Nov 1, 2012

Outfit Pegs From Shopbop

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To tell you honestly, it has been quite difficult for me to dress up since I started gaining weight due to a certain thyroid hormone issue. It is taking me sometime to adjust to my now pear-shaped body. Although fashion hasn't really been at the top of my priorities but putting up an outfit for a day once in awhile is still fun, girly fun kinda way.

Enter, for almost a year now I have been collecting pegs from this site. I look out for ensemble that could actually work for me despite my size. I take mental notes on it so that when I go shopping locally I would have an idea how to put together pieces from the rack.

Funny thing is that when I get home and compare my pegs to the actual clothes that I bought, it is pretty close. So I guess my technique works!

Again, I am no fashionista but here are my efforts to look half way decent on some days.

Halter Print Dress - Marmalade Market Market
Maxi Dress - Coco Cabana, SM Department Store
Lulu Swing Cancan Shoes, Mixmi Bag (online), Miss OC Pouch Market Market, Blazer&Top SM Department Store

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