Dec 30, 2011

Today is a holiday, remembering the 115th Death Anniversary of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. We on the other hand booked to R&R Resort Spa to deep into their pool with natural hot water coming from Mt. Makiling which is coincidentally located at Rizal's hometown -- Calamba Laguna but in Pansol to be exact.

Our reservation was for a private room with TV. Paid the 50% deposit via their BPI account a week before and paid the rest of Php 1,600 upon our departure. We were ushered to an air-conditioned room at the 2nd floor named as Mayon 2 located at the end of the property passing through the cabanas. The stairway is a bit steep with plants on the side so be careful if you have small children with you. The interior is very cozy featuring a king-sized firm bed, sky-lit tiled bathtub, round table with a pair of mono block chairs. It has built in closet with hangers (no locks) and the bathroom has 3 white towels, an ample of toilet papers, bath soap, shampoo and conditioner.

I am not really a fan of the green-painted wall. Their website features a white one though which I think is more cool in the eye. They brought in this teenie tiny 14''-ish TV to my disappointment since they have cable antenna. What I do love is the draping overhead, the bathroom shell curtain, and the wood work is just superb.

Each cabanas have mini private pool so we were the only ones using the main pool. Considering it is a hot spring we expected hot water in the pool but it wasn't. It was warm but not hot. I was already wandering if I misread their advertisement if it says 'non-hot spring' pool. But as I swam around the pool I found this pipe filling up the pool with 'some' hot water. So for our morning swim, we stayed in a warm spring pool. But at around 11:30 am, that pipe started gushing out more water this time turning the pool water hot. Unfortunately we already went out of the pool to have our lunch. When I returned during the afternoon for a second deep, true enough it turned to a hot-spring pool. Too bad, we weren't able to enjoy it from the start.

Just being silly before our departure

Dec 26, 2011

The very first photo series captured by our newest Nikon D3100 that is yet to be named. God has been gracious that after 14 years, we enjoy being silly and experiencing this earthly life together.We dine it at Yakimix Greenbelt Branch over lunch and enjoyed their buffet before going to church.

I love this guy so much and I always thank the Lord to have the privilege to share this life with him. We have been together for the past 14 years and nope I never felt 'sawa' being with him. I believe that is possible through God's grace. Because if you ask us, we could not give you a list of how to's to make a relationship work. I truly believe it is just a gift from the Lord -- made possible only through His goodness. We are delighted to continue spending time and dream together with God at the center.

How can you go wrong when you first love the Lord individually and together then each other? Add to that is some worthy perspective like:
  • Communication, not everyone is good with words but learn and adopt your own couple's language - verbal or non-verbal cues.
  • Never lose respect to each other especially in the middle of an argument. It doesn't give you the license to mock the other person just because you know every little imperfect thing about him. So do not lash out hurtful personal attacks, stay within the boundary of the issue. Respect also applies during happy times such as social gatherings by making unmindful joke about your partner's idiosyncrasies. Tease each other during cuddle time when the mood is light.
  • It is your responsibility to see your partner in a different light EVERYDAY. Yes, find out what is new to the other person on that day. People change, they evolve. So even if you have been together for so many years they could still have something new to offer. Notice each other even with little changes like new haircut, new shirt, new nail color or trying to kick off some bad habits. You noticing will help the other person be encourage to improve.
  • Be passionate. As an individual, keep your interest (if you can share it with your partner do so). As a couple, keep the romance alive and the fire burning. Being married allows you to consummate your love to each other, created to fully enjoy it within the bounds of your marriage.

Dec 23, 2011

Thanks everyone for your generosity! Much appreciated and God bless you this season.

Dec 22, 2011

Ever since Digital SLR flooded the market scene, hubby and I have been holding of our desires on buying one. We had the usual point and shoot Samsung camera and last year we purchased a 6-month old bridge Nikon Coolpix camera from my officemate, naming it Trixie, after the seller.

But we couldn't deny the photographer blood that is in us. I do not want to say that we are artist wannabes but I'm really believing that God has wired us to have passion in capturing pictures. And I'm not at all saying that we are already good at it but with His grace, if He is willing for us to be great on it, who are we to say no. With continuous counsel, we sought after His will because we do not want to purchase if it is only because of our human desires. We know that we would buy only to give glory to be used in His kingdom.

So last Sunday, hubby went to SM Makati to meet up with a seller, Dianne's Gadget & Gizmos, that he texted the night before. After a couple of hours he came back with our latest conjugal property. Yey!

Dec 17, 2011

The past few months of God's molding has been quite painful. But by faith, in the depths of my soul and spirit...the truth remains that God is holding me up...molding me to the woman that He wants me to be... I remain at awe that despite the vastness of this beautiful universe, He is mindful of my affairs. It is an honor to be His daughter.

I love you, Lord.

Dec 16, 2011

See you on Feb! Thank you Lord for your provisions, you are forever full of surprises.

I just saw their tweet on their link to the their FB Account about the seat sale Php 88 All Domestic Flight. I would really loved to travel on hubby's birthday which falls on the last week of Feb. He wanted to go north this time and wanted a more adventurous route rather than the free and easy. I checked for MNL to NAGA vv on those dates and it wasn't sold out. I went through filling up the required info then reached the payment page. As I've mentioned before, we do not own a credit card but thanks to new payment option I was able to pay my dues via BancnetOnline accredit bank which is Metrobank, thank you Lord may laman ang savings account at the time of booking. I was able to book successfully, received our confirmation within 20 minutes even before hubby got out from bed... I'm believing it is God's will for me to do so. For what reason, I really do not know.

Anyhow, just a little vain on the side, we are targeting to lose 40 lbs each so we have 2 months to do that. It is an extra push for the optimum health I've been praying for.

Dec 7, 2011

2011 Year End Party (Modern Filipiniana theme at Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La)

Except that I am a bit disappointed that I am on the heavy side nowadays, I actually enjoyed preparing for this celebration. Here's a run down:

  • Went to Yangco Bldg in Tabora, Divisoria for the Filipiniana Bolero, Php 350
  • Bought Multi-way dress (used 3 styles that night) in The Ramp Glorietta, Php 1,500
  • Asked the lovely Ms. Maika Guillermo, my kikay sis from church for a simple hair and make-up, Php 300

    Dec 4, 2011

    Memories of 6th December, 2009

    We are celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary 
    but don't forget about the 12 years prior to that!

    It is truly only through God's grace that we are together and enjoying a blissful relationship