Jun 27, 2009

With only a hundred bucks on my wallet, I summoned my BFF a.k.a the make-up artist, BFF's sistah a.k.a the hair stylist / photographer number 2 and my big brother a.k.a the official pre-nup photographer. Our equipment borrowed from tyago and maybels. Our original schedule was June 6, exactly six months before the wedding but it rain that day and we had to postponed.

We wittingly did our 'sobrang cheezy' poses at Freedom Park in front of Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Kawit Cavite creating quite a stir to the by standers at the park including a mamang sorbetero who became our props.

We packed up after taking 500 images and this is the the beginning of the Yap-Ramos Wedding preparation.

Jun 10, 2009

Pana-panahon ng pagkakataon, mababalik ba ang kahapon...

Ewan ko ba bat tuwing may kailangang mag-paalam eh laging yaan ang nagqu-queue automatically in my head. And to the "lady" who has leaded me for the passed two years in my company, a lead who has always been fair and cool headed, she truly deserves a spot in my space... 

Baby for you in the near future. Hehehe