Dec 27, 2006

Jase and I both wore pink to our X'mas Parties. I wore mine on the MIS X'mas Party (Dec 22) and he wore his on the SCAD X'mas Party (Dec 23). So in the eve of the 24th I forced him to wear it again so we could have this pictorial. Its was still fresh from the washing machine and he got the chills after wearing it for a few minutes. Hehehehe....

Media Noche preparation was exciting. It's no secret that I have no talents to cooking or anything that requires a stove. Not that I really took the time to discover if I really do have talents but I missed my mom's specialty during the holidays ang spaghetti na mala-Menudo na dahil sobrang dami ng giniling with it's Pinoy Style taste. Since my mom got sick last Dec 2004 and passed away I never got the chance to taste it again. So I was determined to make one this year and summon my ever supportive bf, who is a wizz in the kitchen, to help me out to accomplish my goal. And truly after mixing the 1 K giniling, 1/2 liver, sauce and spice -- waahlaah we were able to recreate the spaghetti a la Gloria. Waaah!!! I miss my nanay so much. Anyway the rest of the dinner were buko salad, macaroni salad and ham from my employer. No need to be too fancy since there are only 3 of us in the house. Sana next year matuto na talaga akong magluto.

By the way I would like you to meet my new bed companion, Asomoto. One of Jase's Christmas gift to me. I am very fond of dogs but my dad wouldn't allow me to have one these days coz we couldn't accomodate it in our tiny apartment. Plus our new fervor to the Moto V3x made me name the stuffed animal after it.

Later that evening we went to see the "May Tinis 2006" in the Kawit Town Plaza. It's a parade of floats from the different barangay depicting characters or scenes in the Bible. But these year there were only few floats so the parade ended up quite early.

Eba at Adan

Dec 23, 2006

December 22, 2006
Carl CED'Z Grill & Restaurant
Cavite Viejo Centennial Road Kawit Cavite

Maybel & Sasa all smiles as the party kicked off

Sasa & Alris hosting the Party
Actually di ako yung host wala pa si Retes late kaya sub muna ako.

Eating Time

Merry Christmas to our Japanese boss

Pose muna as we wait for our que to start our dance number

Hataw ala starstruck, "I LIKE YOU...."

Memories with Sir Yamaguchi

Pinoy Henyo ng Eat Bulaga. Mr. Kuwabara as he tries to guess the mystery word

And the punishment...

Other Group presentation

Dec 18, 2006

December 16, 2006
Island Cove -Concert Park

So betcha you didn't know that aside from being part of the Christmas Party Committe, I was also involve in a surprise opening number for the HRD Magical Show together with the other Team Leaders coming from the different departments.

From Drab to Fab...

Feeling Fairies na...

By the way if you didn't recognize me, ako po yung nakaviolet bolero. Hehehe... So here's the rest of the happenings during that night.

Dec 8, 2006

Yesterday, there was a frenzy at the office: you can hear the nonstop printing of the printer and at exactly 5:30 pm 96% of my officemates started folding green papers.

Paano naman po kse etong lola nyo ay kasama sa company Christmas Party Committee at kami ang naatasang magproduce ng 3000 pcs of invitation kaya ayan I had to ask my super bait officemates for a favor to help out sa pagtutupi ng mga invitations. The cutest thing was we did it in just an hour!!! Ang lupet! Kaya kudos to all MIS staff, I owe you guys one!


Dec 4, 2006

Wala naman akong kabalak-balak bumili ng cellphone but an opportunity came knocking at my door... Last November 25 I asked Jase to meet up with the seller of the cellphone. I learned about the seller through ebay and just like any transaction it was a risk I had to take. But di pa naman ako nagogoyo since I started buying things online -- spy digicam, 5.0 MP digicam, 128 SD Card and now my biggest transaction: a MOTOROLA RAZR V3X! I didn't expect that this phone is feature-riched. I've been a Moto user for almost a couple of years with my the C651 model pero hindi ako ganoon kasatisfied sa software but all that changed with the V3X. Lahat na yata ng reklamo ko sa una kong moto phone ay nasolve na!

Presenting to you my moto life...

HRD-MIS Batch 2006 (Nov 27) Secret practice namin during lunch break para sa presentation.

Arigatou minato sugoshita jikan, Arigatou itsumo sasaete kurete, Arigatou itsuka hanaretemo, Arigatou zutto egao deyou...

888 Fishing Village Nov 28 Welcome Party to new MIS Staff, Blowout for the Promoted Staff (Programmers: Maybel, Ariel R, Ariel B, Alris, Mark & Senior Programmer: Sasa), Farewell Party for the Japanese Staff (Ii, Kawahara, Sato, Yamaguchi). All in one di ba?

Dec 2, advance 9 years Anniversary Celebration namin ni Jase at Leslie's Garden in Bacao kso di masarap ang food.

Dec 3, lunch date with Tatay at Kainan sa Balsahan in Bacoor. Parang nasa Thailand, just check out his shirt. Hehehe...

Oct 7, 2006

Simula na ng Ber months and sa pamilya namin simula na ito ng sunod-sunod ng birthday...

Elise's First Birthday

Pix nung sportsfest namin...

Aug 7, 2006

It's our 104th Monthsary yesterday but we didn't go out or anything. Since nighshift nga si Jase, ayun tulog maghapon... So anyways I spent the day helping out at our family business. My dad, asked me to run some errands for him and I was happy na inutusan nya ko pumunta ng Zapote, Las PiƱas. Hahaha!!! Ang babaw ko noh? Paano ba naman never na kong masyadong nakakalabas ng vicinity of Cavite since I graduated and worked here sa Eco-Zone. So anywayz, by mid-afternoon sobrang sakit na ng ulo ko kse unlike the passed few days, mainit na naman kahapon. Uuuurggh!!! Good thing half day lang kami sa shop and as soon as I got into the house. I went straigth to the bathroom and took a cold bath to beat the heat... Ayos!

Later that night, the Black Eyed Peas Monkey Business Live in Manila Concert was aired at channel 2. Grabeh astig talaga tong si Fergie! Aside from her abs, aba'y akalain mong tumangbling-tambling habang bumibirit... And she would definitely give Mystica a run for her money! Hahahaha.... I really like it when the guitar player starting strumming to the tune of Gun's and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine and Fergie belted out the lyrics. She even did an Axl Rose move with her cap worn backwards na pasway-sway pa. I waited for them to sing My Humps since its my favorite kso di masyadong maganda.

And to APL the AP, hail to you the Philippines' Prodigal Son.

Aug 5, 2006

It's Saturday night and while the rest of my age group (24 y/o) goes partying, I am here at home browsing the internet. Jase is at work tonight, night shift eh... I love music and I love to dance pero lam nyo ba never pa kong nakapagbar or clubbing. Yeap and I'm analyzing bakit???

During college (I went to St. Paul Manila), nauso ang bar but never akong sumama sa mga gimik. Bukod sa magastos na sobrang nakakatamad kse uwi pa kong Cavite afterwards. Tapos iniisip ko pero kung gugustohin bakit di ko ginawa? Ako pa! Basta gusto ko gagawan at gagawan ko ng paraan. Hmmm...

In our retreat, sabi the attitudes and how one acts to circumstances is base on their past experiences. So you have to go back throughout your lifetime para makita yung series of events na nagcause ng reaction mo for the present. So here's what I found out...

When I was still in grade school ang curfew ko sa bahay is 6:00 o'clock pm. And more than a couple of times, I got locked out from passing my curfew. As in! I would spend 5 hrs na pinapapak ng lamok sa terrace namin dahil ayaw akong pagbuksan ng pinto ng parents ko. Don't get me wrong ha di naman ako battered child. Yun lang ang punishment sa amin pagdi umuuwi on time. Hehehehe...

Grabeh kaya naman pala ngayon kahit beinte kwatro anyos na ko eh at pag 11 pm na naku di na ko mapakali at gustong umuwi. Tinalo ko pa si Cinderella. Waaah!!! Kaya naman pala di ako makapagenjoy sa mga night out eh. Kaya eto Saturday Night-In ang beauty ko. Trip ko pa naman humataw ng:

Don't you wish your girl friend was hot like me... Don't Cha!
Sorry can't help it... nakatuwa kse yung pix nya.

Before the Majika audition (halata sa outfit di ba)

Prepping for a soap commercial

Yagit sa Gitna ng Kamusmusan audition

Jase and Sasa at Tagaytay Jan 2, 2006

Jun 30, 2006

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