Oct 8, 2012

HOFA: Proudly Pinoy Made Furniture

A couple of years ago, 6 months to being married hubby and I decided to try renting here in Makati City for me to be closer to work. We are blessed enough to get a 25-sqm studio type apartment building owned by a Christian family adjacent to Fort BGC Taguig vicinity. So from Cavite we only brought the big items we couldn't live without -- bed, cabinets, a fan and desktop PC.

As a couple we like opening up our home to friends especially being part of a Christian Church where smallgroup is very much encouraged. But as much as we want to invite people in our humble abode we couldn't very much do so because we don't have a place to have them seat down apart from two monobloc chairs/big bean floor pillows and THE FLOOR . Lately though, I've been seeing the brand HOFA in group buying sites. A proudly Pinoy furniture brand that offers discount on their sofas and cabinets. I researched about it and found that they have a website through Home Works - The Home Center.


So I sent the link to hubby so we could agree on the model and decided to drop by to their Pateros branch last weekend. We ditched going by car because the area in Pateros market is known for being a bottleneck section and took the motorbike instead. Good decision on our part I must say.

HOFA Pateros Branch

We quickly found our way into the unadorned appliance and furniture store in Almeda St. San Roque. I mentioned unadorned compared to the showrooms you find in malls or BGC's Dimensione. (They do have a showroom in bigger branches). But just the same I smiled upon seeing the mini sofas especially the price tags attached to each pieces.

Hubby and I inquired about a couple of models and possible options on size, upholster and delivery timeline. I really wanted to bring home a mini sofa that day (I actually gave up on the option to watch the movie "Of All the Things" (Sorry Aga+Regine) or dine at Banapple for our monthsary so we could do this trip ;p). We were actually eyeing for the 'Julius' model from their website but seeing it in person made us rethink for the size. I meant us fitting into the chair, hahaha.

HOFA: Julius Mini Sofa

So instead we got the Ooz Sofa Set Model with the Ribbed brown-orange fabric (think:Curdoroy feel) that is on stock. It has no arm rest which won't limit movement and the foam is made of Uratex. And the price? Yay!!!

HOFA: Ooz Sofa Set

Brought it home via tricycle hihihi... That's how compact it is, it fits in a tricycle. Besides we really don't want bulky and heavy furnitures in our apartment so we could move it around easily or in case we have to move to another home.

For your reference here is a link to the map:
Homeworks Pateros branch
115 M.Almeda St. San Roque, Pateros

The 'interior designer' in me (bwahaha) is not yet finished with our soon to be living room (or should I say space) but for now this will do. I'm currently blogging seating on it while hubby playing his game console. I'm imagining Sheldon though from Big Bang Theory saying 'Penny, you are in my spot!'