Aug 31, 2013

The rest of the country was on a holiday last April 26 to celebrate National Heroes Day but I on the other hand, having foreign clientele, had to report to the office - business as usual. But 2013 public holiday is no other holiday as people from all walks of life gathered at Luneta Park to show their disgust in the current expose that fills up the news lately -- known as Pork Barrel Scam involving a certain Janet Lim-Napoles and some incumbent Senators of the country (sadly, a few which I voted) allegedly using our taxes for their own benefit. 

I salute those who took the time and join the picnic protest wearing white to show oneness in this particular issue. A lot of memes are going viral in social media but I find this one simple yet a little funny.

From Facebook

So basically, this is how a payslip look like with itemized items of our deductions with a very suspicious item in the list. It is funny however it hurts your pockets. Anyhow, here is a personal photo of mine -- a collection of some of my Income Tax Return (ITR) BIR 2316 over the years that I have been working, those that survived the floodings, I don't mind paying them for Jesus said in the Bible to pay Caesar what is Caesar but my only outcry is please use them wisely. #ScrapPork

I am proud to say that I have never missed out any national elections since I started voting when I was 19 but I have to confess I need to make better choices. I am glad Filipinos are build to be resilient but we do need to make ourselves informed.

Aug 28, 2013

So if you are a fan of Phoebe in 90s TV Hit Series 'Charmed', you will definitely like seeing Alyssa Milano again in her latest US TV Series entitled -- Mistresses.

So okay I don't exactly like the title but anyway this is a story of four friends. Alyssa plays a lawyer named Savannah or Savvy for short. She had a one night stand with a co-worker which she regret and now she is pregnant. Uncertain who the father is, this could possibly cause her marriage. The rest of the three characters also face their own dilemma in their respective relationships.

I don't think this is airing locally but I am able to catch its episode via online in megashare website. As of writing, Season 1 already has 11 episodes.
We all need some heartwarming stories in our lives to keep us grounded despite the chaos around us. Even a midst this week #MillionPeopleMarch and #ScrapPork protest against Janet Lim-Napoles and Pork Barrel, we could use some - L.O.V.E. Hubby shared this video in Facebook and as you know I am really iyakin so here goes.

Green Shoe Studio is based on Peoria Illinois USA. They offer an array of services for audio, graphics, web and photography. True to their brand: Changing Our Community One Dream at A Time, they have put up a contest for musicians to upload their music video on YouTube and send the link to them.

However, they surprisingly got an entry via snail mail from a 96 year old recently widowed man named, Fred and here is the rest of the story.


Buy "Oh Sweet Lorraine" in iTunes.
The has upgraded recently. Here are some infographics from their website regarding the changes. I already fall under Free Users after terminating my subscription to SkyCable when we had to moved from Makati to Alabang.

I have been using since 2009 and I am well satisfied with the website's performance and the functionality that it features like transfer funds, pay my bills and even give my tithes to my church. I also get to make purchases when I avail deals in group buying site. Lastly, I get to learn about the latest promo like this one.

Whoa!!! That is my kind of promo considering I am already doing this anyway. Below are some FAQ from their official promo page:

All new and existing BPI, BPI Family and BPI Direct Accountholders (“Accountholders”) are qualified to join BPI 24/7 Banking's Get Out More promo (“Promo”). Clients who will pay bills through BPI's 24/7 Banking Channels (BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile, and BPI Express Phone) during the promo period will earn electronic raffle entries for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, China, or Boracay (via Kalibo) plus pocket money!

Promo Period is from August 1 to November 30, 2013.

  1. What are included in the all-expense paid trips for two (2)? Each winning BPI client (per raffle draw) is entitled to receive Round-trip Airfare Transfers for two(2), 3 days/2 nights accommodations, and PhP 24,700.00 pocket money. Prizes are not convertible to cash. The 20% tax on all prizes will be shouldered by BPI, while all related travel taxes will be shouldered by the winner.
  2. Are we still eligible for other discounts from BPI aside from the Get Out More raffle promo after I pay bills using the 24/7 Banking Channels?
    Yes, you may avail of other promos/offers aside from the raffle promo.
  3. How will I know if my account is qualified for the promo?
    If you are an enrolled user of BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile, and BPI Express Phone and you have done bills payment transactions within the promo period, you are qualified for the promotion.
  4. Can I enroll my other BPI accounts to get more promo points after I've received my first?
    No, we will only consider the first bills payment transaction made, using any of the BPI deposit accounts enrolled in BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile, and BPI Express Phone. Once a bill has been paid by a certain user, other users may not receive raffle points for the same bill.
  5. If I will give my prize to my friend as a gift, does she need an authorization letter from me so she can use it?
    Yes, the prizes are fully transferrable.
  6. How much will I pay to get raffle points? 
    No purchase requirement is required. You just need to pay any bill using BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile, and BPI Express Phone within the promo period.
  7. When can the trips (raffle prizes) be availed? 
    Travel period for the raffle prizes is January 1, 2014- June 30, 2014. Cash prize (pocket money) will be credited to winner's account number upon awarding of the raffle prize.
  8. How can I check my earned points?
    You may call 89-100 or send an email to to inquire. The points are updated every Tuesday of the week, as it is system-generated. This would mean that the points that may be viewed are as of the last Monday of the present date

Aug 21, 2013

Victory is now also accepting cash and check donations through BPI direct deposit:

Disaster Relief Operations - Peso Donations
BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands
ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship
ACCOUNT NO: 0063-3205-52
BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines

Disaster Relief Operations - Dollar Donations
BANK NAME: Bank of the Philippine Islands
ACCOUNT NAME: Victory Christian Fellowship
ACCOUNT NO: 0824-0569-27
BANK ADDRESS: Fort Serendra Branch, Ground Floor, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City, Philippines

Online donations

Victory is now accepting online donations for our relief efforts via BPI Express Online or credit card.

For detailed instructions on how to give via BPI Express Online, please visit

For detailed instructions on how to give via credit card (using our secure portal, ministryportal, and our secure payment gateway, PesoPay), please visit

Together, let us share God’s love and be His hands and feet in these times of need. God bless you as we work together towards helping our countrymen in the midst of this rainy season!

Aug 12, 2013

Mash up - Usher and U2

Aug 11, 2013

I am just a regular IT employee who spends 8-10 hrs (at times 12)  a day at the office, committed in giving quality service to clients. But more than being a career woman, I love spending my time with hubby just going around the neighborhood mostly to eat out but once a month we go home to visit our family back in #Cavite. Also, one of my stress reliever is buying #Kikay stuff online (Yay! online shopping) like the shoes in this picture and featuring them in my  own little blog.

I can imagine myself capturing more and more simple Life's Everyday Adventure and make it special with a Samsung #GalaxyMega phablet! Looking forward to this exciting giveaway, #xoxoMrsMartinez.

God bless!!!

Aug 10, 2013

Can I be honest with you and just confess that I already max out my online shopping budget for more or less the rest of the year? And imagine its just only August! Well to cut the long story, I blew off some serious moolah in errrr a bad venture. Sigh! 

Anyhow, so expect less shopping feature for awhile until I recover from my lost. I am going rogue -- old school style. First stop, renting out movies from the Video City. Yeap, not torrent downloaded movies and take note indi DVD kundi VCD hahaha...beat that!

Renting out a movie from a video shop takes me way way back when I was still little. Something na namana ko sa Tatay ko who used to bring me along when he rents out 4-6 movies in betamax then VHS then CDs. Surprisingly, Video City always has an outlet nearby the place we are renting -- last time in Makati now here in Las Pinas. 

Being a member is just easy: I just filled out their registration form, presented 2 valid IDs and an ID Photo. I then paid for the card itself for only Php 10 and another Php 10 if you wish to have an extension. Nagulat pa si hubby when I handed out his card and commented "member na din ako, ganun lang yun?". Here's the first batch, a couple of RomCom (Romantic Comedy), a cartoon, action movie and adult comedy.

And yeah, I am using our 3-year old Coby DVD player (also a TV) which we bought when we were just starting out to rent in Manila and we still do not have our furnitures from Cavite. Now, I just connect it the LED TV and it is all set to view in a bigger screen.

Aug 9, 2013

Just bought our 2nd Aquazorb Body Towel at their kiosk at SM Mall of Asia (MOA).

Aquazorb towels are made from ultra-soft high density knit fabric, specially engineered to absorb water from hair and skin instantly. Soaks water on contact. This super soft fabric has a unique hydrophilic capillary action that draws water faster, more thoroughly and gently, than cotton towels. Absorbing up to 5 times its weight while still drying quickly. Designed to be lightweight, compact and durable. Aquazorb towels are ideal for everyday use at home, at the gym and while traveling.

You know I am one of the many fans of KC Concepcion even back from her KC from Paris to Pinas days. So right after watching her in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala in iWanTV, I clicked on KrisTV's last Wednesday episode and watched as she morphs from Alexis to Ariel...

Sobra nyang galing besides being pretty...It suits her very well. I could just imagine the power you need to swim through with that bundot. She makes it look so easy but we all know she works out very hard with Plana Forma as shared in her IG account.

Namiss ko tuloy bigla ang tubig! Remember how much fun I had in the swimming pool just recently in our staycation in Acacia Hotel - Alabang?! Well, I really do miss being active like dancing and I do pray that I will get out of this rut of sedentary lifestyle...

Aug 5, 2013

Now, I believe this is just the right match up: Father and Son Cordovales vs Paolo Onessa. "Panalangin" is my most favorite Apo Hiking Song and it just gives me goosebumps. For me, it was a close fight.

But before I end this post, I just have to highlight and quote Ms. Lea in this "magical moment" showcased by Taw and Kimpoy covering 'Without You' by Usher.

Aug 4, 2013

I have decided that starting this Sunday, I would set apart a weekly post in some of my intimate thoughts in my life. A break from all the product, places and service features. It is thinking aloud to the concerns of a woman my age. So here goes...

At this lifestage, the most question I oftenly get these days is -- Kailan kayo mag-aanak (When are you planning to have kids)? A few years back it used to be kailan kayo magpapakasal (When are you getting married)? And being in a Christian community, we oftenly get encouraging words like "Just pray for it and God will hear your prayers".

Image From

Errr, that is the thing... At this point we never really asked it in prayers just yet. Although, Hubby and I have been together for a dozen years, it is only when we got married that we get to enjoy the TOTAL freedom of being in a relationship with each other so up to now that we are nearing our 4th Wedding Anniversary we are savoring being together: just the two of us. 

Financially, we are not ready to have a kid but I know the Lord will provide for our needs. Once in awhile, my ovaries would ache to have my own baby and at times I get a little bit sad when I have my period. But funny thing, I would report to hubby that indi ka pa daddy =( and he would respond "Yey!" for real. See, we are just a couple of rascals at home so can you imagine us having kids?

But seriously, I grew up in a business-oriented family so needless to say I am not domisticated at all which in effect I am career-driven.  My basic cleaning and cooking skills are beareable to adults only. So taking care for a tiny human being would be a great challenge. Don't let me forget to mention that I am also totally out of shape and having a thyroid issue has not been easy for me to get back into normal weight. But I do not doubt for my capacity to love my own child but realistically speaking the daily grind of motherhood is really out of my comfort zone. I've always been ready to be a wife but to be a mom, I am afraid to say, not so much.

At this moment, I am just asking the Lord for guidance and if it is His will for us to bear for the next Ramos-Yap generation, for Him to give me the promptings to pray for it and the strength to endure the challenge of parenthood.

Aug 3, 2013

La Sirenetta Restaurant
Coron Palawan Philippines
Photo Set by YAPtography

Owned by once Survivor Celebrity Castaway, Mika Batchelor. We were able to say hi to her but was not able to take pictures since she was on her way out.
Seaside Restaurant (Day 2 Dinner)

After a full day out in the sea (naks, feeling explorer and adventurer lang), we had our dinner at Seaside Restaurant. We were almost at the entrance of the small pathway when suddenly the electricity went out. This is not unusual in Coron as they have rotating brownout. Shortly, the lightbulbs in the eskinita lit up giving us enough light to have our way to the restaurant. We made a few stops asking for directions as we were not sure if we were in the right track. There was another restaurant right before the bridge but we were instructed to cross the bridge to get to the Seaside Restaurant.

When we set foot to their steps and saw their menu -- Sigh! Finally this is what we expected. Their menu is quite big having a variety and the prices is from  Php 250 up. Nice ambiance showcasing woodwork and furnitures. The chair is quite heavy so I assumed purong kahoy talaga. The surrounding was pitched black because of the brownout so we really didn't get to see the view of the sea that night.

We ordered quite a number of dish and suprisingly served in big plates. We took a few bites and just had our leftovers for takeout (we had it over breakfast the next day).

But had to say that we were unsatisfied with the service even though there were a number of servers that night. Our waitress seems to be in a hurry wanting to leave our table immediately everytime she approached our table. Gusto ko ng sabihin "May lakad ka, teh? Nagmamadali???" So sorry we did not leave any tip for them.
Centro Coron (Day 1 Lunch)

We arrived Busuanga at 2pm-ish and had a 45-minute ride down to the Coron Town Proper. When we got there we were already hungry so we were on a look out where to have our late lunch. The Balaibinda Lodge personnel boasted that they are walking distance to restaurants. So we took it upon us to walk around the vicinity and true enough we started seeing food signages.

We were expecting nice interior as well but to our disappointment there was none. Hmmm...Did we put up the bar too high? We really had a budget set aside for dining because we wanted to try their local offerings. But our stomach is already growling so we decided to explore in the following days instead and ended up at Centro Coron.

Centro Coron offers buffet starting at 6 o'clock in the evening. But for lunch we ordered just a couple of ala carte meals which cost Php 150 each.

There was nothing special on our food. Although when we asked our Mt. Tapyas Tour Guide Chris, masarap daw duon. I dunno maybe he was referring to the buffet meals or what-have-yous.

Kapemos (Day 1 Dinner)

So after our tiring climb to Mt. Tapyas but soothing dip in Maquinit Hot Spring, we had a quick route to the town plaza. We asked our tour guide Chris to drop us off to a nice place to eat. They brought us to Kapemos. It has better interiors than the previous place. It was an open-air restaurant at the side of the street but the servers have uniforms. At that time there were only two servers since in my estimate the place could only accomodate 40 people at a time.

It was the night of our 15th Year Anniversary (3rd Wedding Anniversary) so were ready to splurge but then again we were surprised that the prices are lower than our prepared budget.

I find the beef in the bulalo pretty tasty because of the freshness of the meat but hubby (our home cook) said he could do it in our house plus if you compare it to MIL's bulalo, mas marami pang sahog kay Mommy.

Bistro Coron (Day 1 Midnight Snack)

Because we still have money to spare after Kapemos, we decided we could still try out something from Bistro Coron but for takeout. From what I heard, it is Italian owned. We ordered a pizza and ate it in our room back in the lodge since we have a full day ahead of us the next day plus there is no ambiance to experience in the place. Although I have to say that the pizza is really worth it. I could taste the herbs and it was bursting with cheese and pineapple.

Aug 2, 2013

Being with Jase for 12 years before finally getting married, I can totally relate to Showbiz Couple Iya and Drew for their almost decade of relationship. It maybe for a shampoo ad but their feelings for each other transcends on the screen.

Hubby's wallet had already worn out after two years of daily usage so one day he came home with a new one. I actually chuckled because it looks almost the same as the old one. It was a McJim Classic Leather Wallet.

Available at Robinson's Department Store

So while he was transferring all the contents from the old wallet, I picked out the $1,000 play money that came with the new wallet and to my (pleasant) surprise, I found these bible verses printed at the back.

Now, that's what I call the wallet that could save your life. It comes with bible verses that leads you to salvation by accepting Christ Jesus!