Jun 30, 2013

After being out sick for more than a week, my body is dying for some pampering. Instead of a massage I opted for some nail spa so hubby could tag along since he need some cleaning himself. So we headed straight to Molito Alabang and just at the left side of the escalator is Tints - Spa, Nails and Waxing.

There were no clients by the time we entered so we got a good view of the place as well as take some lovely pictures inside but according to one of their attendants there were quite a number of customer earlier that day. The place is as big as a studio-type apartment with 2 long benches with pretty throw pillows but we were ushered to a couple of solo sofa positioned side by side and had good arm rest.

But even before that I was already fickle minded on which service to avail - regular tint, Orly tint or my gosh the Orly Gel FX which was a bit pricey but what the heck I availed the last one. Tipid tipid na lang muna ng konti during office lunch. Hahaha!

I did like the service plus the location since it is just a few steps away from Puregold where we usually do our grocery and several food chains but I notice there seems to be only 1 Nail Dryer so there was a bit of a wait for the hands and feet to dry out especially for the Orly Gel FX which is applied with several coats.

Anyhow, here are some of their nail service offerings. Visit their Facebook page to know more about the array of services at Tints Alabang.

Some pictures are from Tints Alabang FB Page.

Yesterday, we went home to Kawit and passed by our suking Shell Station in Daang Hari. Upon checking we already have accumulated Php 2,000 worth receipt from the same station so we redeemed our reward -- a FREE 1.5L Coca Cola!

Promo mechanics:

  1. Free 1.5L Coca-Cola when you gas up with P 1,500 worth (single or accumulated purchase) of any Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel or P 2,000 worth (single or accumulated purchase) of any Shell FuelSave fuel. Coke Zero and Coke Light are not included.  
  2. To claim the free 1.5L Coca-Cola, customer must present Official Receipt/s. Receipts will be marked with “redeemed” at the back. Lost or damaged receipts will not be replaced or honored.
  3. Redemption of free 1.5L Coca-Cola should be made at the same site where the fuel purchase was made (same site redemption only). Redemption shall be up to sixty (60) days from the end of the promo period.

It's been awhile since we got any freebies so we were goofing around as I take pictures of hubby getting his reward as a loyal customer from attendant Nilo. 

Thanks Shell + Coke! By the way, today is the last day of the promo so gas up dude. But item is still redeemable until Aug 30. Good luck.

Promo image and text from: Shell Website

Jun 29, 2013

I remember downloading Viber as early as 2010 in one of my low end Android phone but  back then  I was on prepaid so I didn't really get much out of it unless there is a free wifi signal available. Three years forward here they are allowing more than just free calls and text messaging but also photos, location and even video sharing.

Hubby just recently bought a Windows Phone under data plan (3G) so we are trying out several messaging apps with considerations that we are on different platforms since I am using still using an Android Phone but now with data plan. So far Viber is the most fun to use.

I got stuck in the house for almost a week because I was sick and unfortunately hubby also needed to do some overtime so he just check up on me over Viber. Here is a snapshot of our conversation:

Cute right?

Try it out for yourself, here are the rest of the platforms in which you could use this messaging application. Let me know how it goes on your end, okay?

Images: Screenshots from Viber website: www.viber.com

Jun 26, 2013

After going around the Paradizoo Theme Park, we headed to Residence Inn to have our lunch since our voucher includes 4 set meals already. We just added a couple of more viands to our table and we were all set to dine as it was overlooking Taal Volcano.

Zoomanity group invites visitors to "Feel the cold breeze of Tagaytay while enjoying a rush of excitement and a breath-taking view here in Residence Inn. It is famous for its Mini Zoo and it’s excellent location overlooking Taal Lake." It is located at the boundary of Tagaytay and Batangas at the left side of the road and here are some of the animals you can find in the mini zoo.

For the rest of the afternoon, we went around to every nook of the place -- rediscovering it since it was not my first time there. Actually, while growing up dito kami lagi lumalaboy whenever we go up in Tagaytay but now it is under Zoomanity Group management who updated the services of the place.

Regular entrance and package rates, zoovenir shops and picnic tables right outside.

Photo-op with the less harmful animals in the zoo.

They also have a scheduled 15-minute show featuring the talents of the different animals and allowing the visitors to touch the animals with supervision. Check out my bro and sis-in-law (SIL) holding scorpions in their hands and my niece up close and personal as the little piggy does some tricks.

Waaah!!! Sssssnakey around hubby's neck. It is an Albino Burmese Python weighing around 5 lbs and leathery feel according to him.

Also, included in our voucher is an option to ride either the zipline or the cable car. Wala lang sa kids pero medyo ninerbyos ako sa sobrang liit nung isa feeling ko lulusot sya sa butas. Haiss!!!

Hope you will have as much fun as we did.

Image from their website: www.skitguys.com

You know I enjoy watching Tom and Eddie on their take on Christian living through their funny videos and at times drama ones. The Skinny-On series shows how different personalities including believers themselves perceive beliefs individually.

Skinny on Prayer

Skinny on Tithing

Skinny on Worship

Find more of the Skinny-on videos here: http://skitguys.com/videos/theme/skinny-on

Jun 24, 2013

Thanks to iwantv.com.ph, I still get to catch The Voice of the Philippines despite the bad TV reception in our area and mind you with no commercial break!

Obviously, my loyalty goes to Team Bamboo since Mr. Manalac's music has been a great influence to us couple. Besides Christian Songs, his albums are the only ones stapled in our mp3s and in the car. Sa kasamaang palad pa nga eh when we sold Victor last April, our first car, naiwan ni hubby sa player ang CD ng No Water, No Moon! Wenk, wenk and we are left with just the album sleeves for our collection and since tiga Batangas pa yung buyer we weren't able to get the CD back. 

Anyhow, wala ka din naman talo with the other coaches - Sarah, APL and of course Ms. Lea Salonga! Susme, indi ko makakalimutan ang walang humpay kong pagkanta ng "I will show you the world, shining shimmering splendid..." habang hawak ko ang songhits worth Php 15.00 para mamemorize ko ang kanta ni Princess Jasmin, yun nga lang talaga I am not gifted with a singing voice. 

The Blind Audition

I am guessing that by this time you are already familiar with the show's format and what the blind audition is all about. After 2 weeks that TheVoicePH is on air, each 4 coaches has already 3-4 team members so the blind auditions are not yet over. I have a lot of respect for those who take a leap of faith and battle through the nerve-racking experience of auditioning but so far here are my top 3 favorites:

Isa Fabregas (Kamp Kawayan) - the worship leader from Victory Christian Fellowship - Makati. Supporting my churchmate as she showcase her talents to bring glory and honor for His Name.

Rahda Tinsay (Team Lea) - former Kulay member and also one of the prettiest faces in the music industry. I was actually been searching for her online a few months back since I have been wondering where she is right now and there she was in the blind audition. Looking at her reminds me of Dr. Callie Torres of Grey's Anatomy played by Sara Ramirez which by the way is another great singer.

Lee Grane (Kamp Kawayan) - The soulful breadwinner of the family gave a very moving performance when she covered Angel by Sarah Mclachlan leaving Bamboo teary-eyed.

As I end this post, please do include hubby in your prayers as he himself will be auditioning as a volunteer in the Music Ministry in our new home church, Victory Alabang. Peace out!

Jun 22, 2013

If you have been following this blog, you may have already guess that we love taking photos. So after 3.5 years marriage just imagine how many photo albums we have in our hard drive and we are running out of space already! Anyhow, got a bunch of vouchers in Metrodeal a few months back to create my own personalized softcover photo books for P500 instead of P2000 from Photobook Philippines.

So when I realize that my voucher will expire in a couple of months I finally found time to create my first photobook. I must say I have a new found respect to those who do SDE (Same Day Edit) since it was a bit hard to select which picture goes into printing but it is definitely therapeutic at the same time addicting!

Good thing the application to use, i.e. Photobook Designer which you download from the Photobook Philippines website is quite easy to navigate. When you are finish with the layout, there is a cart button in there that you just click that initiates the ordering process.

However, aside from the voucher number there is an additional fee for shipment payable via Paypal or Credit /Debit Card. Well I do not have a credit card or paypal account so I had to wait a little while when I could fund my debit card before I was able to place my order completely. The app can also detect if you have a pending purchase.

So for less than a week, I got my printed photobook fresh from their printing center - Malaysia office via DHL. I ordered 40-page 8x6" so that's half crosswise of a bond paper and it is darn cute!

Jun 19, 2013

My bro-in-law (BIL) was out-of-town for a business trip so we decided to bring the nephews to a Daddy's Day-out with their Grandpa last Sunday for the Father's Day celebration. 

We first brought them to the Kids Church at Victory Alabang (4F Festival Mall) while we attend the adult English 5pm Service. They are both in their tweens already so medyo payouth na ang mga pogi. It was their first time to attend a Christian service for kids so they are still a bit shy. But I am glad our home church invest on the youth.

Feel like a boss ang dalawa so they get to choose where to have dinner and we ended up at Bonchon located at the ground floor instead of Kenny which hubby and I initially planned.

But as a gift to Dad-in-Law (DIL) we went to see Man of Steel. Actually Hubby drop by Festi as early as 10am that day to buy tickets in advance for the 7pm timeslot. I also decided to pay tribute to Mr. Kent by wearing the colors of Superman. Think Smallville TV Series where Clark always wear a jacket over a shirt with the same color scheme together with my Suelas Beauchamp Prints Stripes.

The 10am crowd lining up for tickets already

TRIVIA: We have been eyeing for the name Kal-el since we are a fan of the TV series pero wala pa yung baby boy na blessing ni Lord eh. Hihihi so Happy Father's Day na lang muna sabi ng mga eggcells ko, Hubby!

Jun 17, 2013

Hello Monday!

I am dropping by just to give you a quick recommendation for those bookworms out there. I know nothing can replace the feeling of having a book in your hands flipping through its pages while your eyes go through line by line and your imagination painting a picture of the words to give them life.

However, everyone seems to be always on the go nowadays. But still we have those in between moments like being stuck in traffic that you wish you have a book with you to read. As technology evolves and so our well-adored books that can now come electronically thus the birth of ebooks!

Thankfully, ebooks resellers have found their way in Instagram which I personally call as instabook fair. Yay! Here are a couple of them which I like because of their service and easy mode of payment (MOP). My payment of choice is via Globe Share-A-Load.


This reseller is patient enough to teach me which app I could use for Android to start of my ebook and emag collection. Explaining why I have come backed multiple times already to shop at her page.


Sweet and easy breezy reseller. Efficient transaction is what you can expect from her. She is the first one who sent out the file even before asking for the payment first. Wow!

By the way, I am using Aldiko Reader app that I downloaded from Google Play for my Android Phone. Enjoy reading peeps!

Jun 14, 2013

I am a sucker for personalize item and I have been on the look out for personalize jewelry so when one of the celebrities I am following in Instagram posted a beautifully crafted wire bangle, I decided to check out the seller.

I like pretty much what I saw in their FB Page. So after browsing, I contacted the seller via text regarding the price range and other details. The seller was prompt to respond on my inquiries and soon we we're exchanging emails regarding the final design.

Fast forward to 14 days, I received this pendant with my very own name in Scriptina Font and it was lovely! You'll probably see more of the necklace in my future OOTDs. But for the meantime here is a closeup shot of the nice craftmanship that went to it.

My one comment lang, I am not sure if I was too excited or what, but after payment there was no advice on the delivery date so I had to follow up 4 days after paying. Then another verification to get my tracking number from their courier so I would be able to monitor it myself. But anyhow, the Fastrack was apologetic enough for  the very late Friday delivery in the office due to the heavy rains the past few days so it was all good.