Oct 28, 2012

Talk TV Re-airs What I See by Paco Guerrero

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I miss watching 2nd Avenue Channel's photography show Two Stops Over so I searched online hoping someone posted its episodes. But to my surprise, I found out that its Season 2 already premiered last January in local Channel 11 GMA News TV as What I See. Was I under a rock all this time not learning about it?

After further digging, I was able to sigh with relief to find out that it wasn't too late for me. I can still catch up on the remaining episodes of What I See as they re-air in TalkTV, Sunday 7:30 pm. Now that Amanda Loving Life is off season (Congrats Amanda with the new baby! *Feeling close, teh*), the timeslot is just perfect so I could catch it after watching Pinoy Explorer!

From their FB Page: The Team of What I See

I love taking photos (even to be photographed as well hehehe) since I was in high school. But I have never really been good at it so it is still on my bucket list among many. I get goosebumps though when I see beautiful and soul-stirring pictures like the ones captured by Paco Guerrero.

This year, hubby volunteered in the Music Ministry as a drummer and in prayers I asked God in which ministry should I volunteer to in our church and His answer was in photography. Although, in my capacity I know I have very little to offer, I trusted Him to give me the grace to do what He asked me to do. My favorite church event that I was able to cover so far was during Holy Week when Judah Paolo did the Spoken Words.

Lately though, the Lord is steering me yet again to another direction which is going back to writing. That is the reason why I am active in my blog more than ever. I get so many inspiration in the simple events in my life that I just want to describe it in words because of the pure bliss I feel upon experiencing it and to give back the glory to the Lord for being so gracious to me. I just want to feature earthly things that give the readers hope and make them realize that if you think this is already beautiful and exciting, what more in heaven!

Anyhow, we, the YAPtography cannot afford high-end camera and accessories as we try to be good steward of the financial provisions from the Lord (remember: no credit card policy for us). So for now, we only invest within our budget. Funny thing is that when I veared away from photography the past few months, hubby picked it up back where he left off. God really has a plan to use our giftings for His pleasure and glory.

Jase testing the Sigma Lens at Turf BGC

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