Jul 13, 2012

It was the second installment of our church's Marriage Booster Seminar entitled "The Great Date Project". Praise God, I was able to clock out from the office early and hubby picked me up in Makati before it started raining. I was pretty excited to see our speaker tonight for I have been listening to his podcast for quite a while now (I usually crossover on the preaching podcast to Victory Pioneer and Malate when I'm done with the Fort all through out the weekdays). Aside from being funny, his preachings are meaty but always delivered to the congregation straight forward making it simple yet effective. Only shows his many years of walking with the Lord. Also, Ptr. Robert Hern aka Dr. Kilig of this particular night just recently remarried a couples of month ago.

Ptr. Robert Hern of Victory Pioneer aka Dr. Kilig

But for now, just allow me to boast in the Lord because He is truly have been gracious upon us on our marriage. We started out as young sixteeners as highschool sweethearts and only by the grace of God that we were able to be together for 12 years of growing up before we tied the knot. We have learned so much from that dozen of years that these past 2 and half years of actually being married is just mind-boggling blissful! It was oh sooo worth the wait. I was such a dramatic, insecure long time girlfriend back then but after knowing my Savior I am secured about myself and with the man that He blessed me with. There was no formula that I could truly share for each couple's dynamics is unique on it is own but I believe Ptr. Robert just sums it up in his keypoint:
Remember that God is the AUTHOR of your relationship.
But you know actually it makes me sad when older couples would diss us off na "wala pa yan, marami pa kayong pagdadaanan... sana nga hanggang huli ganyan pa kayo" or "ganyan pa kayo kse wala pa kayong mga anak, intayin nyo pagnagkaron...ay, sinasabi ko sayo." A bit discouraging, to some extent that might be true but c'mon Jesus died for us so that we may live our life to the full! I believe our marriage is part of that and His plans involve a marriage and a relationship that is honorable to His name. I'm holding on to that promise for I never even thought that we would last this long since we were so young and naive so all the more I could expect now that we are in Christ.

So anyway, here we are in our table buzzing over the activities (and eating the assorted flavored popcorn) to make us bond as a couple and as a group.

with the ladies in my small group (married even singles!)

"Dice Breaker" questions

I appreciate my hubby for being so game in attending this and even taking pictures of the event.

The Yaps
Also blessed to see "star couple" investing on their marriage. So let's do pray for them so that they could be a bold witness to others in their industry that with God as the third strand in their marriage, all holds together despite the intrigues in the showbiz.

The Sottos

Jul 12, 2012

Thursday na! I'm on a lunch break right now, watching Quest's YouTube video of Sige Lang. I first learned about Jose Villanueva III, aka Quest, through our VCF Family and during the season of Lord's pruning in my life it was his song 'Lord of All' that strikes a chord in my spirit. In full surrender I would utter its lyrics:

Here I am Lord mold me
Here I am Lord use me
Here I am Lord send me for Your glory

Early this year, I got to see him in one of Victory Fort's worship night then this March in 'Because Love Benefit Gig' organized by my dear friend. I commend the guy for using his God-given talent in spreading positive vibes. I pray that the Lord will continue to use him mightly in the advancement of His Kingdom through his music.

Sassy (in my old curls), QUEST, Ryan, Maika

So wherever you are right now, "Sige Lang" and enjoy this video...

You can download Sige Lang by Quest for only Php 25.00 in MyMusicStore.

Jul 7, 2012

Congratulations & Best Wishes Dianne and Vincent! 

Me, Grace E., Dianne, Vincent, Ptr. Jeff Eliscupidez, Hubby, Ptr. Miko Tangco

Jul 1, 2012

Went home to Cavite today to visit our parents. After lunch, we drove off to the Lancaster Model Houses in Alapan, Imus. It was a 10-minute drive away from their house. Of course we looked around at the options they have but we have not come to a decision yet. We are are still praying for God's will regarding our home. But for now, here is a snapshot of us goofing around the Linear Park at the back of the houses.

Giant Chess Board at the Linear Park

See my first post regarding house hunting.