Nov 20, 2012

Nuffnang Philippines Blogopolis: The Googly Gooeys

Growing up with the Ramos, we have two artists at home. My Tatay who sidelined as a graphic artist in the hotel he was working for aside from being their receptionist when he was still an OFW in Saudi Arabia and my Kuya who took Architecture in UST but later on pursued graphic designer as a profession. Ako hanggang sticks drawing lang! Being a kid, I was soooo envious of my older brother's talent. Indi ko pa naiintindihan that time that si Lord binibigyan tayo ng kanya-kanyang gift to be used for His Glory. Basta ang alam ko lang indi ako marunong magdrawing. But despite my jealousy, I would always be proud of my kuya's talent to the point na nagpipresinta pa ko sa school na sya na lang ang gagawa ng drawings for our Grade 4 bulletin board. Which later on napagalitan ako kse according to my Tatay, I was putting unneccessary pressure to my brother without him knowing it. In short, kinokompromiso ko daw hahaha. Well, I was just being a proud baby sister lang naman, kahit lagi nya akong inaaway during that time. *PEACE!*

Until now, I would still enjoy looking at drawings secretly wishing I could do one as well (Pero this time tanggap ko na indi yun ang gift ko from God). So being an avid reader of Patty Laurel's blog, she posted this web comics depicting her wedding prep with fiancee (husband after 2 days from now) Patrick.

This very cute characters known as The Googly Gooeys are created by Tipsy (the pink goo) and Ponggo (the blue goo) who are real-life married couple. Their blog posts are always a feast to the eyes for being colorful, cuddly, light and funny. Their blog is the only blog I was already reading from the speakers/panelists roster prior Blogopolis so I was excited to see them.

What was more endearing was when they shyly tweeted that "Tippy and Anthony Go" are Tipsy and Ponggo in person. You can almost feel how proud but a little nervous they were for being part of the panelists then speakers for Session B. Sayang nga lang kse I was registered for Session A but just the same I was still happy to meet them. I heard kinareer nila yung slide presentation and gave out merchandises during the breakout session.

Meet the creative brains behind the adorable Googly Gooeys

I could relate when Tippy reminisced that they only have 3 Likes in FB page! Kasi ako I just created mine and I only have 5 likes, 2 of which eh boys pa to think my target readers are 30s Christian wifeys. Hihihi!

Me and Tippy in an another blog post

Tippy Go aka Tipsy the Pink Goo

Their success as bloggers also allowed them to merchandise their creation into plushie keychains then when asked 'What is next for them?', here's the answer straight from Tippy: