Jul 30, 2013

Daang Hari is the long winding road connecting the posh Alabang Muntinlupa City and the homey Bacoor/Imus Cavite. Since we moved to this side of the metro, the long stretch has become part of our monthly escapade when visiting back home. It used to be full blown damuhan but now each time we drive by its becoming more and more exciting to pass through. Take for instance, this...

Beautiful isn't it?

Starbucks is now brewing at Evia Daang Hari! It is also a drive thru branch and is located beside McDonalds and in front of Rustan's Supermarket.

If you drive further up to the end of the road to reach Emilio Aguinaldo Highway and turn just left you will find the latest mall in town -- The District Cavite by Ayala Malls with Metro Department Store.

To my surprise, the Cavitenos are already lining up for J.Co donuts! Indi nagpapahuli with their counterparts in Metro Manila. My one concern is the possible bottleneck of traffic in the future. Oh well, but they do put convenience within our reach.

Enjoy Southeners!

Jul 29, 2013

I am usually a size 7'5" but when I ordered my first Posh Pocket Shoes, they advised me to get 8" for the Pointy Leopard. But it was still quite a snug even if I have already worn it a number times. 

So when they restocked my much awaited Pointy Green I got 8'5" and it fits me better. Yay!

Oh, did I forget to mention that I also ordered Basic Tan to go with it? Hihihi...

From their website: Poshie fold up to almost the size of a camera and come with an innovative wristlet pouch that transforms into a tote bag when you need to make the switch. They are so compact they can fit your pockets and most of your evening purses (or even your partner’s pocket!).

Can you see my insect bite there?

The first round of the battles in The Voice of the Philippines and for Kamp Kawayan we have Lee and Dan.

I have to hand it to Dan, I felt it was flawless and sincere. For Lee, it has been a hit and miss. Remember her first song -- Anak then Angels. But in the end Sir Bamboo chose Lee.

Best of luck to Dan!

Post during Blind Auditions

Updated: Suprisingly, Bamboo posted this in his FB Page.

Jul 28, 2013

Welcome to Acacia Hotel Manila - Alabang
Reception Counters
The lovely Shane, ready to assist you

Swimming Pool at the 3rd Floor around 7pm

That ends my three-part series on Acacia Hotel Manila. Just a recap, here is the De Luxe Room and the staycation experience we had in our overnight stay. Hope you enjoyed the posts!

Already stayed there as well, how was it?

Jul 27, 2013

I am prepping for a trip around at the end of this year so I will need more travel organizers...click, click... 

This ain't my first time to buy from the online shop Little Emily so I just dive into their Travel Organizer page and browse through their products. I just recently went to a nearby shop that also offers the same line of products and by comparison, Little Emily's price range is a big savings. Paid via VISA Debit Card this time and right before the week ended my items are delivered by my trustee friend from Xend Courier.

Packing Cube Set Php 220
Luggage Strap Lock Php 150
Travelus Handy Series Php 250
Travelus Passport Case Sale at Php 50

I am guessing you are already familiar with the hit comedy US series - Big Bang Theory and the "lovable" character of Sheldon Cooper and his fashion statement.

Photos from the Internet

However, I have been with my-then-boyfriend-now-husband long enough to tell you that way even before the BBT series he is already fond of buying t-shirts just like those. Uhuh! We go out for a shopping spree and of course I get to choose nice polo, polo shirts at times pricey dress shirt for him but give him one item to pick up on his own. He either chooses a UFC Tap Out or QUIRKY T-SHIRT and mind you it is not easy to find one in his size. Hihihi.

Well,  I am not really complaining - he's such a nice, caring, loving and protective guy so I can live with his superheroes even Spongebob shirts. Remember, we went to the Off Price Show Sale last Friday and he had a last minute buy? This is the one na pahabol...

Rock, scissors, paper...SPOCK

He got it for a bargain price of Php 150 from Just for Variety. But I think this one is really an ode to Sheldon. Picture was taken really early in the morning before leaving the house so he is still half asleep thus the imperfect hand gesture. Sorry about that.

How about you, what are your quirks?

Jul 26, 2013

So I have featured quite a number of local shops already mostly online however this time, let me introduce to you to a quaint neighborhood shop much closer to home... my Tatay's tailoring in Kawit!

My dad manages a tailoring shop for more or less two decades now. On early years it is known in town for denims but the business shifted gears to sports apparel catering to basketball leagues in school, companies and barangays. From my last visit, the latest trend are sports or varsity jackets. 

So we ordered for our nephews and nieces. Pretty cute right?

Lakers Jackets for the Yap side
Monsters University Jackets for Ramos Side

Unfortunately, I no longer allow my dad to accept rush orders due to health reasons. But if you are willing to place an order within a reasonable timeline why not drop by his tiny "Cotton Jeans Tailoring Shop" in Binakayan Kawit Cavite near the public market. You may also send me email so I could give you his number, you can text him then viber message him your design. Here is a really old blog I put up waaaay back when I was still helping him out. 

Price ranges from Php 600-1,000

Jul 24, 2013

After FOUR months of waiting (versus 15-day promise), my gift from BPI has finally arrived!

I mentioned to you before in this post last March that I qualified for the BPI EPS Promo but I didn't make a big fuzz on the waiting period because @TalkToBPI has always responded accordingly every time I followed-up arranging phone bankers to contact me. The first time I asked, they said that Procter & Gamble had some issue with the production of the "special packaging" for this BPI Promo.

Anyhow, so I was actually puzzled when I received a text message from Air21 regarding an incoming package. Even though I checked out the tracking, I had no clue whatsoever where it was coming from. Lo and behold, right before I step out of the office I got this...

It took such a long time to arrive so I savor every moment unpacking it.

From Olay Website: Olay Total Effects Day Cream Gentle

Olay Total Effects fights the 7 signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots, uneven texture, dryness, dullness and pores. Packed with niacinamide which makes skin younger-looking, Olay Total Effects remains to be the #1 anti-aging skin care choice for women across the region.

About Age Defying Bodywash

The Age Defying Bodywash and Bar has 10X More Moisturizers vs. bar soap, that reveals younger-looking skin not just on the face, but also on the body. It is infused with the same Olay moisturizers, so you can fight aging, not just on the face, but also on the body.

How about you, did you already got your free gift?

Jul 20, 2013

Seen it in banners around the neighborhood but was too busy to pick up on it. But the Filinvest Tent was just right across hubby's office building and he message me this

Hubby: What time ka mag-out?
Me: 7pm
Hubby: Silip ako sa tapat - may sale.
Me: SAMA AKO!!! 
Hubby: Okay, wait kita.

Also, when I checked my Globe Prepaid SIM, I got a text invite to The Off Price Show as well and all I need is to present the SMS to get in for free. Keeewwl timing!

From their FB Page: The Off-Price Show brings a whole new retail concept to Manila showcasing premium lifestyle brands at off-price discounts (50% - 80% off). You don’t need to trek to high-end stores to get your brand favorite as global lifestyle brands converge in one show in this 3-day must-see shopping event.

So we lined up at the registration booth to get our barcode stickers. You have an option to register individually but if you opt to declare the other person as just companion, it is only the registrant who will be valid to join the raffle. 

Let the hunt begin!!! To save time though hubby went to the men's section while I went to the ladies' section. We agreed to meet up after 30 minutes. I was targeting some rainy season outfits so when I spotted G2000 Women Long Sleeves Knitted blouse for just Php 350 in my size if I might add I was already happy! Sakto pa that I just learned this morning that they just opened their first shop here in the country. But my time is not yet over so I picked up a couple of more items.

Going around some more I noticed that Havaianas are selling like hot pancakes for being sold for 1K instead of 2K so for those collectors out there, this might tickle your fancy.

Satchmi, Curators of functional luxuries, also has an interesting booth at the middle of the tent showcasing turntables and vintage vinyls. Syempre niresearch ko pa yan when I got home hahaha.

After meeting up in our spot, I already went ahead to the cashier while hubby continued to browse around for last minute buy. If you decide to drop by though here are some few tips:

  • Go there if you have time to kill. You will spend half of your time lining up -- in the registration, fitting booth and payment.
  • Don't bring kids they might get impatient and throw tantrums. Bring a chatty friend to avoid boredom while falling in line.
  • The place tends to get chilly because of the blower and big fans so bring a cardigan or hoody.
  • If you have bad knees, you might get tired from standing up in line so better to assign this task to someone who doesn't get tired easily.
  • Since this is a bargain place, expect that people bought a number of items so wait patiently for your turn.
  • Attendants are helpful but not that friendly (perhaps just temp staff) so do not expect for high quality service or for them to smile at you after serving a dozen of shoppers.
Anyhow, you know that we are two crazy people so we just always end up amusing ourselves in situations like this. Here is hubby doing a wink just like the one in his barcode.

I am no fan of milktea, actually I am not getting used to its concoction but suprisingly the best find of the night was the Super Cup Milk Tea Rainbow Konjac Jelly  in this 1 liter plastic cup for only Php 75.00. A must try!

Yay and finally we reached the cashier. A few bills out and we are done shopping ladies and gentlemen... Clap, clap, clap!!! Thanks hubby for my shopping allowance! Thank you Lord for the provision.

This is just day 1 of the sale so you still have until Sunday.
What was your great find?