Nov 22, 2012

Nuffnang Philippines Blogopolis: AcQuabella By Penshoppe Freebies

I was glad that hubby picked me up from Makati Shangri-La after the Nuffnang Philippines Blogopolis event. I would have probably had to hail a cab so I could carry FOUR lootbags all for free...feeling ko nanalo ako ng sari-sari store showcase from a noontime show sa dami! Of course, we had to thank the generosity of the sponsors for giving out so much freebies.

1-2-3...4 lootbags!

So when I got home from the fun-filled day, I still took pixies to post on my Instagram. One by one I unpacked each lootbags and feeling like a kid again coming out from a children's birthday party.

There was a couple of smaller Penshoppe plastic bags inside the Nuffnang Blogopolis lootbag. When I took it out I found four different scents of AcQuaBELLA.

AcQuaBELLA by Penshoppe

But this one has got to be my favorite labeled as "I am Sassy". Yeap for real, my blogger name is Sassy. My own short version for Sasa Yap. So feeling ko it was made just for me...awww! Birthday month ko pa naman...feeling special tuloy. Hahaha, babaw di vah?

#AMASASSY, I am Sassy Scent AcQuaBELLA by Penshoppe

That was the last photo I took and called it a day! 
Thanks Nuffnang Blogopolis sponsors especially Penshoppe for this giveaways.