Jun 23, 2012

It's been a while since I wore a skirt

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street...

Well, in our case we were going from Every Nation Bldg to Market!Market and back. We are simple like that. Check out hubby's CDR King bag though, hihihi!

Tangkilikin ang CDR King

Jun 3, 2012

The 2nd Leadership Convergence for year 2012 in Victory Christian Fellowship - Fort, happened yesterday. It is where the current 500+ leaders together with their potential leaders come together to get latest information on events and tools that will help them as they go and make disciples of Christ.

It is very encouraging to come to this event especially for the potential leaders who are still hesitant to start their own smallgroup or do One2One. By the way, the term 'leader' is for anyone who is willing to step up in their faith with the Lord to help out other people in their walk with God. It is not base on one's education or stature in life but just a matter of making a decision and partnering with Christ in the great commission under the training of our pastors.

We were instructed to come in wearing sports tshirt or jacket to complement the theme Gear Up! The jacket was very timely since it was a drizzling Saturday morning. The weather is very inviting to stay home and take extra Zzzzz especially for someone like me who had the week full of work deadline and fell asleep at 3 am of the same day. So waking at 7 am just gave me four hours of sleep but just the same, me and hubby 'geared up' and was in Every Nation Building at the Fort at 8:30 am. I also volunteered to take pictures of the event as my assignment in the Photography Ministry. But first, here we are in the photobooths =)

Ptr. Joey Bonifacio opened by leading us in prayer and almost instantly tears started falling from my eyes as I felt God's presence in the room... it is so humbling that a simpleton like ourselves can be used by God who created the universe for His will and purpose. It was also a blessing to see our very own leaders share their memories of one another on how they walk together side by side. It was such a powerful picture to see Ptr. Joey and Ptr. Emil Abello yoked together as they recount how they partnered in prayer for a miracle within their smallgroup.

 Ptr. Paolo Punzalan was hard to miss as he was standing tall in his yellow shirt. He was seemingly discussing some serious things with other people in front but when the event started: tall that he is, he is all bowed down all through out the worship. There is courage in bowing down when in the presence of God. This verse resonates in me as I write this 'Acts 7:33 Take off your sandals; the place you are standing is holy ground.' He then later announced the latest tools that will help us get equipped.

The other pastors also led us in prayer of exhortation. Ptr. Robert Gonzales was back from the US after 3 months and encouraged young people to lead as the hope of the next generation.

Then there was Ptr. Nixon Ng of Victory Malate. Funny thing was I started listening to his podcast for a month now after learning some of my cousins attending VCF Malate. I enjoyed his preaching but what I didn't know how animated he was while on stage. Another funny part was when he mentioned how small his eyes are since he is Chinese and he can only see half of the text in the projector in front of him, I laughed and looked at my hubby who has very small eyes. But seriously, up to now I am still meditating on what he shared to us!

Lastly, we were ushered to go to our respective service to get more specific instructions. Here are the Sat 4pm/Sun 8 am Taglish Service.
Ptr. Jeff, Manny and Miko