May 7, 2007

May 04,2007
Island Cove
Winston's Summer Blast

The ticket was quite cheap (thanks to Winston!) so we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Bamboo perform live. The ticket includes a free beer and a pack of cigarette (FYI: I don't smoke or don't even drink) so it was really a good deal well at least for those who will use the freebies. So after braving the herendous traffic going home to Cavite last friday (due to Strike Revilla's motorcade) we were alas at the venue at exactly 8 pm as the ticket suggested. It was quite disappointing that there were very few people. Just to think na it is THE BAMBOO BAND. Nakakahiya naman baka isipin nila the Cavitenos don't appreciate their music. But anyway siguro kasalanan na rin ng promoters. I saw the banner like what May 1, 3 days before the actual gig. Sayang talaga!

But to our advantage, we get to see the whole thing right at the center next after the bar dividing the topaz tables and chairs to what I understand they refer to as the VIP area. Hehehe!!! Ahhh... the stage, I could still remember that 6 months ago I was doing the Pussy Cat Doll's Beep together with the rest of the team leaders on that stage for the company Xmas Party and now Bamboo will grace that same stage. Hahaha!!! So back to the VIP area, Nathan (bassist) sat down beside this girl the whole evening before their actual set and I was actually inhaling the smoke of his cigarette. Not actually a pretty nice situation to be in.

It's the 7th year for the Winston to feature this kind of concert and finally they chose Island Cove as one of their stop this year. Poetic Sparks was the front act. Soon after, Winner and Asia Agcaoli (yeap, she was there with her skimpy outfit. Just imagine the guys delight!) introduced Sugarfree. Did I mention they were there too? Hahaha!!! Ok naman sila kaso yung vocalist nila naoover power ng mga instruments and often the other member would actually make salo the singing part. Baka may sakit or something.

A couple of naughty games after, Nathan went back stage na. Wilma Doesn't, a true blue Cavitena, entered the VIP area. And then... I want to say the rest is history cause at that point Jase and I were already excited. But here goes, Ira (guitarist) entered the stage and soon after the other members came in...

Ibang klase! Each member of the band is really talented hindi lang si Bamboo lahat sila! And he had no problems sharing the lime light with the rest of his equally talented crew. But to my disappointment naglowbat ang digicam ko samantalang I recharge naman the battery the night before. So Jase settled in taking the video of the whole thing with my v3x instead. They did around 12 songs I think. And Bamboo came to us at countless time so we were able to smell his passion for music up close and personal. Nope I am no groupie... Yung kanta talaga nila ang gusto ko kaya ok na sa akin na wala kaming picture-picture na kasama sya with matching posing. Plus na nga lang ng nakamayan namin sya during the "Awit ng Kabataan".

It was a great performance and I'll be posting the video I guess soon.

Another crossed out item on my wish list.

May 4, 2007

It's my 3rd week at work and the best thing about it was I already received my first pay check + my signing bonus last friday pa! It was very timing since we used it to pay our one month advance and one month deposit to the new house we're renting. So I was busy over the weekend sa aming paglilipat. Good thing was we had a lot of help. So thank you very much to -- Yaya Nids, Alma, Angge, Ogie, Tito Boboy, Ka Danny and my forever so dependable handyman boyfriend, Jase.

So by May 1 we were almost done unpacking and I was able to squeeze in some time to watch Spiderman 3 at SM Bacoor. The movie was nice but I like Spiderman 2 better. Anywayz, we headed home early since I were expecting visitors si Ninang Nene and cousin Kim to check out the house. And of course my super sungit pamangkin, Elise slept over and had a blast since Dad and I made sure to make her, her own little space to play around so she would visit us often.

Yesterday, I was chatting with my former officemate online and they were convincing me to join the THEIR company outing tomorrow at 8 Waves in Bulacan. Since they said they weren't able to reserve the whole resort, it will still be open to the public. Plus the bus that they were assigned to has still a lot of seats available. Yeap it was a very vicious plan. Hahaha! I almost gave in since of course I wanna hang out with them but having my schedule...baka di na kayanin ng powers ko and magkasakit na ko so I had to turn them down. And made plans na lang to see them next week.


And tonight... Jase and I are going to watch Bamboo and Sugarfree at the Island Cove Resort. So ROCK ON!!!