Nov 27, 2012

Nuffnang Philippines Blogopolis: Wrap Up

Evidently, I had fun attending the very first Nuffnang Philippines Bloggers Summit that I ended up with a number of posts. If you have been following me on twitter, you know I am down with a bad case of cough and cold. I've been wanting to finish out my Blogopolis series last Sunday but I couldn't gather my thoughts. Although, I am still recuperating right now I would like to wrap all things Blogopolis before I go on vacation.

As I close this, below are the TOP 5 Things I Like About Blogopolis 2012

Top 5: Makati Shangri-La. Easy location and a very posh venue to conduct the one day summit. Lovely background for the pictures, don't you agree?

Top 4: Sponsors and their Loot Bags. I felt I just won a sari-sari store showcase from a noontime show coming home with 4 lootbags. I'm posting some pictures of each because some only took 2. Had I won an iPad it would have been part of my Top 5. Hihihi.

Top 3: Host, Speakers and Panelist. Up to now I couldn't even wrap my head on the things that was shared by our speakers most especially by Manolo Quezon III and Maria Ressa. I feel like I am not even worthy to quote them. So I'll just keep it to myself for awhile and share my learnings in due time.

Top 2: LetsTrendIt TapIt Card

Being an IT Practioner myself, I am quite impress with what the LetsTrendIt RFID Card can do. TapIt Card as they call it because you literally just tap it to the scanner then it does the rest of its job - event check in, auto status to Facebook and Twitter. I had much fun using it I forgot to take a picture so I am borrowing one from @NuffnangPH's Instagram.

This photo got uploaded to my FB with just a tap

Top 1: Team Nuffies and Nuffnangers. Nuffnang Philippines had the vision - to gather all the Pinoy bloggers in one roof in a day filled of activities just for them. Thus, the birth of ONLIne in the PHilippines, beat that comic con. Hahaha.

To my fellow Nuffnangers, their efforts would have been in vain without you/us (including me). Great seeing you and catch you in the next event!

Nuffnangers in the Registration Booth
Nuffies Setting up

Last hirit to improve on:

Ushers and Welcoming Committe. The excitement builds up after registration and as I ascend from the stairs to Rizal Ballroom (plus I said Hi to Abe O. on my way). But I was rather clueless when I got to the top because no one really directed us on what to do. Pede na bang pumasok, magtatap ba dito, doon or wait awhile.

Organizer's Identification. Everyone is wearing their lanyard. Sure there was a handful who was wearing Blue Nuffnang Jackets. But the other organizers even the speakers/panelist wore the same ID lace. Perhaps it would be better if it was in a different color or another ID Card labeled as organizer.

Groupings for Nuffnangers during registration. Probably base on blog categories so they could mingle with their contemporaries. Everyone seems to be on their shy side that day.

All in all, it is a success! Good luck on your coming events!!!

P.S. I like the stage design as well