Nov 28, 2009

My BFF... throwing me a bridal shower?
Are we talking about the same Aisha Gosingan?
Throwing me? ...
A Bridal Shower?
This I got to see!!!

Last Nov 6 meeting, they (the girls) kicked me out of my own house to ehem... for a lack of better term, quote/unquote... to "organize" me a bridal shower. A few weeks after, I got a text that my bridal shower would be today in the semi-private room in Rosello Cafe Gahak and BFF would pick me up. I shrug it off and just went with the flow.

Not that I don't appreciate BFF's effort but given the circumstances it would be hard for her to pull it off. One she ain't really friends with my other girlfriends, two she's busy and three she simply doesn't do events organizing. But like a fair person, I gave her the benefit of the doubt after all its for me and I WON'T HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE CENT for it. Everybody likes a free dinner once in a while, right?

Yesterday, Groomy asked me what are we gonna do in the said shower. I honestly didn't know but from the tone of his voice, he is just probing about the possibility of a male stripper. I assured him that most of the possible attendees would be from our church and its a resto so I don't think there would be any male booty shaking bod portion.

Come late afternoon, she was at my doorstep at 4 pm. Hmmm... she's improving on her time huh, she said she will be here by 3:30 pm. I had her come over so I could finally have my gown fitting. I little hila over there, I little hila over here... and wala I'm wearing my wedding gown in a non-aircon house just imagine my sweats and hers as well! It took us a couple of hours to finally put everything to their right places, just like Grace said (of defunct sitcom, Will & Grace) "It's like building a boat!" 

In between pulling my gown corset string, BFF mentioned about she was able to hire a performer. HUWWAATT??? Para kong binuhusan ng malamig na tubig... my mind fast forwarded to the scene after the party, meeting groomy after the shower.... GOODNESS patay talaga ko! I kinda scolded her and mentioned na never na syang itutrust ni Groomy...

Ooopppss... bibitinin ko muna kau. Watch out for the palm-sweating experience. To be continued...

Nov 27, 2009

Haisss... I almost got a wedding gown scare!!!

I was suppose to pick up my made-to-order dress last Saturday but my vendor started texting me random excuses of reasons moving the delivery date 3x. As if naman hindi ako sanay sa mga ganon, si tatay kaya may patahian din at parang SOP na yata ng mananahi ang indi umabot sa deadline. Kasama ata sa dressmaking course nila ang subject What To Say To Your Customers When You Cannot Meet Your Deadline.

I mastered all patience and constantly pray for the Lord to keep me calm. So I decided to take an emergency leave today in the office so I could do something just in case indi talaga magawa yung gown. To cut the story short, they were able to make it one week after our supposedly Nov 21 deadline --- took them 3 weeks.

Just waiting for BFF so I could have my gown fitting at home and adjust whatever needed to be adjust... probably my bilbil :)

Nov 23, 2009

Groomy met up with some of his relatives today in Malabon. This is very much related to Tita's last email to meet up with Tito Lads who came home for a vacation from Canada. As early as now, they were generous enough to give us their wedding gift. We are so grateful to God for using them to send us his blessings. Since we started the preparation for the wedding, we kept on reminding ourselves that 'by faith' we will be able to pull through this simple celebration despite the economic crisis.

With much appreciation and deepest gratitude, thanks Tita Liza and Tito Lads!!!

Nov 17, 2009

Awwwtz... just got an email from Tita Liza, Groomy's aunt in Canada and one of our Principal Sponsors.

Unfortunately she won't make it to the wedding due to H1N1 pandemic. It would be nice sana to have her on that day. Groomy looked up to her so much. Let's just pray indi na lumalala pa yung situation dun.

Nov 16, 2009

Groomy dropped by the municipal office today to double check that our marriage license application is being processed and we would be able to claim it on time. But good thing is, he was able to claim it right there and then.

Nov 6, 2009


As Groomy's Bday gift to me, he took a leave from work for 2 days so he could help me out with the wedding prep. So we met up with BFF at the bus station early morning. Our objective is to go to Divisoria for my gown measurement. I brought along BFF since she is keen to details. It's her call in terms of lace, bead work and the gown specifics. I just have the look that I would like to have that I feel I would be able to carry confidently. 

Actually my outfit is not even a gown. Its a plain tube, tea-length dress so I could wear it some other occasions. We agreed that the Chinese Collar bolero will be the highlight of the outfit and the Gosingan Stylistas will just work their magic with accessories and va-va-voom: I'll look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S without hurting our savings.

I was more excited to look for the gowns of my nieces! Sobrang cute yung mga outfits sa Tabora building pero sometimes sobrang OA na yung designs. Anyways, if you want a lot of options it's the place to be especially if you do not want to splurge just like us. Our next route was 168 Mall for some personal stuff that I need to use on that day. Dun na rin kami bumili ng scented candle for the Lighting of the Unity Candle. 

Pagkauwi naman ng bahay pahinga lang ng konti since I already called for a meeting for some of my girlfriends from the church to help me out on the day itself. Just like fairy God mothers, they flocked my apartment and were more than willing to discuss my 5-page instructions for the wedding day. They made it sound as if bukas na yung kasal ko kaya natuwa naman talaga ko. 

They kicked me out of my own place kse magpaplan pa daw sila ng bridal shower. I was so tired to even disagree kaya sumunod na lang ako sa kanila and just went to the laundry area para mabawasan naman yung labahan ko. Hahahaha...

Nov 5, 2009

Hays...finally an official time off!

I filed for a two-day vacation leave ages ago for today and tomorrow. A guilt free personal time off since I had no pending task and was able to endorse to my co-alipins my assignments.

I so love the weather outside - medyo makulimlim lang pero hindi bumubuhos ang ulan. So the whole day I just sat in front of my laptop mapping out details for the wedding:
  • Instruction for the Restaurant
  • Wedding Bulletin vis-a-vis Coordinator / Emcee / Performers / Photographer tasks
Sa sobrang relax ko, out of the blue I was able to make Welcome Photo for the door, Crew IDs and have them laminated in no time. Umandar na naman ang ka-sasa-an ako.

Groomy and I went out for dinner at CEDZ for my birthday plus to finalize our reservation. Approved naman lahat ng ideas ko walang binago kaya I'm so happy!

Nov 3, 2009

Groomy already had himself measured last Saturday for his coat and slacks. I on the other hand already set an appointment with the dress maker at Divi on Friday. Inspite of us both gaining weight for the past couple of weeks, it's the best time we could have our outfits made to ensure delivery.

* * * * *

I met up with Kuya over lunch to see the glossy sample CD Sleeves we talked about a week ago. It was PERFECT! I'm sure Groomy would give it two thumbs-up. However, we are going to go a little over budget with the kind of quality we want. But as I have mentioned before, the souvenir really is the highlight of all the preparation.

Nov 2, 2009

Got up early to finish up my household chores and went straight ahead to Dhel's new salon. We have been talking about getting curls for my hair just to enhance its natural wave.

After a couple of hours and so...VOILA! New look for my 28th Birthday. Hihihi :) In between the curling process I handed out Dhel's invitation for the wedding. I hired him/her as my Bridal Make-up artist. But to my surprise he/she got teary-eyed upon seeing his/her name on the Table Assignments: SEAT 10 TABLE 1 (Bride's Family). Touched ang lola nyo, belat.

Groomy gave a thumbs up for the new look and so was my BFF who came in earlier for my advance birthday dinner. She also mentioned of throwing me a bridal shower of some sort. She even asked Pastor's blessing if it is alright to take me to a bar and drink some cocktails. But Pastor passed the ball to Groomy and I quote "Sya na ang nagmamay-ari dyan." Let's see how it will turn out.

7 pm came and most of my invited guests made it for dinner at Lydia's Pancit Malabon - Noveleta just a few stones away from my house. We had to change venue since Rosello was closed for the holiday. Pastor with Sis Mabel and Ninong Hamir came in. Ninong Ernie through wife Sis Lanie thoughtfully sent a cake since he couldn't make it. The whole CJF Tropa was complete and that only spells one word: KAGUGULO!

For dessert we went to my tiny apartment where I blew my 28th Birthday candles and Pastor bought me my fave 'Very Rocky Road' Selecta Ice Cream. The party started when we played Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo and my studio type apartment got filled with laughters. On a more serious tone, we discussed a few details about the wedding and Ninong Hamir generously offered their Toyota Adventure as my Bridal Car. So that solved our transportation problem. Buti na lang!

The party ended by 11 o'clock, I gave Groomy a well-deserved hug for helping me out in the celebration.

Heart & Choi, daughters of Jen and Erwin, gave me a birthday card wishing and hoping they could come for the wedding... awww!

Dear Lord,

I continue to give thanks to you for giving me all these people who became a family and generously offered us help and love. I pray that you bless them and may our relationship with each and everyone continue to grow. Amen.