Nov 17, 2012

Pre Event Nuffnang Philippines Blogopolis: Free Printable Business Card Maker Online

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I was feeling a bit under the weather a day before the Nuffnang Blogopolis Event but wanted to make a business card that I could easily hand out to people that I would meet. I had to reserve my strength for the whole day of activities tomorrow and decided just to go on line, find a quick printable business card maker. Imagine my relief that after some few clicks and info typing I already have these two designs to choose from: Business Card

Ain't that quick and cute!Thanks to Business Card Star for the easy-to-navigate website, it was a no brainer.

Business Card Star delivers as promised
Just click the 'Make Business Cards' menu to begin

If that did not convince you yet, here is their tutorial video on how to create your own business card using their template designs.

My finish product ~ printed and cut

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