Apr 20, 2009

Haysss.... I was totally broke when the long weekend started so I had to come up with something so I could survive the next few days and more so going back to work.

I had this in my head for quite a while on how to earn some extra dough but never got it into execution but at times like this it is definitely a solution to resolve my money dilemma.

April 11, Saturday my ONE DAY ONLY UKAY-UKAY SALE


I was able to raise real good money out from our old stuff!!! That would last me until the next pay on Wednesday. Ayos ba? Hehehe

Apr 8, 2009

I woke up early in the midst of a summer dawn. So instead of turning grumpy due to lack of sleep. I decided to get up and hit the floor. 3:30 am is a good time to test the belated 124th monthsary gift SO gave me -- laptop speaker. So I started doing my cardio with the compilation of seatmate and I perky songs. 

I pulled out my one-year old zip that has been collecting dust since summer. I haven't got the maneuveurs until now and its about time I learn them so I could add up a new skill under my perky belt. 

Apr 7, 2009

SO and I hit the road yesterday aftie despite the scortching heat.
It's been about a month already that we've been whining about how unsatisfied we are with our Samsung phones (him: U700 and me:G600)
I have no money at all to buy a new unit nor have any idea what I wanted in exchange for my existing one. After a couple of cellphone stands, I decided to take the deal of the first.
Lo, and Behold from SAMSUNG G600...

I am not an owner of

an iPhone clone --- sciPhone, i just need to remind myself to give it extra care since it is made in China so it would for a while.
P.S. Direct trade. No cash added to my trade.

Apr 5, 2009

Believe it or not...

That is one and the same person peeps... ME!

Its also the same red-jewelled Jag polo blouse.

Nope no photoshop done there guys just a whole lot of encouragement from by BFF-doctor who stuck with me this passed couple of years as I struggle to lose weight.

The last few pounds is for you honey!

WARNING: So if I were you Beb, I would prepare for our first night as a newly-wed couple. Perkyness to the Nth power!!!

Apr 2, 2009

Movies on DVD I've Seen:

- Make it Happen and Made of Honor

Masta Plan with Earl

- Stage 1 commenced

Seat8 Update

- bashing ongoing, Luv yah!!!

Apr 1, 2009

Our fave tambayan just got even better.

So if you find yourself in hot summer day why not spend cool down at CampSite 92 Rosedale Potol Kawit Cavite, right in front of the Kawit Fire Station. May Wifi ka na parang asa bundok ka pa! Hehehe...

Check out some of our testing pix