Oct 30, 2012

Battle of the Coconut: Buko Express at Market Market BGC

The 12 noon sun did not spare me from the heat of my 5-minute walk to the jeepney terminal. So as soon as I stepped inside the airconditioned Market Market mall, I headed towards the escalator and swift through my way to a much needed refreshment to cool me down. Located near Olympic Village and Food Court, you will find the Buko Express Kiosk right in front of the escalator railings.

Buko Express Kiosk, 4th Floor Market Market
Sizes and Prices

I placed my order for a cup of medium unflavored buko shake and was served in no time. If I'm not mistaken my order is a concoction of blended coconut meat, coconut juice, ice and fresh milk.

Choose between Juice or Shake

Sigh, thanks for that refreshing drink! So I was sipping my way to the jeepney terminal, taking the other escalator in the Serendra side going down when I noticed a new kiosk at the 2nd floor near the Bingo area. And guess what? It is also a store selling coconut juice and shake variants. Hmm...this could be interesting. I'll probably try it out tomorrow for comparison.

Let the Battle Begin!