Dec 31, 2012

Thank you for being part of our 2012. 
Praying for good health and blessing from God to you and your family. 
Enjoy celebrating with your love ones!!!

Dec 30, 2012

Today, we we covered a civil wedding of hubby's cousin. Held at a Chinese Restaurant in Caloocan City and was attended only by closest member of the family. Funny thing in this photo set is that it is actually taken by our Junior YAPtographer. Hubby's nephew hehehe... I just edited it with online photo enhancer.

Money Dance of the Bride and Groom
The Bride's Side of the Family...Us!!!
Flower Girl
Snapshot by Junior YAPtographer, Sean
Black and White Wedding Theme
This headdress is for FOR SALE!!!
Just comment below if interested

.Best Wishes to the Newly Weds.
Thank you for making us part of this special occasion.

Dec 28, 2012

Although I have been working at Makati for many years now and my former office building was just right across Ayala Triangle, it was only this year that I got to catch the magical Christmas Light Show. Although each set of the show would only last a few minutes or so but still can't help the feeling of excitement especially when we were under the lights and in the midst of the smoke effect.

Here are a few shots but you have to forgive us YAPtographers as we are still practicing our night shots.

Wearing my Suelas Puntera Zebra Print
Bought it on Sale

Caught the STAR in the Laser light thru my iPad Cam
Convergys Christmas Tree
Dedicated to all BPO Employees

I have to confess with you lovelies na ang haba ng hair upon seeing this picture of me in my FB Newsfeed. Hayyyy!!! Picture taken under the twinkling Christmas Lights.

You can still catch the Light Show until Dec 30 from 6:00-9:00 in the evening every 30 minutes.
Return here soon as I'll be uploading videos.

Dec 23, 2012

As you all know, I have won the AcQuabella and AcQuabene by Penshoppe Promo and got an iPad 2 after I attended the Nuffnang Blogopolis. I have been an android user for a couple of years now and it is my first time to own an Apple product... What a better way to own one other than as a freebie, WEEEHHH!!!!

This will not be a tech review but just a simple unboxing moment. I am sure you could all relate since Christmas time is just two sleeps away and we are all excited to unbox our presents. By the way, did you know that in New Zealand Dec 26 is a national holiday for them called "Boxing Day"? It is the day they (un)box the Christmas presents that they recieved. Oh, that just something I learn from my former counterpart who hails there. 

So without further adieu, unbox this iPad2 with me.

Thank you Lord for using Nuffnang Philippines and AcQuabella/AcQuabene by Penshoppe as your channel of blessing. I pray you make these brands prosper in 2013 that would be honorable to your name!


I got this iPad Halo Case from Glorietta for only Php 835.00. I am wandering how I could better protect this nifty gadget, any suggestions? Feel free to comment below.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 22, 2012

To tell you frankly it has been very tricky for me to dress up according to my style since I gained weight due to my hypothyroidism. I am used to being within normal weight range all my life so first things first is learning to adjust to the new pear shape body type. It is still hit and miss as I study what works and what doesn't. But I have to say that 'A' for me for Ae~ffort for trying not looking like a slob. Thanks Lifestyle Channel's What Not To Wear for always reminding me that it is not your size that is causing the problem but rather how you dress up for your size.

Next issue is that not many brands carry sizes for 2XL that fits within my allotted budget. Even if they do, it would be one size smaller or one size bigger for me. So it wasn't easy scouting for items that fits. Thus, patience until you find something you like.

Anyhow, here we have my Coron getaway ensemble.

Flight to Busuanga and Mt. Tapyas afternoon tour: Suelas Corte Tan, Bluegreen coverup and Midi Halter Summer Dress both from Fashion Market.

Island Hopping: Jelly Bunny black sandals, Pink&White stripes Coverup from Fashion Market, Body Music black shorts and Sassa Swimwear from Metro Department Store.

Dinner and souvenir shopping: Suelas Corte Tan, Black Camisole SM Department Store, Violet Dress and Yellow-Orange shawl from Fashion Market.

As you can see I am a minimalist for I am not good with accessorizing. So if you have tips for me feel free to comment or email me in the address found in the sidebar.

Suelas Online

Jelly Bunny
Ground Floor Activity Center
Market Market BGC Taguig

Fashion Market**
Metro Department Store - Ladies Section
2nd Floor Market Market
BGC Taguig

** Fashion Market is the Tiangge-style setup inside Market Market mall where you can find different stalls selling clothes from local to factory overruns. Imagine, Greenhills Shopping Center or 168 Mall in Divisoria.

DISCLAIMER: I don't breathe fashion, heck you will find me everyday going to the office wearing a boring black pants and basic blouse partnered with flat shoes with no makeup on (I don't know how to do it either). But occassionaly, I would channel the kikay lady inside of me esp. when I go out with hubby and put on some pretty things. My mom used to own a RTW store where I used to get my supplies from when I was much younger. I grew up reading Candy, Cosmo, Marie Claire and Woman's Today Magazine. I like watching makeover and fashion-related reality tv shows such as Project Runaway and America's Next Top Model.

Dec 20, 2012

Getting run out of time to buy gifts for your Kris Kringle? Don't fret, just go to the nearest 24-hour convenient store, drug store or supermarket and grab a bottle of AcQuabella and AcQuabene scents by Penshoppe. For as low as, Php 100-120 you can buy as much as 5 bottles for those exchange gift worth Php 500. This line of scents has many variants and nicely bottled with cool designs, your gift will not look rushed at all. Just package with a nice bow and you are all set!

Fruity Mist Collection
Flames Collection

The AcQuabella and AcQuabene is exclusively retailed in the said outlets, you won't even find it inside the Penshoppe store. Get one for your love ones and perfect gift to your many inaanaks! You can even match it with their personalities.

I Am Collection

I already bought some and I need not go too far. Buying from the 7-11 store just right beside my office building. No extra time and energy needed to brave the traffic jam or go through the aisles of the mall.


Thank you also for this fabulous Christmas Gift!!!

Special thanks to
Chris of AcQuabella and AcQuabene by Penshoppe
AJ and Toni of Nuffnang Philippines

The young and hardworking people I met over lunch. May you continue to be a blessing to the company you are working for. I really appreciate the short time we spent together. God bless!

Dec 16, 2012

It was one week after our Coron Trip, so time to bring home the pasalubong to Kawit. But just before we went straight to our house, we took a detour to a store in Noveleta to buy Samala Rice Cake. I was suppose to buy a few to bring back to the office but unfortunately their stock is good to eat only until Sunday... Eh Monday ko pa madadala sa office, so I ended up just buying one for ourselves.

Upon reaching home, we were entertained by Nathan, my in-laws African love birds. Actually Nathan was already the inakay of Daniel and Katharina. Yeap they are all named after the teleserye.

He is no Angry Bird but a very energetic, happy bird

So what is new in our town? Surprise, surprise -- we now have our very own SM Savemore Supermarket located at Magdiwang Highway Tabon II Kawit Cavite. Just after you passed by my alma mater Aguinaldo Elementary School.

It is good that Kawit will have an income generating establishment within the vicinity but expect traffic jam will build up in that 2-way area.
Balaibinda Lodge is a charming, compact, cozy place located at the Coron Town Proper. It is a few steps away from the Local Tourist Center Building and a 2-minute walk to Lualhati Park where the boats docking area are also located.

Outside the lodge is the usual provincial town set up where the public market and small establishments are accessible. A few more walks or a tricycle ride is the Municipal Town Hall and Plaza. It has the common busy rural feel outside. But once you step inside the Balaibinda, you will find some quietness and homey feeling featuring a pocket garden at the center of the 2 storey-lodge with rooftop.

Reception and Lounge Area adjacent to the Garden

We stayed at Room 205 Courtyard Queen. Inside the room you will find a queen-sized comfy bed, 19" LCD Cable TV, Aircon and ceiling fan. A slim built-in cabinet has 4 hangers while the bathroom has a shower heater. The available toiletries are 2 white towels, a shampoo split sachet, 2 soaps and toilet papers. There were no toothbrush and toothpaste. Knobs and locks are working and no problem whatsoever in all furniture. Wifi signal is also good in our room, we actually saw a couple of routers so just in case you still want to stay connected.

Right outside our room in the second floor is the restaurant where set breakfast is being served daily.

Although the place is small and compact, you cannot discount the fact that it is adorned intricately with different ornaments. Since it was Christmas Season, they have Christmas decors combined with their locally
made displays. We spent a good hour just taking pictures around.

One thing I also love about Balaibinda is that right beside its gate is a Zagu Pearl favorite!!! It is a good way to refresh coming back from Mt. Tapyas hike and Island Hopping Tour.

Balaibinda Building Facade

Dec 14, 2012

It was eons ago when I took a stride at Dela Rosa Walkway in Ayala Makati. It was a heavy traffic on a Thursday night so I decided to take a walk going to the terminal. Upon reaching the parking lot right after Enterprise Building I noticed some vandalism at the ceiling of the walkway.

I then realized that the paintings are actually murals on the ceiling. Each square has a different theme and it was up to the end of the parking lot building. So just imagine how many artwork there are. I took a few snapshots.

Just don't stare too long you might bump into somebody.

Dec 11, 2012

One of the many things we learned from watching Paco Guerrero in his travels to is to get the story behind the people you meet in the places you go to. So even before blogging about details of the tourist spots in Coron, let me introduce to you first our Island Hopping Crew.

Aside from their accomodation, Balaibinda provided us with all the land arrangements and tours during our trip. So they were the ones who facilitated and contacted the local tourist guides. Our Day 2 Itinerary is for the Island Hopping Tour and it was through Calamian Islands Travel and Tours.

We were picked up from the lodge then dropped off to the docking area in Lualhati Park (5-minute ride). We met up with the boat crews which consisted by a Captain, a Boatman and of course Rico, our tour guide.

Our group only consisted of 4 adults and 1 kid: with that we had more time to ourselves to explore so Rico opened by asking us whether we want to walk 300 steps NOW or LATER. Our legs are still shakey from the 700+ steps of Mt. Tapyas the day before so we agreed to do it later.

Maybe because Rico was already doing this almost everyday, he would just utter information about the places very softly. His lack of gimmicks in explaining is well compensated in his skills once we were already in the water. He patiently "pulled" while three of us were holding on the floater and snorkeling looking at the scenery below us.

Rico fixing my mask and giving me instructions

When we reached the 91 Beach that is were we all started to bond. We actually had ample of time there to take pictures of the rock formation, the beach and underwater. During lunch time, even though we tried convincing them but the guides would not eat with us. (It was sort off a SOP to them not to eat with the guests). So instead, Rico entertained us by answering our kulit questions while we were eating.

Gangsta lang yung peg pero mabait yan!

Rico is just 30 yrs old so we stopped calling him Kuya since we were a year older than him. He doesn't have any girlfriend by choice because according to him "Mahal po ang bigas! Php 32 NFA Rice, may amoy pa yun". Hahaha.

The funny banter amongst us continued to Twin lagoon and Kayangan Lake. Rico even took great photos of us and really directed us how to pose. San ka pa, di ba?

Twin Lagoon
Kayangan Lake
Buwis Buhay Underwater shots of Hubby and Rico
Shot inside the cave

Lastly, this is my personal favorite among all of our pictures in Coron

Shot by Rico for YAPtography

Innate to Pinoys is their light hearted nature despite living a life with rotating brown out in Coron and receiving a minimum wage monthly salary. The crew cannot accept freelance tour so if you wish to avail their service please coordinate with Calamian Travel and Tours and if possible request for Rico. And do not forget to tip them especially if you enjoyed their service!

Boat Captain
Boatman sometimes Hubby's Photographer

Thank you everyone for taking good care of us.
I speak blessing upon your way and may the Lord use your skills to send out His blessings.
Keep safe and stay down to earth!