Feb 24, 2008

It was Jase 27th bday yesterday but we didn't have any BIG plans. Just hang out with the crew from CJF as the new bike owners needed their units for break-in. So off we went to Tagaytay in the midst of a drizzling morning. A motorist on a maroon Tamaraw FX challenged us when Migz stopped his car in the middle of the "highway" to check up on the rest of the bikers. But we weren't there to fight so we just shrug it off and continue with the journey. We reached Picnic Groove and shared a hearty meal of Adobong Manok/Baboy and Itlog na Pula prepared by Gaylord. Everyone was chatting, NON-STOP especially Adi. The cool weather begun to shift to a scorching heat but the crew is not yet ready to go home just yet. So we agreed to drive to Batangas to Joel's relative. Then the suspense started...

To cut the story short, we didn't reach our destination! Thanks to this strange fella in a blue motor bike who keeps on tailing us that the boys started to get paranaoid and creeping the hell out of the girls. The stalker seems to be pulling off a lot of stunts on us. We have some stopovers since it was a long way but then he would pop out from nowhere when he could have been way ahead of us already. They saw him texting (calling out his mafia, I guess). The last straw was when we saw him with a newly bought bananas and started "throwing" them on the road that could cause major slip for the bikes. So finally, we decided it was time to go back instead because we're not familiar with the place and we don't know what evil plan this man has. The guys' mojos begun to peak up that they asked all girls to get in the car. It was still tense until we reached the intersection of Tagaytay. I got reunited with Jase when we thought it was already safe and headed towards home. Well, we thought it was already safe until...

Jase and I got a flat tire. Hahahaha funny that we were the ones who have been doing this for 3 years and we ended up with a flat tire. Good thing that despite being in an endless-in-the-middle-of-nowhere roads the incident happened near a vulcanizing shop. Finally, it was time to go home and everyone came back to Jase's house for a simple merienda but with a blowing of candles nonetheless. I got sunburns on my cheeks for not putting down my helmet's visor. Hehehe! This is actually so much for not having big plans...


Feb 18, 2008

Who says that Christians can't go partying, huh? I ended the Valentines week by thumping my frustration in the house of the Lord with my best bud, Aisha and my rockstar boyfriend, Jase together with the equally talented CJF Youth band headed by Joel. Their reportoire includes Hillsongs such as One Way, Take it All, Time Has Come, Salvation is Here, The Revolution, and a whole lot of songs that they only practice twice. Rock on, Guys!!!

Feb 16, 2008

Y'know how some stores would ask for your name to write on a mug or the receipt. Well I usually spell my name out. I would say its "Sasa, S-A-S-A". So yesterday I bought my lunch at Chowking along Rada street then when I got my receipt and read it "Ms. Sxaza". Hmmm... kinda cool actually, the girl at counter made my name so complicated. Hehehe...

And oh, when Jase would usually get Jayson instead of a Jason he would always react na that's not me, may "Y" eh. Ang arte noh? Well one of the things endearing about him.
If I have a lot of money to spare, I'll definitely buy one of these cuties. It costs Php 200,000.00. And I quote from their website

The G Car is a four-passenger electric vehicle with locally developed and manufactured mechanical, structural, and body components. It's the first environmentally friendly Philippine-made electric car. The G Car is capable of a maximum range of 80 kilometers and a speed of 40 kph on one full charge.

Feb 14, 2008

You go girl!!!

Feb 10, 2008

Jase has been sending me links of models of the automatic motorbike his looking into last week and good thing Yamaha had an event and off we went to MOA and spent the whole day there walking to exhaustion. Yamaha bikes, Test Drive, Narita Brothers, Skunkrice and BAMBOOO for free. What more can Jase ask for? He's like a little kid going around those bike and wishing he would win the Red Mio in the raffle. We'll know on Feb 13.