Nov 3, 2012

BonChon Chicken at BGC Taguig

Thanks to my former officemates who introduced me to the world of double-fried chicken. I got to try out BonChon's popular offerings from their Ayala Triangle branch. I usually buy from them for take out since it is often full-packed.

But a few months ago, they finally opened up a branch near our apartment and off we went last August (during my vacation leave from work) to get a feel of the dining experience. But as expected, people are lining up to get a taste of what they claim to be as "the original Korean fried chicken secret". You have to enlist your name at the crew manning the door and wait to be seated if you want to dine at the BGC Taguig branch.

Bonchon, waiting outside
Bonchon, waiting to be served

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