Jan 30, 2012

Getting NBI Clearance - New Biometrics System

Location: Robinson Otis, UN Avenue Manila
Processing Time: 3:00 pm - 4:40 pm
Fee: Php 115.00 for local employment
Requirements: 1 Valid ID (In my case, my trustee Postal ID) 
Perks: Also acceptable as Valid ID to some offices but more of proving to the party you are transacting with that you have no criminal records whatsoever.

There was a bit of confusion when I was researching in how to renew my NBI Clearance since there were a lot of people who blogged about it. But after much patience, I got na what happened and what to do next. So NBI had some problems with their IT provider in July 2011, so after signing up for a new one they had to redo their records. So everyone is treated as first time applicants. Next, the new system seems to working well but there are a lot of issues regarding lining up causing some horrible stories of endless waiting or worse not making it on time for the day's quota in clearance center. Another blog gave note worthy comments that Robinsons Otis in the afternoon is the best way to go.

Like most of you, I'm not familiar with this mall but I do know UN Avenue since I went to college in a school in Pedro Gil plus I attended a few times in a Christian Church in front of the NBI Main in Taft Avenue.

So from Tagaytay-Lawton-Route bus, I got off in Taft-UN Avenue then to a yellow tricycle (Php 10.00) for Robinsons Otis. I asked the lady guard at the mall entrance about NBI, she mentioned it was already cut-off but still pointed me to the 2nd floor. I got there and saw some people in line, I asked the guard at the end of the line and he instructed me to confirm with the NBI Personnel if they will still accept applicants and so I did. They still handed me a form to fill up and a few more people after me.

I lined up at 3:00 pm

Just my assumption though, the center accepts afternoon applicants even if they reach the day's quota as long as they could still process your application before the closing time.
  • Step 1: Fill up the form and pay Php 115.00 for local employment and show 1 valid ID
  • Step 2: Encoding, there is a screen in front of the applicant to make sure correct data is keyed in
  • Step 3: Biometrics (finger print and picture)
  • Step 4: Releasing
I was able to take a seat 40 minutes later

I expected that I have a hit, since I had one from the last time I applied. I was just a bit disappointed that I could get it only after 2-wks... I'll be starting with my new employer by that time.

*** TIPS ***

Prepare the exact amount, this ain't the departments store. They're not very big on change.
Expect long lines so be patient - bring something that will keep you busy while in line.
Bring water and snack if you have to, I was on a partial fasting so I didn't mind not having my lunch or snack when I went around the offices.

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Replacement of SSS ID for Surname Change due to Marriage
Location: SSS Tagaytay Branch
Processing Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 nn
Fee: Php 300.00
Requirements: 2 Valid ID (In my case, my recently acquired Postal ID  and NSO Marriage Certificate)
Forms: E-6 for data capturing and R-6 for ID replacement payment
            E-4 if you have not submitted your Data Amendment
Perks: For claiming benefits and applying for loans especially salary. It is accepted as a valid ID in virtually all offices with the likes banks and service providers - phone, broadband, cable.

Right after I got married, I submitted my E4 Member's Data Amendment Form with my last employer to have the updates processed but I never got around into changing my ID Card. This made the processing to the banks harder because they will still follow my maiden name despite presenting marriage certificate.

In SM Bacoor, I waited for a bus going to Tagaytay. This SSS Branch is a bit farther from our house but when I read a recent post in a blog with good feedback in this branch. I decided it is worth the 1.5 hr trip. I'd rather have a long drive than waiting in line. This is where I started feeling I was in  a field trip, being in a bus, looking out the window, seeing the greenery outside. Ang saya! Thank you, Lord for this moment. I boarded off the bus at Olivarez (yung rotonda where you can find KFC, Jollibee, Chowking and Mang Inasal). In Mang Inasal side, I walked turning to the left (the way going to Palace in The Sky) passing by vendors selling plants at the side of the road.

There were a lot of people in the SSS Office, but the guards are very accommodating. Just don't be imitated with their loud voice, as they were doing this because there were a lot of people around the office. In the Forms table, I got a copy of E6 & R6 then proceeded to the Cashier in the 2nd floor. When I returned to the 1st floor, I gave the guard my form and he handed it to the Records Table for checking. Sad part for me is that they took away my current SSS ID Card since it is for replacement, good thing I was able to scan it at home. It was almost lunch time so they were coordinating how many more records they could finish by 12 nn. After my records have been verified, I went straight ahead to the data capturing booth for my fingerprints, digital signature and picture taking (you can smile but no teeth showing). Done, yehey! Still praying that in some sort of miracle to get my ID Card by mail not too far from now.

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3 Destination in One Day. This is going to be a long post. Read on...

Getting Philippine Postal ID 

Location: Kawit, Cavite
Processing Time: 8:00 am - 8:40 am
Fee: Php 350.00
Requirements: Cedula, Birth Certificate, Brgy. Clearance, 3 pcs. 2x2 ID picture, you will also sketch out the location of your house in the form

Perks: It is valid for 5 years and contains more than the basic name, address, occupation. The back of the ID contains birthdate and place, height, complexion, hair and eye color and birthmarks.

Last Friday, it was hubby's day off and he had errands to run for our car back in Cavite so I asked him so nicely to drop by our local municipal office for my 2012 Cedula then to our barangay hall for my barangay clearance. I sent him with a couple of authorization letter. My dependable hubby was able to acquire both so I'm all set today to start with my excursion. Hahaha.

I've been rehearsing the itinerary in my head for a week now and been praying that all will be well and I'll be safe commuting around alone. First stop, local post office: I asked the old man in the window where can I get a Postal ID and he said I was in the right window. But I have to wait a little because the personnel that does the ID is not yet in. I handed him the requirements then he added 'tatlong 2x2...yung may collar.' I came in prepared I had my picture taken in Picture City - Market Market availed Package 4 (6 pcs. passport size) and Package 7 (passport size & 1x1). He was actually surprised that I had complete requirements but medyo masungit pa rin yung tone nya. He gave me a form to fill up and while answering the form, he was reading through my requirements then said 'Anak ka ni Gloria?'

So I had small talk with him para di nya na ko sungitin. He knew my Tito's, Tita's even my Lolo's so he started smiling as he reminisce their times hanging out. He was about the same age as my Mom if she was still alive so I guess they are really contemporaries. Anyhow, a few minutes later I saw a woman coming in the main door and she was apologetic when she came in to the Postal Office. She said she was late because her blood pressure is high that morning and not feeling well. She started instructing the people inside the office. Despite her loud voice she was still courteous to me and wasted no time in making my ID. Base on the 'scolding' she had with the other personnel, I picked up that she was our local PM (Post Master). While typing my ID, she said to her subordinate 'Magpasalamat kayo itinatama ko kayo dahil concern ako sa inyo, malapit na kong magretire. Para rin naman sa inyo yan.' She gave me the card to check the info before laminating it. She handed it to me, I then thanked her and wished her to feel better soon. I was rejoicing to have my first government ID with PICTURE bearing my married name. So, I hop with glee in a baby bus going to SM Bacoor.

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Jan 28, 2012

Since I began my career on July 2003, I've been with 4 employers. Yesterday, I bid goodbye to the most recent one having to stay there for the last 4 years and 10 months. I was at peace (with my decision to leave) on my last day for I have submitted this decision to the Lord through prayers, seeking His guidance that I may act according to His will.

Anyhow, since my corporate career began I never really had time to rest in between employers, the longest was 1 week so I'm so looking forward to this 14-day break before I start with my next employer. Yey! Super excited nga eh kse I really need to recharge and channel my energy since I've been sickly for over a year now due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) . As I continue to pray that the Lord will continue to shower His grace upon me as I psyche myself with another chapter in my life, naisip ko sayang pala kse I was also praying to be part of Victory Christian Fellowship-Fort Ten-Day mission in planting a church in another country. Pasok sana with my break kse I'm not sure when I could have paid Vacation Leaves again. Hihihi... but in the end, I know God is in control over my schedule so if it part of His plan for me, it will happen.

Here is a run down of my TO DO's for the next 2 weeks:

  • Get Postal ID bearing my married name
  • Replace my SSS ID to bear my married name
  • Get NBI Clearance
  • Go to the dentist
  • Pass requirements to my new employer
  • Go through the required Pre-employment Medical Exam
  • Renew my soon-to-expire passport with surname change due to marriage 
  • Get BIR TIN Card ID
  • Get Clearance Kit and last pay (woohoo!!!)
  • Exercise: Kinect and afternoon run in Bonifacio Global City Fort to lose a few pounds for overall wellness 
  • Prayer and Fast to detox my body and to seek God's will for this year especially His assignment for me in this new place of work
I'm believing that I will be able to do as planned (Share your plans to the Lord and you will succeed Proverbs 16:3). Also, I'm also looking forward to the experience to be fully dependent to my husband in terms of finances. Hihihi, kse nga wala na kong pay this 31st.

Jan 15, 2012

I've been married for a couple of years already, although all my records have been updated with my married name, I am yet to own an Identification Card that bears it. So imagine my excitement that after 30 minutes of falling in line, I got this!

Number & Birthday have been omitted in the above photo

Check it out y'all -- it ain't hypenated!

How was I able to obtain it?

Last Dec 22-28, Philhealth set-up a booth in the Food Court Area of our building mainly to print digitized ID for existing and new members. So I quickly filled up the form and line-up. Easy breezy, got the ID above then back to my workstation in no time. I was also able to obtain IDs for my husband and my dad.

Too bad though that the other night, the news showed that a syndicate stole our company's 114M contribution for past 2 years... waah!

Jan 13, 2012

I'm such a fan of Sara Ramirez, more popularly known as Dr. Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy. I find her so pretty. Check out her live performance of the song 'The Story' in Good Morning America. The song she also performed in the musical event of the Grey's.


Did I mentioned my middle name was 'Ramirez' before I got married? Wala lang, kinoconnect ko lang sa akin. Belat =P

Jan 7, 2012

After our church service, hubby and I strolled to Bonifacio High Street South block. It was nice, looks like a glamorized Luneta hihihi. Just the same, simple walks with your love ones is always priceless. Sorry bout my outfit repetition.

I've been looking up some fashion blogs lately for I have been eyeing to update my wardrobe for this year. Given that I would lose 20 lbs by February, since I am already overweight at 180 lbs with height 5'3'', I need to save up to new clothes. I enjoy going through the colors and edgy look but my fashion palette is gearing towards the more classic look with just striking pieces. I just turned 30 a couple of months ago and being a wifey, budget really goes to conjugal acquisition first just how the Lord intended it be. Hihihi... So you younger bloggers, enjoy it but be ready to be willingly give it up once you have a partner. Anyway, if you have waited and ask God's will for that man -- it will be worth it. Luv you, Beb!

Digging this office looks