Sep 27, 2014

Our contract already ended in the apartment building and decided not to renew it anymore for the 30 sqm, one bedroom space we are renting. So we prayed for new one within the same vicinity and most especially with a secured garage within our budget.

God is truly faithful! Hubby took a turn in a different street within the village rather than our usual route going out and spotted a 'House-For-Rent' sign. Returning from our errand, we came back to the place to inquire. The last thing we did before going out of the car is to pray "God, hanggang Php x,000 lang po yung budget namin. May your will be done. Amen."

It was a newly renovated up and down house with garage. A floor area of 65 sqm at the ground floor and the same upstairs with veranda. The price is a little over the budget but we negotiated and the landlord agreed to the amount we prayed for. Hallelujah!!!

Two-weeks later we already moved and our used to be all-cramp-up furniture can now breath. So much so that there are still a lot of space but I am holding off to any plans on buying new ones. Thank you, Lord for the smooth transition.

So my hubby did his SOP for security and functionality which I truly appreciate, talagang man of the house yan! Sobra kong bless to have partnership with him, for me na walang alam sa maintenance ng bahay. Kabit ng double locks, sabitan at curtain rods.

But after he was done, it was my turn to prettify our space making it cozy and homey for that wifey touch. So started researching for ideas and dami kong natutuhan sa contemporary home decor. 

Php 100.00 Throwpillow from Robinsons Department Store
Owl Figurines from Robinsons Department Store
Scented Candle from SM Home
St. Louise Curtain from Puregold Supermarket

I still have a lot of DIY projects in mind but for now, eto muna! I don't want to go overboard but it is making me excited but I am keeping in mind to be a wise spender.

Carpet Rug from SM Home
Chevron Throwpillow Cases from Robinsons Department Store

If you notice, there is a verse under the clock. It is a wall decal but I will blog about it the next time for details. 

We can now invite others for smallgroup (Bible study group) in our home. But more than the place, it is truly a vision for me. In our first night, we prayed our thanksgiving and was surprised that hubby mentioned that the place is suitable to grow a family.

I was overjoyed to hear it. You see, in my personal quiet time, I am seeking God for His will for us to have a child. Especially for me to have a healthy body to carry a baby and to be at rest in His promises. Talaga naman when I saw the second floor, it is suitable for us couple with a crib next to it.

Isaiah 54:2-3 
Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.
Second to the last week of August, hubby was projecting that he will be busy at work when Ber Months come in so pumondo na sya...he treated me to an out of town trip. It was 100+km away from our home going to the south.

This is the farthest we drove our Chevy Spark, Jarvis The Car, so we had to take a photo at Caliraya Springs' Entrance Gate. There was a zigzag part of the road so I commend hubby for getting us safe and sound. Good job, Beb!

We stayed there for overnight in a standard room with plated breakfast. We got the voucher from Living Social PH (also known as Ensogo) group buying site. It also included free use of other amenities. But the main offering of Caliraya Springs Laguna is its Golf and Country Club area with nature's cold breeze coming from the nearby mountain.

Surprisingly, I got so many likes in FB for this photo of mine holding (I assume a kid's) golf equipment. I have no idea how to play it so I just took a pix for my OOTD. Hehehe!

After having our lunch at their cafe and checking in, we changed to something more comfy to go see their activity area. We asked for a shuttle ride going there. Medyo mabato yung daan papunta but if you want to sweat a bit before hitting the pool pede din naman. 

It started to drizzle so were not able to try out the kayak, boat and zip line because it was slippery. This part can be used for team building and beside it are some Nipa huts that big groups can stay in. Pero ang setup nya is kutson sa floor. 

Beside the hanging bridge is you can also find the swimming pool. It was fun crossing the bridge lalo na kung takot ka malaglag. Pero medyo madulas nga sya kse umuulan so be careful if you have kids with you.

We explored a little bit and found the docking area. I believe the boats we found are for renting para iikot ang mga guest around the lake. It was under construction at that time, mukhang naaffect nung last typhoon. But I saw in the brochure, it was functional...I guess especially pagsummer and mas maraming guess.

The next morning we tried biking around the golf area using the resort's bike. It is not in tiptop shape so if you are a bike enthusiast better to bring your own gear pero kung bike-bike lang okay na rin.

I will be lying to you if I won't say that the Main Hall needs a major paint job. How do I put it... let us just say na mababanag mo talaga that before it used to be with grandeur and opulence. But it is something that can be easily addressed if the management would really like to.

Ang sa akin lang is, it is a looong drive especially if you are coming from Manila, say Cubao or QC and you will actually pass by a lot of other resorts before reaching Caliraya Springs. So sayang naman if you would end up in a so-so place. But like I said it can be addressed. But staff are friendly, attentive and hospitable so thumbs up for the people working there.

For us, the fresh breeze and the company of each other is enough to make our time worth while for this quick break.

Mountain Lake Resort
Caliraya Springs in Cavinti Laguna Philippines

Sep 6, 2014

Been doing this on my IG and FB. Personal photos with Bible verses using InstaMark App custom feature.