Oct 25, 2012

BFF Photo Contest: Lulu Swing and Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar

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Calling all BFFs and Besties out there. Here is your chance to get a free pedicure and shoes.

I am so joining this and here is my entry in their FB Pages:
Dear Lulu Swing and Pink Me Up Beauty, Have you ever had a girlfriend that you never ever had a single fight with ever since you became friends? Well, God blessed me with one! Aisha and I have been pals since our 1st year highschool but although everything remained pretty much the same in our gabfest, we barely get to see each other since we are both busy with our careers.
I love you, Patchick!
Few months ago, I got really sicked and had to take time off from work and BFF monitored me until my recovery, being now a doctor herself. And as my way of saying thank you to her and this is a perfect way for us to celebrate my upcoming 31st birthday this Nov by getting some R&R together, I was hoping to bag the prize. Looking forward to a lovely experience with you and my bestie! #LuluSwing #PinkMeUpBeauty #size6&7.5 @sasaramosyap
Here's a post when I unboxed my first Lulu Swing 

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