Oct 27, 2012

Fitness First The Fort Strip: FREE 5-Day Guest Pass

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While strolling Mercato Centrale Night Market last night, we were handed down with two 5-day guest pass to Fitness First Gym for FREE. The pass can be used at any of their branches except the one in Southmall. No obligation to join in once you consumed your free days. We already planned to jogged anyway today so we decided there was nothing to lose if we sign up and visit their branch located at Fort Bonifacio.

Fitness First FREE 5-day guest pass

It was one of their Personal Trainer (PT) Yohan who was manning the booth last night. We agreed to meet with him at 9 am this morning. He warmly greeted us as we set foot at The Fort Strip. He wasted no time in explaining to us what Fitness First could offer to us to reach our optimum personal fitness goals.

DAY 1: First stop is to have our current health state analyzed by measuring our Body Mass Index (BMI). After handing us down the piece of paper that contains the truth about our health, PT Marlon gave it to us straightforward that by metabolic rate we are already 55 years old! Ouch...

Yohan then proceeded giving us a quick tour of the facilities, explaining infos for each section and how we could rip the benefits once we become a member. He later endorsed us to PT Erick to do our 45-minute exercise for the day. We look like a bunch of losers catching our breathe while doing the most basic exercise routine. It was funny but at the same time alarming.

Fitness First at The Fort Strip

Actually, it was our first time to visit a membership type of gym. Hubby started considering looking into getting a gym membership when our DIY exercise routine doesn't really work since we are basically clueless to the science of fitness. And admittedly we do not have the discipline to follow through our DIY programme. 

Fitness First Bodyfirst Kit

But on the otherhand, computing the cost of the joining and monthly fees for 2 pax is a bit out of range for our budget. So we are still thinking about it. Anyways, we still got 4 days free pass until we make a decision. But if you can afford it and you do want to reach your fitness goal, I urged you to try it out and:

Contact: Yohan 09496855320 

Carry naman di ba? This is me sweating it out after doing Xbox Kinect Black Eyed Peas Experience for 30 minutes. Tagaktak pawis talaga right at the comfort of our own home. Too bad, natigil na naman when I got busy at work. I guess, I just need to focus with my reasons of losing weight. Give me the grace, Lord!

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