Apr 20, 2014

Some of you may have realized by now that I have a sweet tooth. So when my cousin-in-law informed me that she has finally perfected her recipe of homemade, no bake cheesecake and now ready to throw samples my way, we scheduled a meet up so I could critique her creations...as if!!!

Okay, before any of you raise eyebrow and accuse me of loving my own, first off let me introduce you to the queen.
Quincy Borja-Castro is a graduate of B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has worked in several hotels in the metro. Although fate has brought her to a career in BPO, she continues to whip out her magic in the kitchen. Thus, the birth of iLuvCakes_Q. Yeah, with a Q as in parang banana que or kung jejemon ka cakes q (pronounced as cakes ko). But kidding aside, "Q" obviously stands for her name.
Funny how sometimes the lack of resources actually leads to innovation. Quincy admittedly has no oven at home. But her usual cravings for sweet pushed her to think out of the box. Hence, dubbing her sweet treats as 'No Bake Cheesecake'.

But quality is at the top of her list, using mostly imported ingredients but still making it affordable. For only Php 30-35 you already have a cupcake-sized cheesecake to tickle your taste buds. Together with her supportive hubby, Randy, the duo offers FREE delivery within Caloocan, Manila and Makati area with a minimum order of 6 pieces.

We tried out their banoffee, white chocolate and our personal favorite, blueberry. Other flavors include mango, lemon, cookies and cream. Upcoming concoctions are strawberry, peach and dolce de leche.

So the verdict... Y-U-M-M-Y!!! The cream is light and just the right amount of sweet. So be careful because you might over indulge once you start digging in.

The business is still in its infancy and trial stage. But to get first dibs, like them on Instagram @iLuvCakes_Q, hashtag #Qcakes. You may also make arrangements through the contacts below. She even caters to special request such as less sugar for those on a diet or diabetics.

Apr 10, 2014

Human Nature is best known for their wonder product Sunflower Oil for years now and for having a social responsible philosophy in doing business. I have been a quiet customer in the past but this year I have decided that a change of lifestyle is possible with them because of their growing line of all natural products.
And just recently, they introduced a prestige skin care called the Overnight Elixir. An overnight serum that prides to include 9 ActivOil Nutritives in a 30 mL frosted bottle. It is a blend of soybeans and lavender for exquisite softness; passion fruit and avocado for superior hydration; rosehip, sunflower, elemi, natural vitamin E and lastly rosemary for that timeless radiance.
Screenshot of Human Nature Overnight Elixir Page
I don't have a regular "beauty" facial regimen but I wanted to improve my skin as I have noticed a few dark spots already. So after a week of signing up as a dealer, I texted Human Nature - Alabang to order one while it is still in its discounted price.

with Complimentary Clutch bag for limited time only

They delivered to me the next day for free together with some of my minor orders. Shelling out a thousand bucks for someone who is NOT big in beauty products can be quite a splurge. But if you do decide to buy one, I think this would be it!

Apr 6, 2014

It was already enough that two of my favorite 90's personality were hailed as judges of AsNTM2, former MTV VJ Nadya Hutagalong and supermodel Joey Mead. But having two young candidates from our country, Philippines, are another 2 reason to watch it at StarWorld Channel HD.
From 16 girls and now they are down to 3. To keep you up to speed, both of the girls from our country made it to the top 3. That is 67% chances that the Asia's Next Top Model will come from the Philippines!!!
Jodi seems to be one of the tallest, she is even towering over Nadya. She came from humble beginnings and brings her stuff toy wherever. Very childlike but once she steps in front of the camera she morphs into this driven model with so much focus because of her love for family.
Kat on the other hand has one of the beautiful faces in the computation. She finally "arrived" in the competition during the jungle episode. From then on, she is able to deliver more beautiful photos. 
Catch the last episode on Wednesday, April 9 at around 9:00pm in Star World.