Dec 20, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas from AcQuabella and AcQuabene by Penshoppe

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Getting run out of time to buy gifts for your Kris Kringle? Don't fret, just go to the nearest 24-hour convenient store, drug store or supermarket and grab a bottle of AcQuabella and AcQuabene scents by Penshoppe. For as low as, Php 100-120 you can buy as much as 5 bottles for those exchange gift worth Php 500. This line of scents has many variants and nicely bottled with cool designs, your gift will not look rushed at all. Just package with a nice bow and you are all set!

Fruity Mist Collection
Flames Collection

The AcQuabella and AcQuabene is exclusively retailed in the said outlets, you won't even find it inside the Penshoppe store. Get one for your love ones and perfect gift to your many inaanaks! You can even match it with their personalities.

I Am Collection

I already bought some and I need not go too far. Buying from the 7-11 store just right beside my office building. No extra time and energy needed to brave the traffic jam or go through the aisles of the mall.


Thank you also for this fabulous Christmas Gift!!!

Special thanks to
Chris of AcQuabella and AcQuabene by Penshoppe
AJ and Toni of Nuffnang Philippines

The young and hardworking people I met over lunch. May you continue to be a blessing to the company you are working for. I really appreciate the short time we spent together. God bless!

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