Sep 16, 2012

Pinoy Explorer with Aga Muchlach

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Our Sunday Eve has been freed up lately that we are able to watch local channels. One of which that is starting to become hubby and I's favorite is TV5's Pinoy Explorer hosted by no other than Mr. Aga Muchlach.

Aga visits different places all over the world and for his birthday episode, he traveled locally to Bohol where he met up with Cesar Montano and was even sung to by the heavenly voices of Loboc Choir. Bohol was also memorable to us because it was the very first travel we took via airplane.

The following week he featured some of the best of past episodes like the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and for tonight the whole family will be joining Aga in his trip to Sydney.

Just making kulit though, their FB page posted this Aga-Charlene pic at pumepeg lang ang mga Yaps as Muchlachs hihihi ♥♥♥.
Well at least hubby got the dimples and I got the hair

Catch it with us every Sunday 6:30-7:30 pm at Channel 5. Happy Anniversary Pinoy Explorer!

As for us we tried to do our own share of exploration since we got married in 2009.

Budget travels that we have blessed to experience

This year we are booked to Coron Palawan for our 3rd wedding anniversary on December (Thanks to Cebu Pacific Piso Fare). It marks our 15 years together since we were boy/girlfriend for a dozen years before getting married.

Who knows we might win the contest to travel with Aga! Makulit din namang host din tong si hubby eh. Here is a video we took in Corregidor in 2010.

*** Updated October 30, 2012 ***

We have been wanting to send in photos to some of our travels and finally thank you to Aga for clarifying the mechanics via twitter. Yay!

Corregidor Island Entry

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