am and decided to have breakfast at Mcdo which is just across the DFA. I was crossing the street at 8:00 am.

I entered Gate 2, the guards asked for my E-Passport Application form. Escorts are not allowed from this point. As soon as I entered the gate, there was an appointment verification booth next to it. I showed the form for the personnel to verify the appointment. I then lined up for Door 3, the guard asked me to sit a little while since they are still catering to the 8:00/8:30am appointments. 

The waiting area is made up of tents and plastic benches group by time of appointment. Make sure to sit on the benches for your time of appointment especially if you are scheduled later on the day were there could be more people waiting. After a couple of minutes, the guard signaled that I could enter the building.  No food and drinks allowed inside the building.

So Step 1 begins here: Processing and Documents Evaluation. I prepared my E-Passport Application form, my old passport, a photocopy of the front and last pages of the passport. Since I also wanted to use my married name, I also have NSO Marriage Certificate. There were ample of seats inside and the line moves quickly as there were 23 booths opened for the evaluation. I was already mid-in line when the guard instructed us to stand up and follow him. We went outside Door 3 and were ushered to the adjacent room where there were more booths opened for the evaluation. So my documents were evaluated in no time so how about that, huh? 

If you are using your ID, make sure to have 1 photocopy of it. All requirements will be stapled together, this is where I also signed my application form. You will be asked if you prefer Regular Php 950 or Express Php 1200 processing.  Also, make sure you get your receipt stamped on which kind of processing you prefer because this is needed in the cashier. If the personnel forgets to stamp your receipt, you need to go back. Going back means 50+ more people is going to be served before you, sayang naman! The personnel will also indicate on the receipt the date where your passport will be available. I chose Express, just for kicks since I got excited that I will get it after 10 days. Regular processing takes 20 days. [Update Feb 20, got my passport only today, few days late from the promised date]

I then proceeded to the 2nd Floor through Door 1 and at the right side of the escalator is the Passport Enrollment Center. As you enter, line up to the Cashier window at the the left side. 

No documents needed for this one so just prepare your receipt and your cash. Once paid, get a number and have a seat and wait for your number to appear on the screen which is Step 3.

Make sure to get a number, see the table below the tarpaulin, otherwise you will be waiting for nothing

I was 200++ away from being served but no worries their process seems to be efficient, there are around 70+ booths ready to serve the Filipino people. Hehehe... at least at this government office, my 32% taxes do not go to waste. At this point, here are the papers I have so far

While waiting, a lady announced if anyone wants to have their passport delivered? This is actually Step 4 but optional. I approached her and she issued a receipt of Php 120 for the delivery service. She pointed me to a table near by for my delivery address. After that, I only had to wait a few more minutes when my number was shown on the screen for booth 30.

The personnel encoded my information, took my picture, my thumb prints and digital signature. For my picture -- no earring, no bangs, tuck the hair behind the ears and do not show teeth when smiling. She then printed my information in a pink paper attaching it to the rest of my documents and showed it to me for verification. After checking, I signed it and she said I'm all done. Since I was also done for the passport delivery, I just followed the Exit arrows, they have it pointing up to the Exit gate. I was already outside the building by 9:30am.

Feb 5, 2012

Last year, God gifted us a 150K 2nd Hand Mitsubishi Lancer as our first car. He has also instilled in my heart to ask for a house that has 3 bedrooms, 2-car park garage and 100-200 sqm lot for our family. Aside from the money that we still don't have to make a down payment, we are still torn on where to buy one -- in Cavite or Metro Manila. So we are still seeking God's will on the location and provision. And as I wait upon the Lord, I've been searching houses online and I have been eyeing for this model for a while now but I find the monthly amortization for 20 years too high.

Lancaster Estate Cavite - Gabrielle at Manchester Village

So Hubby said a 2-bedroom is enough, I explained to him that I wanted the parents to live with us in their old age and he understood my concern. He suggested to get 2 units of 2-bedroom model, saying at least we have the privacy and we can use the other house eventually for renting or tear down the wall if a must in the future. I kinda like the idea and found this model, also within the same vicinity, but with another developer. The monthly amortization is much lower kahit 2 units pa yung kunin.

The Bible says, Matthew 9:29... "According to your faith will it be done to you" so I am holding on to the promise and look forward to the day that the Lord answers our prayers for a home.

*** 07 February 2012 | Update ***

So I was up late last night and just plotting out the computation for the houses especially considering the monthly amortization over a span of 20-30 years and to my surprise I ended up with the figures below:
3-Bedroom, 2 car park garage, 120 sqm

2 townhouse units

Check out the difference of the Actual Amount due to Interest vs. Total Contract Price (TCP)... it is such an eye opener! It is really best to save first for a while then buy a house in cash... sayang ang 3 million di ba, Lord?

So we are still praying for the Lord for provision and his perfect time for us to acquire a home.

 *** 01 July 2012 | Update ***

We went to Lancaster Estates to view their model houses. See my post here.
So it has been a week since I listed down my To do's, and here is what I have crossed out so far:

  • Get Postal ID bearing my married name
  • Replace my SSS ID to bear my married name
  • Get NBI Clearance
  • Go to the dentist
  • Pass requirements to my new employer
  • Go through the required Pre-employment Medical Exam
  • Renew my soon-to-expire passport with surname change due to marriage 
  • Get BIR TIN Card ID
  • Get Clearance Kit and last pay
  • Exercise: Kinect and afternoon run in Bonifacio Global City Fort to lose a few pounds for overall wellness 
  • Prayer and Fast to detox my body and to seek God's will for this year especially His assignment for me in this new place of work
After my visit to the dentist, I needed to rest for a while. The tooth extraction itself was painless, thanks to Dra. Aileen but the aftercare was a bit more painful than I expected. A couple of my teeth were removed so I was on medication until now to manage the pain. So I'm praying that all will be well so I could do the rest of my list.

Anyhow, God unexpectedly gave me something to do as well... I met a mom of three the other Saturday in the church. She just surrendered her life to Christ and was so eager to began her relationship with the Lord. I was so blessed with her passion and yesterday we started with her One2One. So that was a welcome assignment from the Lord and I'm just privileged in serving a God who loves us and is mindful of our lives.

I also got to print out the contact card I have been wanting to design for our small group. I distributed it yesterday and I was happy the ladies liked it. Thank you, Lord for this sweet moment.

Join us on our Kalog smallgroup for women -- Through Grace

Honestly, there is a part of me missing having to sit down on my workstation which I have been doing for almost 8 years now. But here's my little table at home, most of the things on top are my items from my previous workstation.

See the remote in the outer left? That's for the Digibox 'coz we recently subscribed to Sky Cable =)