Aug 22, 2012

Group Deal: Last June 2012, I was able to avail a group deal from Cash Cash Pinoy for 50% off for an overnight stay for 2 pax with complimentary set breakfast in Canyon Woods Residential Resort in Batangas. I made the payment via their Dragonpay Corp Account in BPI. After sending out the requirement, I received the voucher for my purchase via email.

Booking: I planned the weekend getaway in one of the long weekends in August. Two weeks before our target date, I called their reservation office to make the booking. I received an email confirmation the next day. Two days before August 19-20, I called in to confirm that we are coming in. They also called us a day before our check in date.

Direction: Coming from The Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig area, we took C5 then SLEX exiting in Sta. Rosa then Tagaytay Proper. Went straight ahead passing by Taal Vista, Residence Inn, Splendido, Buck Estates then turned left to Papaya Road (Tagaytay-Nasugbu). A few meters away there is a turn before a gasoline station, we turned left and went straight ahead then saw the Canyon Woods Entrance at the left side of the road. It was a long drive and there was traffic build up near the Bag of Beans vicinity so it took us 3 hours to get there.

Entrance Gate
Check-in: At the entrance gate, the guard already asked to see the voucher and 1 valid ID of the one who purchased it. They gave us the vehicle pass and entrance slip. We then proceeded to CWRR Clubhouse to check in. I presented my voucher and the front desk gave out the room keys, the brochure, map and instructions. The actual check-in time is at 3 pm but since the room is free, we were already allowed to check-in our room at The Lodge even if it was only 12 noon. The lodging facilities was a two-minute drive from the clubhouse, you may opt to leave your car in the clubhouse and just take their shuttle going there but we chose to bring Victor, our car, instead. It is also near the outdoor amenities such as the pavilion, the lake, the tennis court and mini golf course.

Clubhouse Lobby Area

The staff in The Lodge ushered us to room 209 and an immaculately clean room greeted us as soon as we opened the door of our home for the night. It features 2 single beds, spacious bathroom, balcony, cable TV. In the closet I found 2 bath robes, flat iron and the mini-ref contains 2 bottled water.

The Lodge: Room 209

Any girl would love the bathroom for their vanity mirror, hair dryer and toiletries. 3 bathroom towels and 3 hand towels are also on stock.The shower is also spacious. The only thing missing in it was a bath tub. But the cleanliness is just superb!

Bathroom Essentials
We planned going out to take pictures of the scenery but it started to rain as soon as we settled in the room. So  I took an afternoon nap instead while hubby watched movies and munched on our baon.

Side Note: Just love their interior. Reminds me of Costa Lou resort in the movie No Other Woman which I recently saw in Cinema One. Hihihi....
Main Dining Furnitures

Food: The voucher says no food allowed and the brochure indicates corkage fee for food being brought in. We brought in some snacks though so I am not sure what their rules really are about this.

We called in the front desk for the shuttle to pick us up so we could dine at the main hall for dinner. The clubhouse restaurant offers buffet for Php 500/pax but they also take per meal orders but it would take a while to be served. They also have room service but the delivery depends on the availability of shuttle. Below are the dishes served that night.
Dinner Buffet Php 500/pax

The next morning we availed the set breakfast included in our voucher but for additional Php 150 you could upgrade it to buffet breakfast. For the set breakfast, you can choose between the Traditional or American Breakfast. I chose the Angus Tapa Meal with Batangas Coffee while hubby chose Adobo with Mango Juice.

Complimentary Breakfast

Activities: CW holds on to their end for residential resort for it offers quite an array of activities for the whole family. Just a reminder though that if you are planning to go swimming, be prepared to pay Php 200 per swimming cap or better yet bring your own to save you a few pesos.

I'm not sure during peak season but I suggest you maximize the shuttle service to save you gas and from getting lost! We got a bit lost when we were going to The Lodge and going to The Clubhouse during check out. Hahaha.

Fun Center showcases Billiards, Wii, Air Hockey

Lake in front of the Casitas
Plus Points: Aside from the posh estate, the staff made our short stay truly a breath of fresh air.

Things to improve:
  • We got a room with 2 Single beds... People -- we are married young couple going on a vacation. Need I say more?
  • Door locks are malfunctioning: the sliding door needs some pushing before you can enjoy the view in the balcony and the bathroom door got totally locked. Good thing no one was inside the bathroom when it happened. The locksmith was on call though so he was able to fix it in no time.
  • I believe there was a brownout the next day so when we got back to our room, the security card is not working because there was no electricity. We were still fine because after 15 mins. the staff was able to open our door by key. I could not say the same for the other couple because they where still in the lobby of The Lodge during our check out.
  • Not all facilities are well kept during the season we came in like the locker room near the pavilion but that is not much of a big deal for me really. 

Sassy Note: So here we are making our stamp on the place. Mostly goofing around and taking practice shots with our tripod and DSLR. I was still on leave due to health reason and it was actually my first time to go out from the house so I wasn't really making much of kulit exploration of the place and just enjoyed the slow walks breathing in fresh Batangas air.

For more pictures of the actual place, you may access the YAPtography Photo Set: Canyon Woods Batangas.

The Yaps, Telenovela shots inside our room
Sweet Breakfast Morning
Young and Rested
Thank you Lord for granting us Sabbath

Aug 11, 2012

Monday this week when the monsoon was enhanced by the typhoon Haikui that caused torrential rains that night in Luzon Philippines. Despite the rain in Day 1, there was no flooding in our area in Makati...well not until midnight of Tuesday. So hubby brought the car to safety to the nearby mall parking for the rest of the night.

As we woke up Wednesday, flooding slowly subsided but as the weather forecast mentioned rains could continue that day. The flood water started rising up again, this time at a faster rate. The houses at the end of our street is already submerged under water. Hubby and I stayed calm but alert preparing for possible things that could happen to our apartment unit in the first floor.

Day 2 - 12 nn
In between twitting updates regarding the water level in our area, I would also tweet bible verses and song lyrics to remind myself most especially to continue trusting the Lord. For His loving arms to protect not just only us but our parents who are in Cavite.

Day 2 - 2 pm

Day 2 - 2 pm: The front of our apartment building became an instant motorcycle garage for the neighbors

Day 2 - 3 pm: neighbor made their airbed into a floating device

To be honest with you, it was actually when the raining stopped in Thursday and the water level remain as is when fear started to creep in me. I knew it was the enemy's scheme that kept me worried. With God's mercy, I kept asking for His grace upon me to give me the strength. I was so emotionally exhausted after, that I slept all day the next day when the sun shined the entire time.

Day 2 to 3: The water did not completely go down until Friday.

I don't exactly know why things played out the way that it did but I know God is weaving another testimony with this story. He continue to reign over our lives.

We are safe now so as well as our family. But please do include the rest of our countrymen who are greatly affected by this. For any help that you can extend, you can route it through our church at Victory Fort. Details here.

Twitter Hashtag #tulongpinoy

Aug 3, 2012

Every first Thursday of the month, the Victory Fellowship Church in the whole of Metro Manila gather in the different centers to hold the 'Worship Night'. Two hours of songs of praises and worship spent together as one body. So despite the rain, attendees in Victory Fort head to Every Nation Building for this month's installment.

Music Ministry
The focus of this particular Worship Night is: God the Jehovah Jireh (the Provider) as depicted in the story of Abraham in Genesis 22 when the Lord asked him to sacrifice Isaac, his beloved, one and only son. We know the story that this is just to test Abraham's faith.

Pastor-Doc Jun Aguilar highlighted in verse 13 that in the right moment God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his beloved Isaac. With this,
14 So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided. ”
Pastors praying for different areas of breakthrough
Another take away for me that night is to make sure you are in the right mountain - in Abraham's case, in Moriah! In that particular mountain, the Lord prepared the bush that will caught the ram and the ram itself that will be used by His servant, Abraham.

It means that the provision can be found in the place where the Lord asks you to be. Often times, we take control of the course of our lives. Making decision out from our personal whims or preferences without asking God where He wants to direct us. With such decisions, we find ourselves lacking of provisions because it was not the place where the Lord prepared His provisions for us. End result: we get frustrated and disappointed or worse blame God for our situation.

In all things, submit it to the Lord in prayer and listen to His leading through the Holy Spirit. This is the crucial point even before we begin our journey for we would encounter lacks on our way but because we know the we have laid upon our decision at His feet we could be in faith that He will be true to His promise that He is the Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

Through Grace VGroup in attendance that night